What happened to Jayda Fransen?

During last week’s BBC3 documentary, ‘We want our country back’, Jayda Fransen made some implausible claims. Yes, we know – Jayda’s a Biffer and the Biffers always make implausible claims but these were a bit different. These claims weren’t about ‘evil Muslims’ or the infiltration of our country by ISIS. These were claims about her own past.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Jayda Fransen homeless shelter lie

Fransen claimed on camera that she left home at 14 and the council just put her in a homeless shelter where she lived for 2 or 3 years. This will have been in 2001. We think that’s more than just implausible – it’s a downright lie.

The Children Act gained Royal Assent in 1989. Any local council would have been bound by the Act and its first principle that ‘The welfare of the child is paramount’. Fransen would have been accommodated in a childrens’ home or through fostering. A vulnerable 14 year old girl absolutely would not have been left in a homeless shelter. All British Local Education Authorities (LEAs) have a legal duty to provide full time education to children under 16 and it is inconceivable that a 14 year old (even one in a homeless shelter, let alone foster care or a childrens’ home) would have been denied the opportunity of a state education.

Remarkably enough, this 29 year old woman would have us believe that despite effectively leaving school at 14 she now has a law degree. People can and do pull themselves up by their bootstraps and education is a great way to do it but it takes time. Time that Fransen seems not to have had to work on it. We put together a bit of a timeline to show you what we mean. You can click here to view the Jayda Fransen timeline and supporting evidence as a PDF file.

Jayda timeline

We suspect that this is just another example of Fransen’s transparent and obvious deceit as she attempts to reinvent herself into something more sympathetic and ultimately ‘saleable’. Sources tell us that Uncle Jim Dowson is preparing to dump Golding. The Mayoral campaign will be a humiliation too far and once he’s torn apart by the London electorate he’ll be history. Fransen, we’re told is already being groomed to step into his shoes. Dowson knows how popular she is both as a speaker and as the Biffers never fail to point out on their FB page, the bearer of remarkably big boobs. Many presumably frustrated Biffers have been very clear about what they’d like to do with and to Jayda. For the majority of rank and file Biffer ‘footsoldiers’ political ‘sophistication’ rarely rises above the dubious, visceral delights of hatred, sex and violence. There’s no doubt that sex sells and given the standard far right view of women, Jayda is being more than a little shrewd in making the most of her ‘womanly charms’ to gain popularity. With Dowson’s guidance and backing she’s turning herself into a political commodity with fantasy sex appeal, an invented past and an assumed piousness that just oozes hypocrisy from every pore.

She claims to be a devout Roman Catholic. Some of the most laughable but also cringeworthy moments in the hour long documentary involved Fransen demonstrating a faith she clearly doesn’t hold in a beautiful Norman church somewhere in the countryside. A church with a decidedly Anglican (Protestant) appearance suggesting that she’s most certainly not a regular member of the congregation. Actually she’s unlikely to be part of any established Christian congregation in the UK, especially not since she called for the public hanging of existing church leaders. Her bloodthirsty demand followed an appeal by ‘Churches together’, asking Britain First to desist in its hate campaign against Muslim communities in Luton and Rotherham. Fransen and her cronies have been criticised by senior clerics from all 3 Abrahamic religions, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, whose words, predictably fell on deaf ears. If Britain First ever starts lining people up in earnest they’ll need a very long wall to stand them against.

We have to wonder how Jayda found this lovely little church in the first place. The quiet, leafy village is a far cry from the urban sprawl of her council flat in S. London. Jayda actually lives close to Crystal Palace. Perhaps finding a suitable church for Jayda to pose in was the work of the BBC production team?

However she got there, her attempts to display her piety were laughable. Jayda’s melodramatic, overly exaggerated pose and expression whilst kneeling at the alter seemed like something out of Cadfael. Fransen wants us to believe that her faith is important to her. But it’s not her belief, her faith that she cares about so much as our belief in her faith. It’s one thing to kneel at an altar in an empty church. It’s quite another to adopt a Christian lifestyle. Fransen’s attempt to strike a pose of humility and piety, reminiscent of statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary and female Saints was, to anyone who knows what she stands for, both unconvincing and risible.

We don’t believe that Jayda Fransen is a Christian in anything but name. She’s just one more Nazi hi-jacking religion because she thinks it’ll provide her with a respectable image. But it doesn’t. Jayda’s pretension to devotion really just makes her a laughing stock. Her religious pretensions are no more plausible than the revised history of her adolescence. Both were invented to portray a particular, politicised image and both are obvious shams.

BBC3 BF WWOCB EBF Jayda poses as St Catherine of Sienna

Jayda claims to have a ‘Roman Catholic background’. That’s interesting given that the organisation she leads is currently trying to stir up trouble for Irish Roman Catholics by garnering support for the Protestant Unionist cause.

BF Loyalist meme 1

Jayda claims to be Christian and often refers to her ‘Roman Catholic background’, yet her entire income is based upon spreading lies and hatred. This is in direct contravention of the basic Biblical command “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

EBF BF Angola Gaza mosque ban muslim islam hoax

Jayda claims to be a Christian and yet her whole raison d’etre is to incite violence. This directly opposes the central New Testament instruction to ‘Love thy neighbour’. As the New Testament explains… “You shall know them by their fruits”. Fransen’s fruits are destructive, divisive and about as far removed from Christian devotion as it’s possible to imagine.

BF Full metal jacket fight war islam muslim

In short, Jayda Fransen is not a practising Christian in any meaningful way. She is a shallow, deceitful hypocrite who hijacked Christianity for her own ends just as ISIS has hijacked Islam. Both groups are invested in spreading hatred and both groups represent a cancer that our global society can well do without.

We don’t know what happened to Jayda when she was 14 (if anything) but we know what didn’t. She was not then (and has never been) filled with the love for humanity that truly devout people say they gain from communion with the Divine.

She may or may not have been in a childrens’ home or foster care but wherever she was – she didn’t meet God there. She didn’t get a law degree either!

