Serving justice

Last month Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, Leader and Deputy leader of Britain First were issued with an interim injunction in the High Court. This forbade them from doing various things including inciting racial or religious hatred and distributing material by electronic or other means likely to incite such hatred.

They have continued to do exactly that,in spite of the injunction.

EBF imprison Paul Golding Jayda Fransen

Ignoring the ruling of the High Court is a very serious offence. It can result in several years imprisonment.

Exposing Britain First believes that the time has come. These neonazis have been inciting racial and religious hatred, radicalising ordinary Brits and generally causing unrest and division within our society for years. Now the time has come to stop them.

We call upon the courts to send a message to Britain First and other neonazi groups by handing out the sentence that these two so richly deserve.

Send them down!

Paul Golding Jayda Fransen prison bars jail

10 thoughts on “Serving justice

  1. Britain First’s main activity is criticising Islam. Why should this be a crime? And what do you find so wonderful about a satanic death cult founded by a paedophile, rapist, psycopathic warlord which orders its followers to rape and behead non-believers, dress like scary monsters or letterboxes, marry cousins and kill those who criticise it or try to leave?

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    • The crime is inciting racial and religious hatred, thereby breaching a High Court injunction (that alone can lead to up to 5 years inside). That’s how civilised legal systems work – the law has authority and ignoring it has consequences.

      As an agnostic I don’t find anything wonderful about any organised religion. But that doesn’t mean I think it’s OK to persecute people who disagree with me.


    • Pardon me, I’ll just go ahead and make your first sentence a wee bit more accurate for you: Britain First’s main activity is using social media as a tool to lie in order to incite hatred and rile up impressionable and ignorant people – many of whom probably already want their bigoted views justified – as well selling tacky merchandise under the false pretense that the money goes towards charity; a lot of those lies, bullshit and cons you can find to be exposed on this very blog site.

      As for the rest of your ad nauseam drivel, well, I’m yet to be raped and beheaded as are you unless you’re some zombie jesus or something. I’ll go ahead and let my muslim friends know that they need to “dress like scary monsters” (?!) and kill me because some paranoid dolt obviously speaks on their behalf. Who’d have thought? Thousands year old books containing barbaric stories that most, thankfully, don’t take too literally as the zeitgeist has changed since.

      Marrying cousins was a bizarre choice of words for you to use seeing as it is legal to marry cousins in the UK thus being part of the British values and traditions, no? Bet that’s going to fuck with your patriotic mind eh.


  2. How do you dress like a letter box? Wear a red tubular costume with a black trim? Carry your own front door wherever you go? Or do you favour the stainless steel US look? How insulting was your comment?
    Scary monsters? Frankenstein per chance?
    Britain first’s main activity apart from encouraging vile and violence is ripping off the public.

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  3. Well, I’m not surprised he’d be so insulting and disrespectful after reading his blog post in which he makes up words to justify his hatred – I think it’s safe to assume that he suffers delusions of supremecy and dreams of an england inhabited only by the “great aryan race”. Making up words in order to justify your hatred of anyone who doesn’t fit in with your ideal of a human being is indeed as irrational as it can get. What went wrong in your childhood, I wonder?

    Aj, is there a reason why you excluded christianity from your little list of “primitive practices” and “false cults”? Isn’t your god of love the very same abrahamic god that muslims also worship?


    • Jesus’ teachings are all about love – of God and mankind. Mo’s ravings are all about fearing Allah, punishments and fighting jihad against non-Muslims, so, no, they clearly are not one and the same.

      Mo based his early teachings on bits of the bible that he’d picked up from the other (Christian) cave hermit bloke and called his submission cult Abramic in the same way as you should respect me because I’m best mates with, oh, who do you idolise? David Millipead? Lady Gaga?

      So anyhowz, once Mo got sufficient respect, all that ‘Abramic’ stuff was well stuffed. The filthy pig Jews became simply hate and blame targets, responsible for all the world’s problems and all evil; together with the other book people, due for only jizya or dismemberment.

      So, not Abramic, not same god as Christ described, and not a true religion. Simply an evil, mafia-like death cult run on fear and the promise of a big free brothel in the sky.


      • And Yahweh isn’t a megalomaniac god who made people fear him? Remind me: what was it he wanted Isaac to do? Sacrifice his son? I suppose he killed off the world’s population save for one person and his family (he liked favouring certain individuals back then, didn’t he?), and two of every living clean animal out of love? My father killed my brothers and sisters and my pets when I was child because he loved me and since then, he is the only person I idolise. But it’s all ok, because he is now jesus and died for us all which he knew would happen because he has some convoluted plan and works in mysterious ways.

        Yes they are one of the same. Initially anyway. They all stemmed from the middle east and in probably the world’s biggest game of chinese whispers, did they stray far from one another. Now you all like to argue about what one of your religion is the true religion. It’d be so yawn inducing if it wasn’t for the fact you all keep fighting one another and getting everybody else involved. Speaking of picking up bits from other religions, christianity liked paganism didn’t it?

        Oh, your third paragraph sounds really familiar in this day and age. Who are the current scapegoats of the world? Although I’m sure you probably relish in that and think they are deserving of being so.

        So, not Abramic, not same god as “Mo” described, and not a true religion. Simply an evil, mafia-like death cult run on fear of hell and the promise of a big hippy-like, hedonistic and peaceful place in the sky where you can all be boring drones.

        You’re all the same –


  4. I just thought how ironic it is that Aj is a person who clearly despises islam and yet, with the views he holds, he would be a perfect islamic extremist who’d fit in with the ISIS lot. Funny he calls Islam primitive when his opinions are considered to be archaic in this day and age. If you read this Aj, you ought to write a book about this conundrum of yours.


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