Wrong again, Golding!

Chris Harper Mercer was obviously a Muslim. With a name like that – how could he be anything else? Of course the newspapers shortened it a bit. Actually his full name was Chris Mohammed ibn Harper ibn Mercer and, of course Britain First was absolutely right to describe him as “Another Islamist”.

EBF BF oregon shooter Muslim

The newspaper reports all told a different story but that’s obviously because the articles were written by the Muzzie loving, leftie, pinko media outlets like The New York Post – that well known bastion of left wing propaganda.

A Biffer spokesperson, John Flynn, writing on the BF Facebook page explained it (with absolutely no evidence to support him) this way…

“He had converted to being a Muslim”

BF Chris Harper Mercer Oregon gunman FB comment

Unfortunately other media outlets are lying by describing Mercer as a Nazi who was fascinated by the far right and admired the Christian terrorist group, the IRA. Never mind them though – we all know that Britain First holds its reporting to the highest ethical standards of truth and integrity. How could anyone ever doubt their word when they tell us that Mercer was linked to ISIS?

Oregon BF shooter Chris Harper 3

This hater of organized religion must’ve been an islamist – ISIS hates organised religion too. That’s why they’re committing acts of terror to promote organised reli… Oh…. Wait…

Ah – hang on. We understand now.

Britain First has lied about Muslims again. They’ve taken a story that has nothing to do with Islam at all and twisted it to further their propaganda cause.

That’s it – we remember now…

Britain First lies!

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