Biffer stupidity continues unabated

Accrington, the little known Lancashire town with a football team made famous by a 1980s milk advert and a war record more poignant than anything the Walts at Biffer Towers could even dream of has become the latest target of Britain First’s ire. Without even a hint of shame the would be warriors with their dreams of medieval crusading have waded in against Accrington council. They’ve criticised the town’s non-denominational crematorium for acknowledging the sensibilities of its Muslim population and arranging to remove the cross from the local crematorium when conducting services for non-Christians. Remember that point about the sensibilities of Muslims, by the way – we’ll return to it later.

EBF BF Accrington crem cross foam fest meme.htm

The now familiar foam fest as the Biffers vent their spleen moves on in all too predictable fashion. It include the ‘oh-so original’ suggestions that Quran’s should be burned, that Mosques should be closed and that Muslims should be murdered in response to this entirely reasonable decision by Accrington council. There’s only one problem…

Woking Muslim burial ground no cremation EBF BF

Muslims don’t cremate their dead and would have no reason to conduct any ceremonies whatsoever inside a crematorium. Whoever the council is being so reasonable in accommodating it’s not the local Muslim population. It’s likely to be a decision intended to accommodate humanists, atheists and a host of other groups whose beliefs have nothing to do with images of Christ or symbols of crucifixion.

One thing we know for sure – this decision was absolutely nothing to do with Islam in general or with Accrington’s Muslim population in particular. They just wouldn’t care one way or another.

Fransen screaming LondonBritain First claims to be an authority on Islam. Jayda Fransen, the Biffers’ deputy leader has claimed to have studied several different translations of both the Quran and Hadith in depth. She is so insistent about this she screamed it into the faces of children whom she encountered on a London street. Children whose only ‘crime’ was to walk along a pavement in their home Borough at a time when Fransen and the rest of her thugs were screaming at the building across the road.

Dutchy Fransen and Folding Golding are such ‘experts’ on Islam that they actually believe that burying a pig on the site of a proposed Mosque will make the ground unclean and prevent its construction.

They think that Muslims can’t go near Bacon.

They think that Halal beans are somehow different from other forms of beans.

They think that Halal certification somehow funds terrorism.

And they think that Muslims care about the symbolism inside a crematorium that they will never use.

So we’re asking you…

Would you trust their judgement on anything when they’re so pitifully mistaken about the thing they claim to know best?

Well? Would you?

If you really want to know the truth, ask us. Unlike the Biffers we fact-check everything we post to be sure it’s accurate. We also take the piss out of those sad little racists over at Biffer Towers on a very regular basis. Especially when they make such obviously stupid and downright malicious remarks as this…

EBF BF car mob libel


5 thoughts on “Biffer stupidity continues unabated

  1. Great post. I’m from Accrington and the furore it caused was unbelievable.So many ridiculously racist comments in various publications. Some from people who have probably never set foot in a church before


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