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  1. It’s not beyond the realms of possiblity that Freyda has a Law Degree. It only takes 3 years full time to get an LL.B. However, in order to practice as a Solicitor, you need to complete the Legal Practice Course and then a Training Contract. You’re looking at between 5-6 years before you’re fully qualified. I suspect that it’d be completely impossible that any practice out there would offer her a Training Contract with her odious and bigoted views. Plus, I think she has a criminal record so would be automatically barred from the profession by the Law Society.

    Studying from home would indicate that she was doing an Open University Degree. These usually take 6 years part time. It could be the case that she failed to finish the degree and that’s why she set up a Recruitment company.

    With regards to Martin Wilkinson Solicitors, I suspect she was either doing unpaid work experience or was the tea girl at best.


    • That’s pretty much how we saw it. That’s why we checked the home study training route which seemingly takes even longer. We also think it extremely unlikely that she has a law degree given her woefully inadequate understanding both of legal principles and apparatus.

      But the main reason we don’t believe her is because she just hasn’t had the time to complete the training.


      • No idea why I put Freyda I obviously meant Jayda!

        To be brutally honest, you really don’t need much understanding of the Law to get a 3rd or even a 2:2 pass. You just need to turn up every so often. 2:1 requires that you’ve done a bit of a work and a 1st means you’ve actually worked hard and know your stuff.

        I’d likely agree that she’s not got a Law Degree but for different reasons than stated above. I think if she’d obtained a Law Degree, Britain First would have positioned her as the ‘buxom beauty with brains’ in the media (I personally find her unattractive by the way). Moreover, I suspect she would have mentioned getting a Law Degree in passing during interviews etc as she seems arrogant albeit intellectually limited.

        As mentioned previously, if she’s actually obtained a Law Degree, no remotely reputable firm would touch her with a barge-pole with regards to a Training Contract, Paralegal, Legal Secretary or even basic admin/reception work.

        Jayda will be completely forgotten about in a few years as will her organisation, Britain First.

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        • What about Adrian Davies, a veteran nationalist, who worked for many years as a solicitor at Magic Circle firm Slaughter and May before becoming a barrister? He currently works at Dr Johnson’s Buildings despite still being politically active, most recently with the Traditional Britain Group.

          Speaking of the TBG, its Founder and Vice-President, Gregory Lauder-Frost, who was a well-known doyen of the Monday Club, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford and has worked for decades as a Certified Public Accountant — all that in spite of being imprisoned for fraud!

          I do not know whether Jayda Fransen has a law degree, but it is certainly not beyond the realm of credibility that she could be a practising solicitor, let alone working in another role (paralegal, legal secretary) at a firm.


          • Davies is very different – he built a solid reputation as a Solicitor and a Barrister before his opinions became wildly known, He already had a career unlike Jayda.

            Moreover, he’s never gone on filmed Mosque invasions or publicly incited racial hatred to the degree that Jayda does.

            Thus, I think she would find it very difficult to obtain a Training Contract and practice Law as a Solicitor.


      • whilst I dnt agree with jayda and indeed Britain first,i DO believe that groups like this are necessary from a lobbying point of view.Any rational person can see immigration is currently a bit much.,and that this countrys future is becoming more and more uncertain.At current pace infrastructure has no chance whatsoever by 2030.Id love to live in a funky everythings just great bubble ..like you guys but alas….im in the real world.


    • I left school with no GCSE’S and managed to get a law degree by the time I was 23. So not impossible. I was also homeless and I went into a hostel for kids at 15 so again not impossible but then even though these things are possible the problem is she always lies so you really can’t believe a word she says!!


    • Is she really British? with her NAME and SURNAME I doubt it. She must be first genaration British with all the noise she rattles. Who are her parents? Do we know? Does she know?


  2. Surely with a chip as deep as Jayda’s on her shoulder, there must be people who know her of old and hold her in the same esteem as we do. It must be possible to find someone who can conclusively debunk it all. I’m surprised the BBC didn’t to be honest! It was incredibly kind and hardly the hatchet job the Biffers think it is.

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  3. In the documentary she is seen packing up to move house as she claims that she and Paul cannot stay in one place for more than 6 months, conveniently the same length of time as many rental leases. It is implied in the documentary that she and Paul live in Kent.
    But if she has a council house then;
    a) Private renting would disqualify her from a council property especially if it is outside of the council borough.
    b) If she is in a council property then there is no way she’d be able to move every 6 months

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    • Absolutely right Jes. We have so many things to challenge about that documentary. Rest assured that the whole address change thing is high on the list. We have good evidence that Jayda has been at her current address for much longer than 6 months.

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  4. Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere on your site (and please point me to it), but I wonder what income both Golding and Fransen live off? The 2014 accounts for BF indicate that total salaries amounted to £16024 so it can’t be that


    • Sam, I suspect they’ll be dodging a lot of Tax. Golding and Fransen are despicable, disingenuous, hypocritical bullshit con-artists and everything about them screams charlatan.

      If I was a betting man, I’d put good money on the fact that they’ll get a lot of donations going through to unrelated PayPal emails & Bank accounts that are difficult to trace. I’m pretty sure they’ll be siphoning money through friends and family as well.

      They seem the type to do this to be brutally honest.


  5. What is it about conservative women that brings out the viciousness of liberals.
    Why personally attack her.
    She is brave and articulate.
    She has many disqualifying faults for trendy liberals,working class,white,articulate and courageous.


    • This has absolutely nothing to do with conservatism or being working class. In fact, anyone who works for a living, is by definition working class. Your argument is absolutely ridiculous.

      The vitriol directed to Fransen is for good reason, She’s not brave, she’s not articulate and she’s certainly not courageous. What an appallingly offensive and disingenuous thing to say. She’s a racist, fascist fantasist bully who along with Paul Golding thinks it’s more than acceptable to incite racial hatred for their own benefit. They’re both disgusting individuals who should be ridiculed for what they represent.

      Fransen’s one of two things: 1) She’s a charlatan who’s making money off the back of ill-educated, ill-informed individuals who are completely ignorant as to what happens when you treat people differently or 2) She’s as thick as sh*t. Your choice.


