Jason Manford – a stand up making a stand

Well that was amusing. Once again the self-proclaimed saviours of Britain’s beleagured white folks, Britan First, have proven just how inadequate they are outside of their heavily censored, online echo chamber. This ridiculous bunch of bigoted nazis would like us to pretend that they’re a serious force protecting us from the threat of domestic violence. But they can’t even beat a stand-up comedian in debate.

Jason Manford did what loads of other people we know have been doing for years. He deleted Britain First supporters from his list of social media contacts. After all – who wants to be associated with violent racists, Islamophobes and fasicsts? The Britain First response was hilarious.

Jason Manford BF Springtime for Hitler swastika

First they called him a pervert, then they posted a publicity picture for the show ‘Springtime for Hitler’ to try and pretend he’s the Nazi, not them, then they sent their keyboard warriors after him, then they noticed how badly they were losing yet another ideological argument and deleted almost all their Facebook posts about him, except for the one where people are calling him a paedophile. This seems to be the standard Biffer insult and is based upon the following logic…

  1. Some paedophiles are Muslims…
  2. Therefore all Muslims must be paedophiles…
  3. Britain First hates Muslims…
  4. Anybody who opposes Britain First must be a paedophile lover…
  5. Paedophile lovers must be paedophiles themselves…
  6. Jason’s a paedo!

Of course there’s no evidence at all that Jason Manford is anything of the sort. There is evidence of overwhelming support for his stance against the fascists of Britain First.

Jason Manford rebuttal BF Britain First likes shares

Even in their own Facebook echo chamber, Britain First lost the argument with many of their own supporters criticising the way they responded. That’s why the posts were deleted.

The only argument that seems to have a chance of being plausible is the one about ‘thought police’. It goes something like this…

“People have a right to like Britain First. They have a right to agree with Britain First’s fascist, racist policies. They have a right to share Britain First’s images online if they want to.”

And that’s true – they do have that right.

And Jason Manford, along with so many more of us has the right to choose not to be associated with those nasty, racist, fascist, Nazi bastards! People can support Britain First all they like but they really shouldn’t expect decent people to ignore their betrayal of the democratic, egalitarian principle that our ancestors fought so hard to preserve during World War II.

They fought fascists with guns. Jason Manford is fighting the modern British Nazi party with words. He’s a stand-up comic who, like many modern comedians is also standing up for something very serious. Jason Manford is standing up for democracy.

Good for him!


2 thoughts on “Jason Manford – a stand up making a stand

  1. As much as I don’t particularly care for his comedy (although he does raise the occasional chuckle), I’m glad the he, Russel Brand and other comedians take issues with these far-right groups and societal/political problems in general. They have a large fan base and, unlike most celebrities, use their platform to raise awareness and consciousness; they get people involved in debate and ecourage discussions which is a good thing.

    I’m also happy that BF have once again have been the bumbling fools. I hope one day they will remove the sand from their ears and realise that the majority of people vehemntly disagree with anything they say and do; those likes they brag about don’t represent the majoirty in UK at all (alot of supporters seem to hail from the US and Australia, bizarrely?!) For fuck sake, not even Farage endorsed them (or at least not publically anyway)!


    • I like him. But I think his sort of comedy appeals to my generation (thirty somethings).

      More and more comedians seem to be getting in on the act – which is great. I remember when it was just Russel Howard & Dargh O’thingy having a go at Britain First & the EDL etc. Now others are joining in, which is great. People listen to comedians and celebrities much more than the Biffers seem to realise.


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