Why I Expose Britain First – Kit

As Landlord decided to write a blog about why he decided to join the EBF, I thought I (Kit) would give it a go.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always challenged injustice, even if it goes against popular opinion. I was always the child that asked ‘but why’ about everything, even if it got me into trouble, which it often did.

BF EBF Kit injustice mosque invasion

Since the birth of the Internet, I’ve kept up with the news online. What struck me was the increasing lack of empathy and judgemental attitudes, coming from people on news and social media sites. There is one story I recall, it was on my local news site. It was about an elderly man who forgot to change the batteries in his smoke alarm. His house burned down. He escaped with his life but he lost everything and he didn’t have insurance. I was utterly appalled by the comments on the article. There was little sympathy for him at all, in fact most people said it was his own fault. When I commented to offer my sympathy and to express my horror at the lack of empathy, I was insulted and called a do-gooder. It’s all too familiar now.

This brings me onto Britain First. I stumbled across it because a family member had shared a meme. I clicked on it and at first I thought that it seemed to be a place in which to debate things people seem to be worried about. So I started joining in. I was a bit confused with some of the memes and stories because they weren’t factually correct. I could see people were getting angry about things that weren’t true, so I started to provide more factual sources. I wasn’t called a do-gooder then. I was subjected to a tirade of abuse on their page and in private messages. Then I was blocked from commenting. I saw that the people who had abused me were allowed to remain, that was an injustice! I could not believe that there was a page like it. I was immediately concerned about the nastiness that was allowed to breed there while any dissent was blocked.

I started to do some research about Britain First. It didn’t take me very long to find groups commenting about them. I found Exposing Britain First. I could see that EBF were challenging Britain First and more and more people were joining who’d had the same experiences. So I started joining in, helping with research. I couldn’t challenge Britain First on their own page but I wanted to let them know that they may have created an echo chamber of hate but they could and should be challenged. So when I was offered an admin roll, I jumped at the chance and here I am.

Exposing Britain First doesn’t just deal exclusively with exposing Britain First. It also provides a space for people to counter some of pure hatred that exists on many social media platforms. It’s really helped to know just how many lovely caring people there are and that empathy does still exist. – Kit


2 thoughts on “Why I Expose Britain First – Kit

  1. We’re always told life isn’t fair, and that’s true – for the most part. That doesn’t mean we can’t try to make life fairer, and certainly doesn’t mean we ignore outright injustice and bigotry. And that is why EBF is important, and thank you for your efforts.

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  2. Before anyone gets pissy with you I’ll point out it should be “admin ROLE” not “ROLL”. The odd little spelling mistakes aren’t important despite what some people think, but I used to do proof-reading as part of my job and I just can’t seem to shut the ‘picky bastard’ part of my brain down 😉

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