Corporate Power is Protected

 “The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.”

Since they have no authority in UK it’s hard to be sure about the Biffers intentions here. But there’s a lot we can learn from the way they act already.

BF Help for Heroes H4H letter to EBFCertainly they’re very profit orientated. Their entire operation seems linked to the making of money. From begging letters to sales of memorabilia and branded merchandise their relationship with profit is obvious and very, very sordid. They even rip off charities in the name of Biffer profit.

Politically the Biffers threw their weight behind UKIP in the run up to the last parliamentary elections. UKIP’s proposals have been examined in great detail elsewhere and that’s not really what were about here except to make the obvious point that many have argued that UKIP’s policies were intended to support the business elite at the expense of those who worked for them.

It’s no secret that Britain First’s opposition to human rights and the industrial trade union movement would benefit the ‘business aristocracy’ more than any others. There’s also good evidence that Britain First’s own leadership has been courting right wing financiers from Russia and elsewhere.

They have no power in UK but if they ever did gain any it’s unlikely that ordinary working people would benefit from a Biffer government.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt

2 thoughts on “Corporate Power is Protected

  1. ebfblogger,with great respect here we go again.Why not just Russian financiers instead of right-wing Russian financiers. You have often accused me of stressing right wing and left wing but you do so regularly.
    Where money is concerned the concept of “wings” does not feature.

    The nearest that Britain has ever got to a “biffer” government was one threatened by Oswald Mosley and his Brownshirts in 1941-1942 and that concept truly died a death and that was far,far bigger, better organised and funded than BF by a country mile.


    • I stress right wing because that’s the biffer affiliation. It’s absolutely valid in this context.

      Yes – you’re right about Mosley – we have made that comparison many times ourselves.


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