Happy Birthday Stevie from all at EBF

Steve Lewis birthdayToday is Steve Lewis’ birthday. The Biffers’ best acrobat, top tumbler and prize fascist ‘faller-overer’ has hit another milestone, or should that be paving stone?

Here at the EBF office we thought it’d be good to mark the occasion with a suitable present for the man whose comedy act, based entirely upon his inability to stay on his feet entertains us all so much.

But what to give him?

We did consider giving him some of our famous EBF Hobnobs but frankly he hasn’t earned the right.

We thought about reading material – something by Karl Marx or Chairman Mao perhaps. We’re pretty sure he’s already read most of the stuff by Hitler and Streicher.

We speculated that he might appreciate a new banner to replace the one he mislaid in Trafalgar Square.

But then we hit upon the perfect present for the biggest biffer in Christendom.

Here’s a picture of some pies.

Happy Birthday Stevie!



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