Britain First breaks another irony meter

BF EBF language irony English niqabThis really is just too funny… The Biffers are complaining because some people can’t use English very well.

BF non English speaking ghetto July 2015

They based their ‘report’ on an article from the Telegraph – but unfortunately they didn’t seem able to read it well enough to understand quite what the Telegraph article was saying – and, just as importantly, what it didn’t say…


Yes, we know – the irony is just overwhelming, isn’t it?

Take a look at some of the classic Biffer comments that we found gracing this particular thread on their Facebook page. These people, who presumably have lived in UK their entire lives, still can’t handle simple English punctuation, spelling or grammar. This one thinks it’s rediculus (sic)…

Robson poor English BF FB language

We’d be keen to know which ‘British language’ she advocates. We thought Gaelic might be good – or maybe Cornish. Presumably she didn’t mean ‘English’ which owes much more to old German, French and Danish than to any native language of these Isles. Whichever language she’d prefer there can be no doubt that it’s all a ‘Discrase’ (sic)…

language discrase irony illiterate


BF language loose irony

We wonder how the Biffers feel about poor punctuation, sloppy spelling, erroneous apostrophes and really, really, really… really long sentences…

irony punctuation apostrophe BF

This one doesn’t even understand the language sufficiently to know what the article is about. He seems to think that it’s about clothing (a major ‘TERRORIZE’ threat, apparently).

bf english language poor william terrorize caps lock

This one concurs, in equally impeccable prose. We can’t help but wonder just what she’s said to her g-children (sic) to frighten them so much over simple clothing.

BF irony burka grammar

On the same evening the Biffers were discussing venues for their next march. Once again their supporters demonstrated their outstanding command of the English language that they obviously love so much…

irony bf grandkids language

BF Irony nottingham deffintely language

As you might imagine, another EBF irony meter has just exploded. They’re just not built to take this sort of extreme exposure all at once!

Irony meter

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