      • At least she confronts hate preachers like Anjem Choudery and the Muslim “community” that has raped so many of Britain’s girls. You must support the grooming gangs, else why the character assassination of such a brave woman?


          • I feel sorry for you! You are so blind to what real Islam is about! From a former Muslim, you should be more afraid of that hate group, then BF. BF doesn’t want to behead you for not converting to the BF!!! You need to read the Quran and the Hadith to understand what Islam is about. Oh yeah, I love when you liberals call it racism. Islam is not a race, it’s a believe system that you and your liberal friends have no idea what it is about. Read Quran 9:29, Quran 8:12. Islam and freedom don’t flow on the same path. Saying the Islam is not about hate to those who disbelieve, is like saying not all Nazi’s hated the Jews. As a strong, liberal woman, you may want to read Quran versus: 4:24, 33:50, 2:223, and 4:11 (this is the one that says you are only 1/2 of an equal to a man). Let me know what you think!!! I


            • BF have been very clear in many public announcements that they want to hang all lefties, liberals, politicians currently in office, trade unionists and Muslims. They’re not too keen on people who aren’t white, either as it happens. Admittedly hanging isn’t beheading but dead is still dead.

              As to the Quran’s ‘Sword verses’, this is interesting – posted today on the ‘Muslims against ISIS’ Facebook page. You should have a look at that page – it’s very interesting. Full of those people you like to pretend don’t exist – you know, non-violent Muslims. Anyway – here’s what they posted today…

              “The majority of Muslims say that extremist organizations such as ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Quaeda have no basis to associate their crimes with Islam, that they manipulate and use Islam to justify their own desires for power. Is there any truth in this?

              People who do believe that they (extremist organizations) are following the teachings of the Quran often quote verses and say these verses show that they are following Islam. First of all, we must establish what is meant by “extremist”. Are we saying they are “extremely religious”? That they are “extremists” in the religion or are they just simply “extremely” violent people who have little knowledge of the religion? Are we to assume that 99.9% of muslims, including scholars and religious clerics from all over the world do not understand Islam but only 0.001% do?

              Lets look at these verses which are often quoted to justify these claims;

              1. Quran 8:12 “[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

              Is this verse teaching muslims to strike off the heads of all of those who dont believe in Allah?? At first glance it may seem so, to somebody who has no knowledge of the Quran or Islam. Because this verse has much context to it. This verse is specifically referring to a battle which took place, between the “disbelievers” and the Muslims. If we look further on in the following verses we can see that it is in fact talking about a certain battle.

              “That is because they opposed (waged war against) Allah and His Messenger. And whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger – indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.
              …O you who have believed, when you meet those who disbelieve advancing [for battle], do not turn to them your backs [in flight].
              …..And remember when you were few and oppressed in the land, fearing that people might abduct you, but He sheltered you, supported you with His victory, and provided you with good things – that you might be grateful.
              …And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.”

              So as we can see when the verse is read in its context, this is referring to the Meccans who oppressed, tortured and killed the muslims and eventually evicted them from Mecca (Makkah), and the battle was a battle for freedom, and after they left Mecca and found refuge in Medina, the Meccans waged war against Muhammed pbuh and his followers. So this is the reason why 99.9% of muslims do not take these verses as commands to “strike off” the heads of all disbelievers as well as the many many other verses which condemn killing, harming others etc.

              2. Quran 2:191 – “And kill them wherever you find them…”
              Critics as usual apply ‘cut and choose’ approach with regards to this passage (Quran 2:191). They only quote, “And kill them wherever you find them…(2:191). However, when we read the passage in its context (2:190-195) it says opposite what they portray of the verse.

              Quran 2:190 – 195

              2:190 Fight in the way of God those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. God does not like transgressors.
              What is “transgessors”? To kill or harm any non combatants, harm any women or children, damage any trees or animals, to harm even a combatant after he has surrendered.
              2:191 And kill them wherever you find them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah [Persecution] is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.
              2:192 And if they cease, then indeed, God is Forgiving and Merciful.
              2:193 Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah [Persecution] and [until] worship is for God. But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.
              2:194 [Fighting in] the sacred month is for [aggression committed in] the sacred month, and for [all] violations is legal retribution. So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you. And fear God and know that God is with those who fear Him.
              2:195 And spend in the way of God and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, God loves the doers of good.
              It’s important whenever one reads a Quranic verse, to read it in its context. As you have read, critics only quote the part which suites them, they isolate previous verses and the ones after. When the passage is examined in context, it is clear that nowhere does it sanction the killing of innocent people. From verse 2:190 to 2:195, when read, Allah makes it evident to fight those only who fight them, fighting in self-defence.

              Another thing some love to do with the verse is, change the Arabic word’s meaning. Example, the Arabic word ‘Fitna’ used in 2:191 and 2:193, they deceptively have translated the word as ‘disbelief’. So, when it’s read in that perspective, the passage is implying to fight to those who are disbelievers, just because of their religion. This again when we examine it, it will turn out to be a lie. The Arabic word ‘Fitnah’ means ‘persecution’, ‘corruption’, ‘sedition’. But when the word ‘Fitnah’ is used in verse 2:191 and 2:193 it means ‘persecution’.

              Again it is referring to the Meccans who persecuted and oppressed the Muslims in Mecca at that time.

              3. “When the sacred months have passed, then kill the Mushrikin wherever you find them. Capture them. Besiege them. Lie in wait for them in each and every ambush but if they repent, and perform the prayers, and give zakat then leave their way free.”

              Somebody who does not know much about Islam will most likely ignore the “sacred months” part and take this as a verse which teaches muslims to kill the Mushrikun (idolaters) wherever you find them. But it shows that it is referring to a specific battle again, the Muslims were exiled from Mecca for 8 years and 6 battles took place. Muhammed pbuh did not start wars, these wars were all in self defence. Those who felt threatened by Muhammed pbuhs influence wanted him dead and to stop Islam from spreading, it was being spread by his words and examples, and wisdom. Of equality, good morals, respect.”


