Britain First and spanking

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

As the mother of two lovely little girls I’m happy to say that my daughters have respect without being brutalised. They also understand the difference between respect and fear.

Biffers seem to think that adults beating kids is somehow a good life lesson. But let’s look at what it teaches…

It teaches that it’s OK to use violence to get what you want

It teaches that it’s appropriate to attack those who are weaker or smaller than yourself to get your own way.

It teaches that ‘might is right’.

It teaches that violence is an appropriate alternative to reason.

It teaches thuggery.

It teaches the violent, bullying, brutal values we see so often in the antics of Britain First. Why am I not surprised?

BF spanking

violence is not the answer


7 thoughts on “Britain First and spanking

  1. Spankings are not violence when done properly. What does it take for folks to understand? What part of spanking is disclipline and it’s the nature of the one delivering it don’t you understand? Without it, the young and little people run rampage and rule the place. Law and order becomes obsolete and we return to the dark ages. Plain and simple, spankings are needed to be given to maintain order. When done properly, it’ll bring about respect, not fear.


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