Trouble at Biffer Towers?

Hubby and I went down to Luton yesterday. We wanted to see for ourselves. And saw we did. We didn’t see the ‘No more mosques’ banner though. That won’t be anything to do with the High Court threatening Golding and Fransen with prison if they displayed it. Golding isn’t really Folding is he? NFSE, and all that!

We saw about 100 Biffers. That’s about 5% of the 2,000 Folding and Dutchy had promised and much less than 1% of their alleged Facebook support.

We couldn’t hear very much from where we were. There was just too much noise from the anti-Biffer end but having since seen a couple of videos of the speeches it doesn’t seem like we missed much. There was certainly nothing scary about this bunch of sad Nazis. Actually I was a bit disappointed when the Police diverted their return route to prevent them from coming past our group of antis. I would have liked to get a closer look at them. That should give you an idea about how formidable they weren’t.

What we did hear was interesting. But I need to be honest – it’s not necessarily reliable. It’s rumour but I got the impression that some of the people who seemed to believe these rumours were quite reliable in themselves.

One that I’m relatively confident about is the rumour that there’s some sort of coup in the offing with Steve Lewis and Amanda Slatter looking to depose Folding and Dutchy after their humiliation in the High Court. Apparently, according to the gossip in the anti-Biffer camp, this has been planned for a few weeks but Friday’s court judgement imposed limitations that are seen to be the final straw. They couldn’t even chant their usual abuse as they marched yesterday for fear of Dutchy and Folding going to prison. For all their bravado the Biffers have just been dealt a massive blow by the High Court and they know it. NFSE, EH? Do me a favour! Golding and Fransen are falling over each other to surrender and the rest of the Biffer bosses know it.

Biffer love Lewis Slatter Luton Bin Bagged

In fairness I’d come across the Steve Lewis power bid idea before. It’s been known about by the EBF team since way before I joined. But I’d be surprised if Amanda Slatter thinks she can go up against the throne like that. Queen Dutchy seems more than able to chew her up and spit her out. But be that as it may, several people have suggested that they’re trying to position themselves for power and this may explain why Slattery has shifted her affections from Adrian Riley to Steve Lewis. My thanks to Bin-Bagged for providing this picture, by the way. What was that about a thousand words? Perhaps Slattery Mandy thinks that Lewis can keep her safe from the wrath of the current deputy Fuhrer. We wouldn’t bet on that Mandy.

The other rumour I heard (and it seems to go hand in hand with the first) is that there’s some sort of issue between Riley and Lewis, complete with back-stabbing as each scheme to remove their rival for Slatter’s affections.

I must stress that I have no proof of either of these but it’ll be worth watching to see if one or both of them comes true in the future. We know that lots of people are keeping an eye on matters in the Biffer camp (we have a couple of plants ourselves) so if any of you hear anything relevant please let us know. The easiest way is through the EBF Facebook page. Just message us there.

There’s just one other juicy little titbit that Lottie overheard. She lives in Luton and so she gets to hear conversations in the street during unguarded moments when the fash think the antis have all gone home. Apparently this morning she overheard two Luton locals (possibly EDL) talking about how cosily Folding Golding (yes – they actually used my original nickname for him) seems to get on with the police.

What’s going on there, I wonder?

4 thoughts on “Trouble at Biffer Towers?

  1. Hopefully this a portent of the collapse and/or splintering of BF. While despising PG and JF they do have a low cunning that allows them to manipulate the single-brain-celled bottom feeders that fill their coffers (if not their demos). I don’t believe Stevvo would have the ability to correctly make a run to the local kebab shop without cocking someone’s order up, let alone run “political party”.


    • He seems pretty stupid, Ian and he certainly doesn’t have much charisma but it seems that something’s afoot. I wonder if they’ll publish the video of Dutchy & Slattery’s cat fight. They won’t show Lewis & Folding going at each other because Folding will be too busy hiding behind his ‘security’. Oh wait… Slattery & Lewis are part of Biffer security aren’t they?

      Best start running now Paul!


  2. So much like the EDL, we could potentially start seeing a lot of in-fighting, defections to other splinter groups and seizing power from nobodies; who the bloody hell are Steve Lewis and Amanda Slatter? I’ve been out of the loop more than I thought!

    That the thing with these right groups: for all of their talk of never surrendering, they quickly disperse and repeat the cycle or fade into obscurity. Persistent bastards though, I’ll give them that.


    • Their days are numbered, we think. That’s why Dowson’s other group, KTI keeps criticising BF. They’re distancing themselves from Folding & Dutchy because they’ve become a liability. That’s why we think the Lewis & Slattery seems credible.

      Let’s face it, they’re all backstabbers in the end. It’s no different from what Folding did to Nick Griffin when they were both senior figures in the BNP.

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