        • Again with a predictable response, to paraphrase, “You aren’t supporting BF so therefore you condone any atrocity committed by those we oppose”. Just as your idol “confronts” (marching and waving flags and offensive banners around where they’re not wanted, shouting vacuous slurs isn’t what I would call confronting, personally) hate preachers like Anjem Choudary, so do we confront hate preachers like Jayda and Paul. Isn’t it all so exciting?


        • Why is it the right wing continually bleat on about Muslim grooming gangs but choose to ignore the fact that 86% of convicted sex offenders are white British.


  6. Maybe but why the personal attacks.
    Argue against her with logic and reason.

    Working class women in politics are rare I don’t think they should be attacked over their appearence.


  7. Women are under represented in public life,there should be women on both sides of the argument.

    Nadine Dorries is probably another woman you don’t like,she is vilified most unfairly.

    The preferred insult seems to be they are really a man which seems strange.

    Britain First would have little time for me but I still think they are entitled to their view.


  8. James B why so angry.

    ” what an appalling offensive and disingenuous thing to say ”
    This is your response to me calling her brave courageous and articulate.
    How can you be offended by that.
    You are being offended by a pretty innocuous opinion.
    She is articulate,you mightn’t like what she says but she is well able to speak and do it on the hoof.
    Brave and courageous can be lumped together,she is under threat,there are loads of angry people out there who would like to inflict violence on her.

    The hate directed towards her here is not just people with differing opinions,its visceral over the top and mysogynistic.


    • Speaking as a woman I’m far from mysogynistic. I think you’re viewing our objections to neo-nazism through an assumption of sexism that just doesn’t hold water. This isn’t about gender, it’s about opposition to discrimination and superficial fascist ideology.


  9. Why not target Paul Golding,why not pick on those thuggish looking gentlemen that seem to accompany him everywhere.

    James B is offended because I called her articulate,offended because I called her brave.
    No one makes personal comments on Goldings appearance.
    James B calls her thick,can someone intelligent hold a differing view to you.

    I think Fransen is a feminist in the true sense of the word,her concerns are for working class women,I think she views Islam as mysogynistic


    • ormonde – You obviously have reading comprehension difficulties and seeming have no issues with constructing dishonest straw man arguments either. I think that says a lot about you as a person if I’m brutally honest.

      Like Golding, Fransen is Neo Nazi Fascist Racist Charlatan and is bigoted towards all other religions apart from Christianity. If you’d even bothered to read the above comments, I’ve been exceptionally critical of both Golding and Fransen. They’re horrible people and in no way should their behaviour be celebrated or admired in any way whatsoever. Fransen isn’t a crusader for feminism and to suggest so as you’ve done above is absolutely ridiculous.

      The criticism has nothing to do with Fransen being a woman and your attempts to distort the argument into one of misogyny is incredibly dishonest. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      Moreover, there’s nothing courageous or brave about a) driving around ethnic minority areas and goading people for no good reason on camera b) intimidating people in and outside Mosques who are minding their own business c) walking into Indian restaurants and harassing the owners in front of paying/eating customers whilst you’re filming the proceedings with skin head thug members behind you and d) deliberately goading people of ethnic minority on their marches.

      I’ve witnessed the type of people who march for the Britain First and the EDF. I’ve also witnessed their behaviour. They’re all inebriated racist bullies.

      Golding and Fransen are no different.


  10. Where do you call any of these the male version of a biffer ?

    James B again why so angry,why should I be ashamed and why call me dishonest for daring to comment on some of the language being used.

    I don’t have reading difficulties and if I had should that be the thrust of your argument.

    Going round in armoured trucks has to be against the law although I’ve never seen Fransen do this.

    Rather than go after me why not review the language being used in pursuit of this woman.

    I wouldn’t be able to speak in public,I like watching ordinary women making arguments of any hue in a clear fashion.


    • ormonde – You should be ashamed of yourself because you’re sticking up for a Neo-Nazi bigoted racist who happens to be a woman. That much is immediately obvious from your final sentence when you suggest you “like watching ordinary women making arguments of any hue in a clear fashion.” Thus, Fransen can say whatever hateful stuff she wants but she’ll get a free pass from you…because she’s a women.

      Fransen’s views would be just as odious to me if she was a man and her first name was John. That’s the difference between you and me.

      In addition to your frankly bizarre views on Fransen, you’ve totally distorted the argument and made it one of misogyny when everyone’s issue with Fransen is her odious, racist beliefs that should have no place in 21st century society.

      To be brutally honest though. I think you’re trolling this site now. Consequently, I’ve neither the time nor the inclination to respond to you in future.

      Have a nice life.


      • Why so much vitriol? This is how liberals prove themselves to be even more hateful than the people they’re against.

        Can you see the irony in that?

        Your comments are way more hateful.

        The point about misogyny was entirely valid. Fransen sees Islam as misognyistic. SURELY you can see why. You’d have to go through some pretty serious mental gymnastics to say that you can’t see why anyone would think Islam is misogynistic. I’m SURE you can think of many reasons why someone would say it is.

        This is you: “I’m a liberal. I’m against hate. All hate is bad. Apart from my hate. My hate is good hate. Because I only hate bad people. The world is divided into good people and bad people. Bad people must be hated.” Get a grip.


  11. I think you are a latent mysogynist,angry and intolerant.

    You can’t abide differing views hence the vitriol.

    Why not be brave and go after Paul Golding and his henchmen,you are on here pursuing an ordinary woman who hadn’t the best start in life and whether you like it or not has shown herself brave and well able to speak.

    I get that you don’t like what she is saying but trying to silence her is not the way.
    She shouldn’t be pilloried for being a woman,there shouldn’t be comments on her appearance and there shouldn’t be name calling.

    Misogyny should have no place in the twenty first century.


  12. ‘Biffer’ is an extrapolation of the initials ‘BF’ (Britain First). They’re all Biffers! If you read around the blog you’ll see that we apply the term to them all regardless of gender. We use the term ‘cockwomble’ for them all too – it’s hardly a sexist thing.

    You’re clearly trying to argue about a gender bias that simply doesn’t exist at EBF. These people are neo-nazi thugs. That’s why we oppose them. What is between their legs has no bearing on that.

