Labour Power is Suppressed

“Because the organizing power of labour is the only real threat to a fascist government, labour unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed.”

EBF BF UAF TUC unionsThe tenth characteristic of fascism is the suppression of the organizing power of the workforce. In the UK, as in other European states, this power to organise is mediated through the trade union movement. Arguably there is no other realistic method in a Western democracy for workers to come together in support of their rights.

It’s no secret that Britain First’s Biffers hate ‘lefties’. What’s less well known is their definition of lefties. Of course it includes anyone who disagrees with them or with UKIP. It also includes anyone who isn’t heterosexual and all those who think it’s OK to be a multicultural society. Those groups of ‘lefties’ are a given in Bifferland.

Another way that Biffers identify lefties is by trade union membership. Their view is that all trade unionists are dangerous lefties. They often pretend that the Trade Union Congress is run by the anti fascism pressure group, Unite Against Fascism so that they can justify their hatred of trade unionists to their members.

It’s not difficult to imagine what fate Folding Golding would have in store for trade unionists should he ever get any power. We only have to look at the shameful history of Germany’s third Reich. Or, a little closer to home, see how the Biffers treat trade unions even before they have any authority.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt

13 thoughts on “Labour Power is Suppressed

  1. A far cry from a party being supporters of the “working class”! I’m sure they’d be happy if everybody just slaved away their lives in misery; no rest for the wickeds and certainly no holidays abroad I speculate BF being in power in some dystopian future where any would-be-anarchists are chained up, refused good meals and breaks. What a scary thought.

    I’d imagine BF to be much like the Norsefire party from the comic V for Vendetta as they too hated anything “left-wing”; Paul is much alike Adam Susan, although Paul would toss himself off to the bible instead of a machine. What a scary thought indeed.


  2. ebfblogger, blow Labour Power being suppressed,Woolmer opinion is also being suppressed. It would seem that as far as free speech and non-conforming opinion is concerned EBF and BF are converging!!?


  3. ebfblogger,surely you just cannot find ANYTHING to object to in ANY of my posts on the Burqa blog??!

    Could you give me an example of a comment you withheld?


    • I already answered this question, David. I can’t quote from deleted posts and I don’t commit your comments to memory (no matter how important you may think they are). If you want to comment on the Burka thread in a mature and civil manner please do so. If you wish to have all your comments deleted unread continus wasting my time with the same question just as you have been doing all day.


  4. I do take on board what you say ebfblogger but please understand that when I take exceptional care to avoid all abuse and unreasonable comments I do find it very puzzling when NO comments of mine on the Burqa blog appear.


    • I have removed nothing that wasn’t abusive. ONE MORE comment on this theme from you, David and I guarantee I will simply delete ALL your future comments UNREAD. You have wasted far too much of my time already today.


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