The Landlord has landed!

Please welcome EBF’s newest administrator. Here the Landlord makes his EBF debut with a compelling, ‘from the heart’ explanation of his motives in fighting the fash. We think he’ll be a real asset to our little bunch of volunteers. The landlord had landed!

Beer 2Many times over the last couple of years I’ve been asked why I believe in what I do, opposing the far right to which I say…

“Whilst there is a breath in my body I will fight social injustice and bigotry.”

I’m a landlord, hence my name, in a leafy town somewhere in the Shires of the U.K. where I have seen a surge of support for UKIP, Britain First and other unsavoury groups. I have barred enough customers for the disgusting racist comments they made and also their actions. It was last November this came to a head. Three men in tatty green jackets with Britain First emblazoned on it came in to the pub. They were selling poppies, and tried intimidating customers to buy them. A local told me that the money doesn’t go to the RBL but to Britain First.

I ran them out of the pub with an old WWII vet and other staff. I was told by one my business would be shamed on their Facebook page. This was my first and by no means last run in with the biffers. This is also when I came across this page (as well as others) and started to fight back.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  A group of friends wanted to do something for the Syrian refugees so set up a group. I told my friends and my family about what we were trying to do.

I got a call out of the blue from my brother in law who’s friend was from the UK border agency asking me to go over to Calais and see for myself what was happening. Two weekends ago I went not knowing what to expect. There are just over 280 Syrians there, all men just as Britain First says, but that’s where their truth finishes and the incitement begins. They do have money, not much, but some, in actual fact the majority of them would probably be labelled middle class, they had good jobs, houses and their children went to good schools. Then Daesh, their government and now our governments have bombed 10 bells of shit out of their country. It was run or be killed. So get across the Med to Europe and get to Britain, not for benefits but for the humanity we’ve shown in the past. They’ve all got their families waiting in Kos, Greece or Italy waiting for word that they are in Britain claiming asylum.

Calais refugeesI saw the squalor they had left their homes for, the clothes given to them by charities instead of the Syrian equivalent of Next and as I left them you know what? I cried. I cried for the first time since the birth of my daughter. I cried because Britain First have the audacity to infer the refugees should be drowned, bayoneted and other despicable ways to kill them. I cried because I despaired at this countries nimbyism and the disgusting headlines from the government’s propaganda machine. Then my faith was restored, 40000+ marchers in London, 5000 in Edinburgh, marchers in Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. A sign went up outside my council saying Refugees welcome here.

You see, the biffers may be loud, have a social media presence and spread spurious lies about Islam and refugees but slowly the silent majority are starting to make a noise and the far right don’t like it. And those marches, pages like these, you the followers of pages like Exposing Britain First have restored my faith in this beautiful, diverse, multi cultural and tolerant Britain.

So that is why I fight biffers and jumped at the chance to join this page


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