All part of the plan? What plan?

One of our most prolific Facebook administrators, Kit has decided to try their hand at blogging. And what a fantastic debut this is (EBFBlogger).

‘All part of the plan’ What plan? This is quite possibly one of the worst examples I have ever seen of victim blaming. Refugees have lost everything. Their country, their homes, their jobs, their freedom, their family and their dignity. Britain First ARE seriously suggesting that it’s all part of some sort of plan to spread Islam. There are some flaws in their thinking.

BF Islam refugee plan ISIS libel

While SOME in the West are concerned that refugees will change the demographics of Europe, Daesh believe otherwise.
Daesh DO NOT want refugees to seek refuge in the West. They have called it ‘a major dangerous sin, a sin that mortgages the lives and souls of their children’. They are concerned that western influences will dilute their ideal of Islam and the caliphate that they are trying to establish in the middle east. So how can Britain First believe that refugees are all part of the plan to spread Islam?

While we ponder about this, refugees are stuck in the middle of it. They ARE the VICTIMS. They are victims of the West bombing their countries. Victims of the West’s indecision on how to deal with the crisis and they are victims of the brutal Daesh.

Britain First have thrown everything at demonising refugees because they are Islamophobic. They hate all Muslims, but do you think it would matter what religion refugees were? It wouldn’t because they are also xenophobic and racist as well. It’s just that Syrian refugees happen to be, for the most part, Muslim.

17 thoughts on “All part of the plan? What plan?

  1. There is a Plan, not to spread Islam, but a Plan. Unfortunately, Syrians are pawns in a greater plot. Nevertheless, it will be a means to an end of White Supremist Injustices. Open your eyes and read ancient history.


      • Read my Blog. I have created a chronology of events in History that will lead up to present times. Everyone is a pawn for either good or evil, the outcome will be to ultimately bring about prophecy. God can even use an evil dictator to bring about justification or justice to the oppressed. The only people group the “Refugees” will offend, are the ones who yak their mouths the most regarding their presence! The presence of the Refugees increases the numbers of those who will radically stand against White Supremacy.


        • Ah you mean based on the Noah myth (plagiarised from the story of Gilgamesh) mixed with the ‘just world fallacy’ to claim that there’s a divine plan. EBF isn’t in favour of religious intolerance but that doesn’t mean we support any particular mythology. We just respect the right of others to believe as they choose.


          • I don’t support mythology either, it belongs to the Greeks mostly. If Noah is a myth, then God would have to be, if God is a myth, then so is your existence and we really aren’t having this conversation.


            • Noah’s myth was based upon the much earlier myth of Gilgamesh. I’m not sure about God (I’m agnostic) but I’m certain that the story of Noah’s ark was mythical. It contradicts both reason and scientific evidence. You are welcome to your beliefs but if you use them as the basis of an argument about current affairs expect to be challenged.


              • Tell the Turkish officials who discovered the Ark on Mt. Ararat and those who obtained sattelite images of the Ark that what they have seen is a myth! If you are agnostic, of course you don’t know God, therefore have I introduced Him to you. All plagarize God, but since God is the sole Author of History, He cannot plagarize what man arrogantly thinks he himself created; hence, science is the study of what God created, not the other way around. Science claims to know “how” life begins, but Science never makes the claim to be creator of life…that would be because only God can make that claim. If you disagree, then take dirt, mix it with water, bake it in the sun to harden, then breathe into it and tell me what happens!


                    • How big do you imagine the ark would’ve been to hold 2 of EVERY species? What did the bacteria live on/in? What about the herbivores? That’s an awful lot of plant produce needed to feed all those herbivores for 6 weeks. What would the carnivores eat? How did, for example the penguins all get from Ararat to Antarctica or the Lemurs to Madagascar? How did the Marsupials travel to Australia? Why is the fossil record so inconsistent with the story of Noah? Why is worldwide geology so contradictory of the story of Noah? Why don’t we end this distracting sideline which has nothing to do with exposing BF before it gets really silly?


