Not so scary

So we’re back in the car, hubby’s at the wheel and we’re off to pick up the kids from his mother’s on the way back up to the W. Midlands. As far as we could tell our predictions were about right. We thought there’s be around 100 Biffers in Luton today (about 5% of the number Folding and Dutchy claimed) and would you believe it, 100 there were.

There’s no better way to demonstrate how ineffective and non-frightening this bunch is than to see them fail to get any real support in the very heart of England. They really are just a pack of Nazi dreamers.

I won’t be back home until later this evening (mother in law has promised to cook for us this evening) but I’ll update the blog about today’s events tomorrow. I’m especially looking forward to reporting on what Folding and Dutchy said as well as some of the rumours going around the counter demo about Biffer leadership and double-dealing. I’m not sure how true any of that was but it was certainly interesting.

One thought on “Not so scary

  1. I’ve been out of the loop these past few days. I read through your blogs that I have missed shortly, but I can assume that they won the court case then? Or has it moved to another date or something? In any case, glad to hear that is was a shit turn out. So much for all of their likes on facebook, which some biffers will have you believe is a good indicator of their so called popularity; means jack in reality, huh.


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