    I have to ask though, do you understand why ordinary women like me are so fed up of obsessives trying to derail our every arguments by pretending it’s all about gender? Antifascism is a worthy endeavour in its own right. If you want to troll a site that is gender biased I suggest you look elsewhere. Here at EBF we have a different type of discrimination to contend with – neo-nazism and xenophobic/religious. intolerance


    • @ebfblogger – I wouldn’t try having a discussion with ormonde. I’m not bothering again as he/she creates multiple straw mans or completely distorts what I and others have said.

      He/she thinks this is all bizarrely about misogyny. Not at any point have I made (or you for that matter) disparaging comments about the way Fransen looks. That’s not remotely important to me. I don’t judge on appearance, sex but on the person. I certainly haven’t pursued or singled Fransen out. I find Golding equally hateful, have made my feelings known to Golding in person and would do so again in a heartbeat.

      A poor start in life is no excuse for the way she behaves towards ethnic minorities or people who have a different faith to her. I know many people who’ve had poor upbringings but wouldn’t act in the way she and others at Britain First do.

      Fransen’s a Neo Nazi Racist, Bigoted thug and so is Golding. The end.


  13. I doubt you are an ordinary woman,an expression like ” what is between their legs ” is not ordinary.

    Thanks for the explanation about the term Biffer,its reasonable and shows you to be genuine and even handed.
    Where I’m from Biffo was an acronym for a Taoiseach of ours Brian Cowen,it stood for Big Ignorant Effer From Offaly

    I don’t get why an opinion you disagree is obsessive neither do I understand why a differing opinion is trolling.

    I enjoyed the discussion but if you want me not to comment anymore I won’t,it is your site.


    • So your whole false argument about mysogyny was based upon your dislike of an acronym we didn’t even use. Biffer is not biffo. Your views on my womanhood are as irrelevant as the rest of your trollishness. Thanks for agreeing to stop trolling our blog. I’m grateful for that, at least.


      • No-one is TROLLING. They’re just fucking disagreeing with you, and you can’t handle that.

        Ormonde THOUGHT that “biffer” was a reference to “biffo”. She now realises that it wasn’t. Let it go.


  14. No it wasn’t,I just was trying to add a bit of humour to the discussion.

    I view it as a discussion,no harm done,

    You don’t seem to allow any defence of a woman you have basically called out.

    James B is offended by saying she is brave,is angry because someone dared disagree with him,especially someone he deems beneath him,he dislikes discussions that don’t go his way.


      • LOOK HERE. Have you ever heard the quote that says you should be wary of looking into the abyss because the abyss will look back into you? Because you’re angry about someone else’s hatred, that makes you become an angry and hateful person yourself. You come across as very short tempered and very contemptuous of anyone who disagrees with anything you say.


    • I don’t think anyone has objected to your “attempt” to try to defend this woman but they have managed to destroy your argument so you seem intent on deflecting in it into other poorly articulated arguments like sexism which is clearly not the reason the people currently arguing have used in order to express why they find this fascist so offensive and dangerous.


  15. Why are the assumptions ridiculous ?
    James B comments on her appearance but not on Paul Goldings.

    A working class eloquent woman should be encouraged,argue against her with logic and reason don’t resort to name calling.


        • You think someone is a troll for disagreeing with you? That’s literally all they’re doing. Honestly, if you think anyone who challenges something you say is a troll then that’s a sad indictment of your character.


    • If I may interject here, and make an assumption myself, it seems that you are not entirely familiar with EBF for if you were, you would know that Golding gets it both barrels – probably much more so that Fransen! It can be easily observed just by reading other comments, blog pages and the Facebook page itself.

      Although I agree that personal attacks are usually uncalled for (if only because it’s churlish and usually makes one stoop to their level of playground insults, although admittedly, some can done in a witty and humourous manner), however, from what I have read, and do correct me if I am wrong, James only stated that he doesn’t find Fransen attractive himself; hardly an insult now, is it? A far cry from the misogynistic rhetoric you are spouting here, don’t you think?

      And I’m not sure if inciting hateful speech should be encouraged. Do you think the Daesh and Anjem Choudary should be encouraged too? Or does it only apply to hateful figures who happen to be female?


      • terrydesmonddonaldson – Terry, Ormonde has the habit of creating multiple straw mans/attacking arguments that haven’t been advanced by anyone on this blog and seems to relish distorting what people have said in response. It’s futile entering into a conversation.

        As you said above, I made an off-hand remark with regards to how BF would have used Fransen in the media if she actually had a Law Degree and not finding Fransen personally attractive myself. However, that didn’t stop Ormonde from erroneously and disingenuously advancing the argument that I was a misogynist.

        I remember responding to Ormonde in the following fashion:

        “You should be ashamed of yourself because you’re sticking up for a Neo-Nazi bigoted racist who happens to be a woman. That much is immediately obvious from your final sentence when you suggest you “like watching ordinary women making arguments of any hue in a clear fashion.” Thus, Fransen can say whatever hateful stuff she wants but she’ll get a free pass from you…because she’s a women.

        Fransen’s views would be just as odious to me if she was a man and her first name was John. That’s the difference between you and me.”

        As I’ve stated to Ormonde many times, my issue with Fransen is her odious, racist beliefs that have no place in 21st century society. None of this has anything to do with her being a woman.

        Nor do I care about how Paul Golding looks. The issue is, that like Fransen, he’s horrible racist.


  16. Its a general thing.
    Look at the way Luciana Berger is treated,Nadine Dorries and Rachel Reeves as well.
    These are excellent MPs but they are demeaned and called promiscuous,another favourite is to claim they are men.
    Its the personal attacks I object to,we all want more young eloquent women in politics but the way these women are treated puts others off.
    James B comes across as an intolerant misogynist to me.


    • I’ve read through these comments and I can see no evidence at all to suggest anyone has been a misogynist other than you. The reason being you don’t feel JF can be criticised for being the foul fascist she is simply because she’s a woman. It’s actually very patronising towards women to suggest they are beyond such criticism. And much more concerning is the fact you just described her as eloquent!!!


