Jayda’s Tackier than Taqiyya

Britain First loves to complain about Taqiyya. That’s the excuse they use for disbelieving every Muslim who challenges their stupidity. According to the Biffers, Taqiyya is the Islamic practice of lying to dupe unsuspecting non-Muslims into trusting them. The reality, of course is very different.

Taqiyya 2

Not that Britain First cares about that. They wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them. In fact, they lie so often themselves we’ve decided to recognise the Biffers’ own efforts in developing their own version of Taqiyya – ‘Tackier’.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Title page

Consider the recent BBC3 documentary ‘We want our country back!’ and Deputy leader, Jayda Fransen’s not so convincing use of Tackier to try to protect Britain First’s tattered reputation.

Here’s what Frau Fransen had to say about Britain First’s attitude to discrimination…

BBC3 WWOCB Race Gender Religion Discrimination Jayda Fransen

Oh really?

We’ll address the evidence for racial discrimination in a later post. We’ll also take a look at the Biffers’ rather muddled attitude to women which, whilst accepting a handful of women in senior positions within the BF militia displays a much less favourable attitude to women as a whole. For now – let’s consider Fransen’s ‘Tackier’ assertion that Britain First doesn’t discriminate on grounds of religion.

BBC3 WWOCB Islam ban Fayda Golding BF EBF combo

So Britain First would ban Islam and drive it from Britain’s shores. That must, by definition, mean driving Muslims themselves out of the country. How else could Islam be removed from UK?

How does that fit with Frau Fransen’s earlier assertion that Britain First doesn’t discriminate on grounds of religion? She must’ve been using ‘Tackier’ when she said that. In the same BBC3 programme we heard Jayda’s definition of British Muslims – a set of conditions that would remove much of what it means to be Muslim in the first place.


She goes on to equate Allah with Satan and treat us to ‘The wisdom of the Fransen’ in recommending that no British person should ever eat Halal food. That’s Paulie’s Friday night curries out of the equation then! Never mind – he can always join Stevie Lewis in the kebab shop. Oh… wait…

BBC3 WWOCB BF Allah Satan Halal Jayda Fransen

Britain First is so keen not to discriminate on religious grounds that they chose to honour several Dartford curry houses with their dubious presence. Perhaps they thought that this sort of bullying would be more palatable to the Great British public than their widely condemned ‘Mosque invasions’ had been. The sight of Golding, Fransen, Slatter, Lewis and their pathetic cohort of pals sneaking into empty mosques and terrorising the elderly was a real turn off to the great British public. Disrupting hard-working restaurateurs will serve them no better. Brits have never been too keen on bullies.

BBC3 BF halal switch Jayda threat Indian restaurant

It’s obvious that when Deputy leader, Fransen told viewers that Britain First doesn’t discriminate on grounds of religion she was crossing her fingers and using ‘Tackier’. Not that anyone believes her.

BF Taqqiya Taqiyya

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