                    • Dearest, educate yourself, they were on the Ark for more than 6 months, not 6 weeks. The Ark was as big as a city, that’s why it took Noah 120 years to build. Interesting, You can believe that all of these human beings, past and present, arrived here from a bang and a monkey; but you are going to question matters of God when you can’t even understand simple creation. Your foolishness of resting your unbelief on questions like bacteria and food reveals your level of ignorance. Mankind and all animals were vegetarians until the Flood, if you knew Bible History you would know that animals besides the two-by-two were also carried onto the Ark for food, the time when man first became animal flesh eaters! You are very silly indeed, How did the people repopulate the world and get from Turkey to all over the world? There’s your Sign!


                    • Are you telling me that Lemurs made it all the way from Ararat to Madagascar without the ability to build boats and without leaving a single skeleton behind? Kangaroos just hopped over the Southern ocean did they? And all the short-gutted carnivores suddenly lost their long, herbivorous guts and their talons, claws and pointy teeth just became used for killing prey (having previously been so useful for chasing down fleeing plant life when they were vegetarians?
                      Let’s just leave this nonsense now, shall we. It is an interesting diversion but it has nothing to do with Exposing BF’s racist bigotry. You have a blog already. Use that to propogate your ideas. it’s not what this blog is about.
                      You’re very welcome to comment about Britain First here but any further attempts to spam us with creationism will be deleted without further discussion.


  2. I’m a big fan of EBF and I do think somebody needs to make a practice of exposing the fallacies, half-truths and outright lies that they propagate daily, but you need to be wary of falling into the same pattern:

    Too many EBF memes and affiliated posts are basically the same as theirs in their effect if not basis: they placate people who already agree (the echo chamber notion) and run absolutely no risk of winning around anyone who might be sitting on the fence, or on the wrong side of it.

    BF’s arguments are not based on rationale, or even facts. Pointing out their fallacies in either respect is not going to achieve anything. In an ideal world it’s all we’d need, but we don’t live in that. ‘Folding Golding’, ‘Dutchy Fransen’, it’s all getting a bit playground. Yeah, they’re idiots, calling them names doesn’t make EBF look a whole lot better to BF supporters, and it almost seems as if you’re lowering yourself to that level to win them over – which, if interpreted thus, is pretty patronising really.

    EBF, in my very humble opinion, needs to drop the whole ‘Britain First meme + emojis and purple text refutation’ thing and adopt a more mature tone, not because I think you’re wrong for a second but because it’s turning me – a liberal leftie of the type they claim to want to hang – off of you. If it’s putting me off, I would dare to venture that it’s not going to win too many Steve Lewis’ over. Surely that’s the point of the whole movement?


    • I notice EBF’s popularity has risen quite markedly in the last month or so, Ronnie. That being the case, do you not think that perhaps they are achieving their aim of opposing BF, regardless of how that case is disseminated? While it is true that much of the content is read by those already convinced, the page serves a wider purpose in that the memes are extensively shared by page supporters to debunk BF to third parties. You have to remember that this is a social media situation, predominately Facebook, not some learn’ed hall of academia. Most people that follow EBF won’t read this EBF blog, let alone some dry treatise on the rights & wrongs of Nationalism vs everyone with a brain cell or two. You have obviously missed the fact that EBF cannot really be any different than it is. it’s the nature of the job they do in the webbynet world. Perhaps you should move on from EBF if you feel it’s not for you & start your own FB page full of worthy articles on the evils of bigotry.


      • Thanks for replying.

        Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that social media is not about considered opinion and debate, it’s about getting the meme/soundbite out there – and I applaud EBF for doing this. I’ve shared their memes before too. The fact that their members are doxxed and harassed in itself shows that they’re having an effect – and annoying BF is probably just as important in the long run, a lot of their members are probably just lost and (rightly) feel impotent, that energy could be redirected to a better end, a la Matthew Collins, given enough pressure.

        I probably worded that badly, I was several beers in after the pub – it’s just when I see some memes I do think they’re a little bit counterproductive, sometimes just a sensible point-by-point takedown would be more effective than name-calling. Certainly it’s no more than they deserve, but it is playing on a level closer to their own.

        Given that this was someone’s first post, I feel a little churlish for writing a general EBF criticism, so I should point out that I enjoyed the blog, it’s actually what I’m asking for: a sensible, brief and factual takedown.


  3. Oh how I love blog comments *rolleyes* – there’s always one crackpot firing off some nonsense. I had to lock the comments down on my one a few years back because of all the anti-Muslim hate comments.

    Keep speaking against the lies 🙂

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