Two cheeks of the same arse

The net seems to be tightening

Yesterday Britain First told us that Folding Golding had been arrested and was being held by Counter-terrorism command. This was impossible to verify by any of EBF’s usual channels and the Biffers themselves removed the post themselves after facing a torrent of scepticism from followers.

So we have to treat the announcement with suspicion. It’s possible that this latest announcement is just another re-run of several other false claims of legal interference intended to elicit sympathy and promote donations. They are getting desperate, after all. Legal fees aren’t cheap and it can’t be long until Folding & Dutchy return to the High Court.

BBC3 BF WWOCB High Court exit

It’s a standard Biffer trick to pretend they’ve been hassled by the law and then beg for money to somehow make the rozzers go away. It’s never entirely clear how that’s meant to work. Actually given the dubious nature of their merchandising and ‘fundraising’ tactics we’d have thought such an approach would make the old bill much more likely to take an interest, along with HM Revenue and taxes, the Charities commission, the Electoral commission, Trading standards and, of course, the Fraud squad.

For a long time we expected that financial irregularities would be their downfall. Al Capone eventually went to the infamous prison island of Alcatraz following a conviction for tax evasion so there’s a precedent for using financial matters to take down violent gangsters. But then we saw this news article from last Thursday.

BBCderadicalisation programme referrals on the rise

It seems that the British government is finally waking up to the problems caused by domestic terror groups like Britain First.

Biffers will no doubt claim that the issue is Islamic extremism. They’ll even try to use the fact that de-radicalisation is so necessary as a justification for their own existence. But that won’t wash with anyone who can actually read.

Just look at these selected highlights from the BBC article…

Eight people a day were referred to the government’s deradicalisation scheme known as “Channel” this summer.

Between June and August, 796 people in England and Wales were reported to the programme for possible intervention.

National Police Chiefs’ Council figures show more than a third of the total, 312, were aged under 18.

How odd it is that young people, those who Britain First target most are so highly represented. How odd that the figures have risen so significantly across all age groups just as Britain First, after so many years of trying have eventually started to have an impact in the real, offline world.

“There were 327 referrals in June, 349 in July, and 120 in August.

There were more referrals over this period than for the whole of 2012-13 – the first year the scheme was rolled out across England and Wales.

It is more than double the level of referrals recorded in the first three months of 2014-15”

BBC3 WWOCB Islam ban Fayda Golding BF EBF combo

“The government has defined extremism as: “Vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.” “

EBF extremist Jayda no moderate muslim BF court lie

“Haras Rafiq, managing director at security think tank Quilliam, said the figures came after “the lure of extremism has increased over the last year both from an Islamist and far-right perspective”.

“There is a symbiotic relationship between the two,” he added.”

Mr. Rafiq pout it rather more politely than we do. We just describe Britain First and ISIS as…

Two cheeks of the same arse!

2 thoughts on “Two cheeks of the same arse

  1. Those aren’t “British values”, those are Zionist-Soviet values applied to all parts of the world, except Israel. Good on ye, Britain First! Fight for your race, your nation, your real rule of law, MAGNA CARTA, a guarantee against EXILE, whether by deportation, or by the enforced destruction of your own NATION and CULTURE.


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