  17. Dear Jayda,
    Please stop branding a Cross. Do you understand what the Cross means? Jesus said “love your enemies”. If you want to pursue your agend, that is up to you, but don’t use the Cross. What you are doing is the opposite of what Jesus said to do. There is no such thing as a Christian “country”. Each individual makes a choice whether to follow Jesus or not. Jesus said “my Kingdom is not of this world”. I suggest you find another symbol for your racist agenda.
    John, an English Christian


  18. Please contact me if you want to know the truth over all of this infighting…
    Thank you YVO Christopher Who loves Christ Jesus with all my life and for ever more will behave in support of Christian values.


  19. This article is a lie. It’s propaganda to destroy a woman who is opposed to the Muslim rapes and destruction destroying every White country. Jayden is an honest and law abiding woman who is trying to wake up the sheep in England who think Muslims are refugees. They are NOT refugees. They are in England to destroy your economy and your country. Send them back before they murder you.


    • You’re so well informed about your heroine you can’t even get her name right. I think that says a lot about how much value we should place upon your opinion of her character. You’re just another ill-informed foreigner pretending to understand the situation here in UK.


      • “You’re just another ill-informed foreigner pretending to understand the situation here in UK.”

        WOAH!!! XENOPHOBIA. See, Nietzsche wasn’t wrong about “Look into the Abyss and the Abyss will look back at you”. You’re so obsessed with fighting xenophobia that you become xenophobic yourself.

        I don’t know, maybe you always were, underneath.


    • Pahahahaha! Law abiding citizen?! Hahahaha!

      Have you read Jayda’s speech about how she wants to hang her opponents? Should we send her somewhere before she murders us too?

      Also, I think you’re confused to what refugees mean. Confusion and paranoia go hand-in-hand I suppose.


  20. ” just another ill informed foreigner ”

    Like me I suppose,what is it about foreigners you don’t like.
    Should their opinion be suppressed.
    Should only the university educated be allowed opinions.

    The thought of working class women expressing views is unimaginable for most on here.


    • I think that those who don’t understand a country should refrain from talking bollocks about it – especially when incorrectly describing as ‘law abiding’ a criminal, hate-peddling neo-nazi whose name they can’t even get right!


    • No, but it would be handy if people were educated on subjects they have an opinion on. It’d spare us a lot of exasperation.

      is there something wrong with opposing said expressed views? Should there never be any counter arguments? Should we just accept that the vitriol that Jayda spouts is accurate and true? If it’s an echo chamber you seek, where opposing views are truly suppressed, then just head on over the Britain first Facebook page – you’ll find everybody to be agreeable there.


      • The Biffers probably won’t appreciate their hate speech being derailed by a troll obsessed with making everything about gender, either. If you really want to include sexism in every comment there are plenty of #radfem blogs who’d welcome you Ormonde. Fortunately most women realise that whilst sexism exists it’s not the only topic in the world.

        We don’t oppose Jayda because she’s a woman. We oppose her (& her male colleagues) because she’s a neo-nazi hate monger.

        A little while ago you promised to stop trolling the EBF blog with inappropriate accusations of sexism. Please treat this response as one woman’s plea to you to honour your promise.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I assume Ormonde is a feminist? Feminism is usually considered to be a left wing movement. I hope you realise that BF won’t tolerate that, ormonde. If you really want to tackle sexism, then again, head on over to the BF page where you’ll see many “jack the lad” types salivating over Jayda’s breasts, typing comments like “I would bang her.” Honestly, the group is rife with casual sexism and misogynism. Any woman that comments opposing them are referred to as slags and bitches who deserve to be raped.

          Of course, if you were to go and inform them that such sexist and misogynistic comments are wrong and out of line, your dissent would be swiftly deleted and then you’d be blocked. I have a feeling that this will just go over your head though. Keep up the good fight.


          • if you want to challenge misogyny why don’t you challenge islam? the most misogynist cult in existence.
            most muslims are still stuck in the 7th century regards to attitude toward women – that they’re owned by their menfolk, cattle for f*cking and breeding with, and theirs to be ‘covered up’ lest a female face or bit of skin gets them horny and “causes” them to gang rape her and then stone her to death for adultery afterwards for good measure.

            i reckon many of the 1,400+ girls abused in rotherham could tell you a thing or two about misogyny as well, if you read the disturbing details of the cases. vicious rapes, torture, beating. one girl drugged up and forced to have an “abortion” because one of the sick pakistani nonces got her knocked up. all of them called white english whores.

            but sure have a go at “jack the lad” types who admire a lass they see as attractive — clearly that’s worse.


            • I challenge misogyny whenever I see it. It isn’t just a muslim problem now, is it? To suggest otherwise just shows your ignorance. Having lived in india for a short time, I’ve seen first hand a terrible attitudes towards women and how some men can treat them as second class citizens. I’ve also seen men here in England treat women like a piece of shit.

              Sexism is sexism and needs to be challenged everywhere. I mentioned the “Jack the lad” types typing lewd comments to Jayda as ormonde has said on here that women in politics needed to be respected, to paraphrase him/her. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with showing admiration (even if it does come across as lecherous. I guess they must be sex depraved too).

              By the way, what do you think of your fellow supporters who say to the women, who go onto the BF to challenge them, they deserve to raped?


              • yeah, it’s a 3rd world problem in general. islam itself is a 3rd world problem imported to OUR shores and now we have to suffer it because the electorate lacks the testicular fortitude to deal with the problem.
                india is gang rape central & sikhs/hindus also practice things like arranged marriage, but muslims are far more prolific.

                sure sexism is sexism. just sort out your priorities. western feminist types moan so much about catcalling and lewd comments while young girls in THIS country have their privates bladed out by african/islamic immigrants and it’s covered up.

                i’ve never seen any BF member tell a woman she “deserves to be raped”.


                • How is it just a third world problem? It’s a societal problem that exists all over the globe. You’re telling me you’ve never seen a domesticated violent situation, highlighted in the news, where the abuser has been a white Englishman? Like Tommy Robinson, do you also believe that if every muslim was rid of “our” shores, there would be no more crime here in the UK?:

                  Muslims are only far more prolific because the media has scapegoated them since 9/11.

