Lonely hearted Biffers

We get a few trolls on the EBF Facebook page. We also have the misfortune of having to trawl our way through the mountains of written bile that fascist Biffers leave on their own Facebook page(s). And one thing is extremely striking…

They generally have few friends outside of the fascist community and few interactions that  don’t involve other Biffers.

Of course that’s not terribly surprising. Paranoid neo-nazis aren’t the most appealing people in the world. They tend to be unreasonable bullies who aren’t used to or even capable of seeing things from anyone else’s point of view. That’s why they’re paranoid neo-nazis.

BF lonely hearts club

So now we know why they’re so committed to Britain First. No other organisation would ever accept them and they have no normal friends because they’re nasty, paranoid neo-nazi scumbags.


4 thoughts on “Lonely hearted Biffers

  1. So of course, the prospect of women eager to breed (as per the Fuhrer’s instructions) is an added attraction for the lonely little cockwombles.


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