Testing the boundary

BF compassion EBFToday in the High Court the limits of British democracy will be tested. This isn’t going to be the most important court case this nation has ever seen but it is going to be meaningful.

The case involves two relatively insignificant respondents – Paul ‘Folding’ Golding and Jayda ‘Dutchy’ Fransen. These fascist Biffers are the leaders of a half-arsed political party called Britain First. And there’s the crux of the case.

Folding and Dutchy have spent the last few years inciting as much anti-Muslim hatred and violence as they can. They’ve invaded mosques, disrupted lawful meetings, intimidated political opponents and even published names and addresses of critics. In addition they’ve ripped off charities, misused the names of fallen heroes and threatened to bury pigs heads under proposed mosque sites. They aren’t exactly typical politicians.

As leaders of Britain First they have long hidden behind their status as politicians to try to claim some sort of ‘diplomatic immunity’ from prosecution. And to an extent it’s worked. Folding has picked up the occasional fine but nothing like the prison sentence he deserves. Dutchy seems to have got off scot free – except for her tattered reputation, of course.

Today the High Court will decide if these disgusting, Nazi troublemakers can keep on causing trouble or if they will be prevented from indulging in the worst of their former activities. But that’s not really what this case symbolizes.

The High Court today has to decide if representative democracy has boundaries or if registered politicians really are ‘above the law’ as ‘Folding’ Golding seems to think.

We’ll know the answer soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Testing the boundary

  1. Politician “a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office” and therein lies my point. The leaders of Britain First put not one candidate forward at the last election and yet they still insist they are a “political party”.

    How can they claim any kind of mandate for the things they do when they don’t test their support at the polls? Could it be that the last time they did (at the Strood by-election) they managed only 56 votes?

    Let us hope that the court looks at this organisation and agrees with the Beds Police’s case that Britain First marches have nothing to do with democracy.


  2. This however is not good because once these idiots are “martyred” by the legal system it will drive them and their half-baked moronic followers underground.

    Firstly , remove the right to protest (no matter how repulsive eg the Islamic death to cartoonist demonstrations or the IRA marches to celebrate the Easter rising) and we drive them into the next level of protest “violence and terror”

    Secondly, God help us if blasphemy laws are brought into the UK via a side door. To use the “so called holy month of Ramadan” in a British court is outrageous. We do not live in an Islamic republic thank God , and fundamentally most Muslims have left Islamic republics to come to the UK to build a better life and good for them for doing it so lets observe the laws of the UK – SECULAR laws and the law and religion should never be linked.

    Thirdly, WTF why didn’t the police simply make it a requirement of the injunction for the Biffers to PAY FOR EVERY DEMONSTRATION over 6 people, that would have fucked them big time and also any other repellant group plus alienate their sheep followers who would soon get fucked off having to pay for every half baked demonstration.

    Finally if they are banned then we all miss the fun with goldings nemesis who can execute more justice and humiliation to this coward and show him for the worm he is to many more people than the high court can,.


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