                  You’re right about a lot of modern day feminists needing to sort out their priorities, but no doubt they’re just addressing issues that they can relate to or experience themselves. Just to reiterate what I said before, Ormonde was the one stating that James was being misogynistic for supposedly making comments about Jayda’s appearance, so I was just referring her somewhere where such comments are commonplace. Your argument there is better directed at Ormonde, not me.

                  Oh, they’ve been typed all right. Perhaps, EBF, you have screenshots somewhere?


  21. I doubt I’d last 5 minutes in Britain First,those thuggish looking gentlemen in dark glasses would see to that.

    The fact is there were sexist comments made about Jayda Fransen,James B being the worst offender.

    Another unfortunate comment came from ebfblogger when she posted ” just another ill informed foreigner ”
    I take exception to that, I may be ” foreign ” but my views are valid.

    Ye certainly don’t brook any opposition,insults are your first response.

    Discussions are a good thing and should be done without rancour.


    • The ill-informed foreigner was a comment about an American claiming to know about UK politics. You can decide that it’s all about you if you wish but I still ask that you keep your word and stop trolling this blog with your self-important nonsense.


  22. i find it funny how the left wingers on here are bashing jayda & even going on about how she looks ( hypocritical ) but are no doubt the same sort who say NOTHING about the violent inherent misogyny of muslims.

    just look at muslim countries like saudi arabia where women have no rights, not allowed to vote or drive, if they get raped they’re the ones who get stoned to death for “adultery”. the taliban denying girls the right to an education in afghanistan, ISIS & boko haram kidnapping and raping young girls. child marriage in yemen, etc.

    muslims who despite living in the west still coerce their girls & women into wearing the burka, paki muslims getting away with raping 1,400 young white girls in rotherham alone — many others in other english towns — because labour run councils and local police covered it up for PC reasons and dismissed the victims.
    somali muslims raping swedish women the arab/african muslim rapeugees sexually assaulting women en masse in cologne on NYE and the rapes of other european women.

    but ok lmfao —- jayda ( a true patriot ) & britain first are the evil ones and sexists. i’d say the ones who defend an indefensible mass murdering misogynist third world cult are nearly as bad.


    • You’re right about Saudi Arabia being a terrible place and I certainly do not condone the actions that take place there, but we’re not in Saudi Arabia, are we? I do not condone any such misogynistic behaviour, but you’re generalising when you insinuate that all muslims practice abhorrent behaviour. Unfortunately, domestic violence isn’t just a muslim problem, but something that happens globally, wouldn’t you agree?

      Jimmy Savile got away with raping a lot of children too – he wasn’t a muslim, was he? Why is it that you BF supporters only get vocal about rape when it is a muslim who carried out the heinous crime? Rape crimes aren’t exclusive to only muslims, you know. Again, it’s a global problem and is horrific no matter who carried it out and who the victims are.

      The problem with a lot of you biffers is that you think because we oppose you, we must therefore condone any atrocity carried out by muslims; that we must all be “lefties” (the political spectrum isn’t just left and right, nor does one even have to be on it); that the world is fucking black and white. Yes, Jayda, Golding and others of their ilk are another cheek of the same hateful arse that spouts vitriol rather than really addressing problems. Their answer to everything is to cull or deport all muslims as if Britain would then be a little safe bubble.

      Jayda also has said that she wants hang all of her opponents. How is that different to an ISIS member wanting to behead theirs?


      • you’re generalising when you insinuate that all muslims practice abhorrent behaviour.

        ALL muslims? no. MANY muslims? yes… if you do not see this, you’re in denial.
        you argue rapist, misogynistic, terrorist muslims are a “minority” amirite?
        but you do realise there’s 1.6 billion muslims, that if only 1% are extreme, that’s still 16 MILLION muslims… the real percentage is higher.

        Jimmy Savile got away with raping a lot of children too – he wasn’t a muslim, was he? Why is it that you BF supporters only get vocal about rape when it is a muslim who carried out the heinous crime?

        false. all nonces regardless of race or religion deserve to hang.
        jimmy savile was a disgrace, but he’s 6 foot under now & most of his crimes were decades ago.
        the difference between that and the rotherham etc cases is that they weren’t covered up by the establishment because of the racial combination of the perpetrators and victims. pakistani muslims grooming, pimping out, raping and torturing young white girls.

        The problem with a lot of you biffers is that you think because we oppose you, we must therefore condone any atrocity carried out by muslims; that we must all be “lefties” (the political spectrum isn’t just left and right, nor does one even have to be on it); that the world is fucking black and white.

        your almost complete silence on muslim atrocities while you obsess over us “far right” “fascist” bla bla bla bogeymen is what concerns me. even peter tatchell called UAF out on this.

        the overwhelming majority of “anti fascists” are obviously leftists. let’s not pretend otherwise.
        i’ve had the pleasure of meeting UAF members myself.

        what i don’t get is why you’re so obsessed with us, when we’re apparently an unworthy of notice minority of “C2DE ( true story: i have been disparaged for my background by self-defined socialists ) jack the lad knuckle draggers” but you have blogs like this and other websites with hundreds of man hours put into them, but islamic issues? …. crickets!

        “Jayda also has said that she wants hang all of her opponents. ”

        she doesn’t.


        • Then why don’t you state “many” in your posts? Although that’d be inaccurate and hyperbole too. If you type “Muslims are doing [insert atrocity here]”, then I am correct in stating that you are generalising. I see what gets highlighted in the news, but infrequent incidents carried out by muslim individuals doesn’t mean they’re being carried out by “many” muslims.

          Where do you get the 1% and higher percentage from? I’ve so far only seen that number on inarguably biased sites with an agenda. You’re right, 16 million is a large number and if that was the case, surely the death toll of people dying to islamic extremists would be substantially higher?

          Right, but his victims have to live with what he done everyday. If BF and you supporters are so concerned for rape victims, then why not provide support for them? Is there really a difference between a cover up because of social status and a cover up because of ethnical background? Although there white English people involved too.

