Daring dawn raid in Ulster

Brave Biffers beat the clock in a daring dawn raid on a quiet street in Ulster.

Golding is really good at having a go at unescorted women but he’s really crap at taking on communities that actually understand what sectarian violence is all about. That’s because the people of Northern Ireland, sickened as they are by decades of religious intolerance and the troubles it caused have no time for his neonazi profiteering.

Biffers claim that the locals of Newtownwards have given them massive support. Yeah right – that’s why they only ever go there when the locals are asleep – because they’re so welcome. Everyone in Ireland just loves Folding Golding…

Golding Belfast twitter threat shot Protestant

Just look at the lighting in this ‘triumphant’ photograph. Is this the behaviour of a group that has massive local support or is it the behaviour of a bunch of Biffer bigots who daren’t show their faces in daylight?

They came, they saw, they ran away before the locals woke up!

BF dawn Ulster mosque Newtownwards


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