This will be interesting

BF High Court injunction 1Yesterday we reported on the High Court injunction (case ref: HQ15X02820) that, whilst allowing Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen to enter Luton tomorrow, forbids them to incite hatred by a number of means. Today we’ll see just how seriously the Biffers take UK law. We’ll also see how much rank and file Biffers care about the liberty of their leaders.

Of course, Folding and Dutchy claim victory because they’re allowed to go to Luton. That was always the weakest part of the petition against them and the only one that they ever focused upon – because it was the part they were most likely to win. Their misguided followers have been duped again into thinking that going to Luton was all the petition was about. That’s why they were celebrating yesterday.

We thought it might be useful to consider what the rest of the petition, the parts that did go through, might mean – not only for today’s demo but for Britain First’s whole, grubby operation. We can do this because, unlike most Biffers we not only can read, we actually do read. In this case we read the judgement itself. And it makes interesting reading.

The injunction bans either Paul Golding or Jayda Fransen (either by themselves or by instructing or encouraging or giving permission to any other person) from:

Entering any mosque or Islamic Cultural Centre or its private grounds within England or Wales without prior written invitation.

This bit is much bigger than just Luton. This part curtails a very large section of the Biffers online publicity strategy. They may not have invaded any Mosques recently but they’re often seen in the early hours (before any actual Muslims are around) standing by Mosques with their banners for photo opportunities. They have also encouraged biffers to go onto Mosque grounds to deposit parts of dead pigs etc. If this continues Folding and Dutchy will be liable to arrest and presumably imprisonment.

Publishing, distributing or displaying, or causing to be published, distributed or displayed any words or images, whether electronic or otherwise which having regard to all the circumstances are likely to stir up religious and/or racial hatred.

Hmmm. Facebook is the Biffers’ main place of business. They rely upon their racist and Islamophobic posts to prompt donations. Their ‘newspaper’ is muzzled too, as will be their regular Emails promoting racial and religious hatred to increase their profits.

The injunction on ‘publishing and distrubuting’ inciteful material is also going to hamper their street activists’ visits to town shopping centres to hand out leaflets. They’ll have to find something else to do with their Saturdays. It also prevents them handing out their anti-halal leaflets outside restaurants. So this effectively bans all their street activities with immediate effect.

Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing harassment, alarm or distress to any person.

Isn’t this the entire content of Dutchy and Folding’s rhetorical arsenal? Really – think about it. What will they have left to talk about when they stand before their ‘army’ of a hundred or so Biffers this afternoon?

Carrying or displaying in Luton on Saturday, 27 June, at or in connection with the march by ‘Britain First’ any banner or sign with the words ‘No More Mosques’, or similar words or words to like effect.

Read this carefully… “Carrying OR displaying”. They don’t need actually to touch the banner to be in breach of this order. Since it’s their organisation’s march and they organised it, they will be responsible if it is ‘displayed’. If anyone is there to photograph that banner, should it appear in Luton this afternoon we’d dearly love for you to send it to us.

Police were also given the power of arrest should either party breach any of the terms of the injunction.

Dutchy and Folding victorian values BF EBF

Now then – a little reminder for you…

“The injunction bans either Paul Golding or Jayda Fransen (either by themselves or by instructing or encouraging or giving permission to any other person) from:”

What will happen if the rank and file Biffers associated with the Britan First march are abusive, threatening or insulting in a way that causes harrassment, alarm or distress to any person because of incitement from Dutchy or Folding? We think that they’ll be arrested and charged under the terms of this interim injunction.

We’re not sure when they’ll be arrested. Understandably, the first duty of the police is to maintain order. Arresting the Fuhrer and his deputy in front of a rabble of baying Biffers may not be entirely sensible. But they know where they live.

Now here’s a question…

How likely is it that the Biffers, jubilant from what they think was a victory yesterday, will be well behaved this afternoon?

What are the chances that Dutchy and Folding will be spending Sunday behind bars awaiting another High Court hearing?

We genuinely don’t know how the police will choose to play this but we do know that they have just been given the means to respond effectively by cutting the head off this particular snake, should they decide to.

We also know that if Britain First continues to behave the way it has been doing until now both online and off – Dutchy and Folding will be going to prison.

That’s not quite the victory they’d hoped for, is it?

4 thoughts on “This will be interesting

    • I couldn’t help but chuckle when you typed that Paul and Jade state verifiable facts. Then really laughed when you said, I quote, ” I’d say the UK, and a large proportion of the west are very firmly under the sharia control of Saudi Arabia and the OIC. Further repression is simply a matter of time.”

      You’re right, of course. I partook in a stoning of some ladies daring to strut around the seaside in their bikinis and over the weekend, we managed to successfully prevent anybody from drinking lest they be beheaded. Now I hope you too convert, or die! GRRR.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Terry, you appear to be holding two opposing viewpoints in your head at the same time. That’s a neat trick! It’s known as cognitive dissonance, and most expertly practiced by Muslims and socialists, so well done.

    On the one hand, you apparently hold civilised values dear and have a clear understanding of what Islamic law, sharia, means, i.e. beheading for beer ‘n bikini’d bitches.

    On the other hand, you oppose and vilify those who campaign against sharia (i.e. Britain First and my good self).

    I’m thinking of taking a course in cognitive dissonance myself, since I reckon it’s probably cheaper than drugs in the long run. Can you recommend me a good course?


    • You could have just typed, “You aren’t with us biffers?! Well then, you are obviously an unwashed loony leftie who appeases muslims who condones the islamification of the uk and sharia law. And you’re a paedo.” – That’s a paraphrased comment from a typical biffer who thinks it’s a good rebuttal. I’m sure that’s some fallacy right there.

      I only have to read your blogs as well as this exposingbf site to remind myself as to why I wouldn’t stand with your “good” self as well as BF. As far as i’m concerned, BF (and by extension, yourself) and islamic extremists are different cheeks of the same hateful arse spewing vitriol shit. I only wish you would all go and have your holy wars, crusades and jihads somewhere far away from civilised societies instead of dragging us all down with you hateful lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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