          I comment on more blogs, pages and forums too you know, so how would you know what I’m silence on? Go figure, this is a blog called “Exposing Britain First”. As a supporter of BF, of course you’re not going to think that they too are just as bad as the hate preachers they oppose. They’re purpose is to incite hatred against fellow human beings and I oppose anyone that does such thing. I wouldn’t have a problem with BF if they solely tackled Islamic extremism, but they don’t. They incite hatred against all muslims, immigrants and even us.

          To quote Jayda: “Deputy leader Jayda Fransen made the announcement on the group’s Facebook page, along with comments that their “pro-EU, Islamist-loving opponents” should be hung as punishment for “crimes against our country”.

          “They think they can get away with ruining our country, turning us into a Third World country, giving away our homes, jobs and heritage,” wrote Fransen, “but they will face the wrath of the British First movement, make no mistake about it! We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country. And by punished, I mean good old-fashioned British justice at the end of a rope!” – http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/britain-first-leader-paul-golding-run-london-mayor-wants-hang-opponents-1521415

          I’ll ask again: How is she different from those muslims who you oppose that want us beheaded? Those ISIS want us to follow their beliefs or face their wrath, and Jayda wants us all to follow her ideals or face her wrath.


  23. The ” ill informed foreigner ” comment is classic xenophobia.
    Its startling that a site opposed to fascism ( a legitimate and right cause ) can have mysogynist comments from James B and blatant xenophobia from ebfblogger and not get the irony.
    Its also surprising that someone who points out this flaw is immediately called a troll and told to stop making comments.

    Conversation can move about a bit and rather than attack a poster with a differing view ( not on the main topic ) you should welcome different angles and different perspective.

    My angle being ” foreign ” may displease some but its legitimate all the same.


    • It’s not your place to tell us what we ‘should’ do here. That’s for us to decide. And I for one have decided – you clearly have no intention of taking our comments seriously, preferring deliberately to misinterpret us. So I’ll treat you like the troll you are. As soon as I get to my pc I’ll flag you for moderation and if this stupidity continues you’ll be blocked altogether.


    • I still fail to see where James was being misogynistic. You never did point out what he said that makes you think this. Are you a native English speaker? I only ask because ebf may be right about you misinterpreting him.


  24. Twenty years ago, I would have said that she was a loon. But today, having grown up a bit, I’d say she is a modern day Joan of Arc. Yes, I suspect that she will be killed.


    • Ha ha, do you really think she will be killed? By whom?

      Extremely unlikely – who would spare the time to get rid of a person armed only with such crap arguments, doing such a good job of holding her organisation up to ridicule? You are trying to make Jayda Fransen out to be far more important and influential than she is.

      If the worst should happen to her as it did to Joan of Arc, then I assume it would be an inside job as St Joan fought against the English, defeated the English in battle, was eventually framed by the English and burnt at the stake – by the same colonial English who were fighting to keep France as part of the UK.


  25. You can have a law degree without being a solicitor. You take the solicitor training after. You can study the equivalent of full time with the Open University in association with the College of Law.


  26. I was quite engage when I started to read through this blog and obviously I don’t know what others think but here’s my angle.
    For the record: many people may regard me as to the left hand side on the political spectrum. I am not upset by this although I try and leave labels to the supermarkets rather than be pigeon holed into one belief structure.
    I don’t see one person’s colour,gender,sexual preference… blah blah blah, and this too applies to which flavour God they follow if any.

    I try and see people as equals. Albeit sometimes I fail I’m only human.

    I started off by saying I felt quite engaged, by this you can assume I am less engaged now, the reason is this.
    The article focused of Jayda Fransen’s fantasy based history. Yet less than half way through this blog the timeline of this blog seemingly got rather lost. Instead of engaging on the main article it dived into the following topics:
    The Magic Circle, law and order in Fife, conservative women, trendy liberals, straw men (and women, maybe members of the left wing-walking formation team) Islam and everything Qur’anic paedophilia, JImmy Saville, Nadine Doorstops (who ever she is!) mysogynistic reading whiting compenshension dificultees, having a nice life, biffers bloggers borisiers braziers buggerers (that’s enough B words BOB) Trollers That’s Yorkshire for people who want curly hair, nadine doormouse again, cross people, imposters,heroin,Nietzsche,breasts slags and bitches, adulterers,rats @rses, Zionism, saudi arabia, jimmy saville again, R2D2, cricket blocking (presumabilly a forward defensive stroke) and finally Joan of Arc.

    Now I know i’ve tried to list with a sarcastic comedic tone here, But my point is serious.
    This “conversation” has been hijacked by people who have deliberately driven the agenda in all sorts of directions that the main subject has been dressed in a cloak of confused rhetoric that “normal” people have little interest in.
    It could be argued that this is a debate, In my view people are sick of debate where people dress up their own opinions stating “the fact is……..”
    It could also be argued that without challenge the masses will not learn wisdom, but please people, is this the only way to educate through undirected debate of this nature?

    So what have we all learnt about Ms Fransen, well some people think she’s evil beyond words some follow her like she walks on water. My own view is she is no idiot, whatever is tweeted in her name or pictures published on facebook, she does for a reason Just like all politicians do.

    Ms Fransen is selling a message, an idea, an ideal and even a nice range of sweaters, T-shirts and english flags adorned various messages. The fact that this whole blog conversation started off with a BBC documentary tells us she is relevant. As Oscar Wilde said….”there’s only one thing worse than being talked about…………..” you know the rest.
    I’m going to bed now knowing one thing, I won’t be dreaming of Jayda or Nadine Doorknocker!
    Night All and thanks for reading.


  27. Reason north Europe has values where men and women respect each other is because despite north Europe becoming Christian, it only really follows the new testament and kept much Pagan culture.
    While USA Christians follow middle east culture of old testament more, mutilating baby boys so the men grow up with issues spending too much time online whining on about women. Encouraging young males to be school shooting icels, angry because females prefer males who don’t spend a lot of time online promoting abuse towards women


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