A strange definition of ‘victory’!

Britain First has been claiming victory in the High Court since mid afternoon. The Fash from BF told their Biffer followers that the injunction requested by Bedfordshire Police has been quashed. But that’s not entirely true.

See for yourselves…

BF High Court injunction 1

BF high court injunction 2

BF high court injunction 3

Essentially Folding Golding had better fold pretty damn quickly. Dutchy would do well to leg it back to Holland without delay too. This order effectively closes down Britain First’s Facebook page, the content of their speeches and even the behaviour of their Biffers.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving pair of Nazis!

11 thoughts on “A strange definition of ‘victory’!

  1. Hubby just got back from work. He stopped off at the outdoor on the way home and bought me a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate with. Now if only those pesky kids would go to sleep I’d open it 🙂


  2. Sorry guys, as well meaning as you guys are your way off the mark and there is nothing to celebrate, Id go as far as to say you’re as deluded as they are.

    This was a retrospective face saving exercise by the Chief Constable and Her legal team.

    (1) Exclusion from Mosques & Islamic centres. At the full hearing this may well be upheld that said what if either wished to convert to Islam on a whim therefore restricting their Human rights. This is at best 60/40 at the next hearing.

    (2) “No more Mosques” this will fall at either the full hearing or appeal. I’d go 90/10 in BFs favour on that. Here’s why, we have a secular system of law and this will be laughed out of Court at the full hearing because the Justice will not want to set a Blasphemy precedent.

    (3) The rest of it simply echos the relevant existing law on the subject of hate speech nothing more.
    In their history how many times have they been charged with breaking the law in relation to this ? never. This will also fall at fall hearing given the freedom of the press. This really is nothing to celebrate and im amazed you have not seen this for what it is “padding.”

    (4) Costs, have been reserved. The Judge at the full hearing will award costs, to Britain First.

    As for the arrest conditions, without exception they could be arrested anyway for 1-3 on public order charges if police felt an offence had taken place.

    Being transparent, I’m not a criminal lawyer, I am however a Partner in a medium sized civil firm specialising in intellectual property so whilst this isn’t my speciality I know enough about the workings of the High Court and injunctions and if this was favourable to the powers of Light then they would have also applied for a Mareva injunctions today in essence freezing Golding, Fransen and BFs assets which they did not.


    • I’m no lawyer so I can’t really argue with you Lucy but I’ll be very interested to see what happens the next time they try to intimidate Muslims or stir up community unrest.


    • Hi Lucy,

      Sorry for not saying this yesterday. I’m not very knowledgable on human rights laws so I had to look it up. The religious right seems to be what the human rights convention calls ‘qualified’ so that seems to mean it is OK to ban Golding from Mosques without invitation because his intent is probably unsavoury. There is still a way he can go there – by invitation. I think from what I read last night that’d be OK.

      The no more mosques slogan is also probably against the same human right for others. It’s OK to have his views but he’s actively inciting religious hatred so again I think the human rights convention will go against Golding, not in his favour.

      Your comment about existing law is puzzling for me. Is it possible that breaching a High Court injunction will carry higher criminal penalties than if he was prosecuted under existing law alone?

      As I said, I’m no expert in any of this so I’ll be happy to be corrected. I’m just an ordinary woman who hates fascism doing the best I can to help protect my society.


      • morning 🙂

        I hope your enjoying the sun which should in itself keep the oafs subdued given their excess weight they haul around 🙂 sorry shouldn’t say that.

        In relation to the interim injunction

        (1) Not entering Mosques, as I said 60/40 to the chief constable BUT could be overturned or more likely will be traded to stay in at the full hearing, how that works is we will accept this condition but not that, however we will want protection from 3rd parties invading mosques claiming BF patronage.

        (2) No more Mosques banners. Will fall absolutely at the full hearing and rightly so. That would almost be a blasphemy law and we are a secular nation. No Justice will uphold that because of the ramifications it has and because its wrong. If they want to write no more Mosques, temples, churches etc that is their right

        (3) In relation to the powers of arrest again smoke and mirrors here. they could be arrested for offences under the relevant legislation anyway and this will be argued at the full hearing and removed.

        Ditto re hating fascism, Islamic extremism, lgbt hate, racism etc all life is precious and equal in Gods eyes I think 🙂

        Have a wonderful day


          • stiffer in fiscal terms eg their assets could be frozen and seized, night in the cells before hand and yes perhaps a bit of porridge 🙂 That said, then we move towards criminal law and then full legal aid can be granted. Issue being this could be a bloody nightmare setting legal precedents and become so costly with no real chance of victory for the CC of Bedfordshire and the biffers actually being made to look like they are being oppressed.

            I can ask some friends who understand this are on Monday and revert with actual hard facts

            re facebook that is always subjected to the laws of the land anyway isnt it and thus far fb refuse to remove because they (BF) are sly and cunning enough to stay in the grey area of 3rd party stories and thus far they have not changed their FB strategy one bit

            They are still smug for a reason. Alas the devil looks after his own does he not

            I hope however the veterans group today execute some justice and humiliate them in style 🙂


        • Actually, the European Court of Human Rights has previously held that Islamophobic hate speech does not attract the right to freedom of expression as it is designed to destroy others’ human rights (freedom of religion). See ‘Norwood v United Kingdom’.

          Therefore “No More Mosques” is a perfectly proper prohibition.


          • Gabriel.

            incorrect. The case related to a poster supplied by the BNP which displayed the following;

            “islam out of Britain – Protect the British People”

            The presiding justices believed this appeal was inadmissible to the ECHR for a number of technical reasons pertaining to the abuse of freedom of speech by implying all Muslims were terrorists and that the conviction in the UK courts was sound legally.

            To protest “no more Mosques” is in the UK legal as is to protest no more runways or no fracking.

            We do not have a blasphemy law in the UK, thank God and one can demonstrate quite rightly against Mosques, Chapels, Temples etc.

            You will note mass anti-Mosque campaigns from the Netherlands to the UK all legal. You will also not the French Governments hardened stance on Islamic dress.

            You will also note Gert Wilders TV programme on Sunday with live a draw the islamic prophet Mohammed show.

            The EU is actually becoming more institutionally anti-Islam and this is worrying and idiotic comments such as yours fuels the biffers rhetoric



  3. EBF Blogger, they have shown the can extract from their lemmings 6k in a few days for a legal “skirmish” now they will use this to drum up media support and further funding from their cult and this will now grow into something much worse especially given the news today.

    One might even start to believe that someone, somewhere actually wants them to expand, or am I perhaps being conspiratorial now ?

    Do however keep up this amazing work, these people are truly repellent and vile.

    Good night and thank you again.


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