Religion and Government are Intertwined

“Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government’s policies or actions.”

Britt’s eighth characteristic of fascist regimes could have been tailor made for Britain First. From the very beginning the Britain First ‘Christian patrols’ and bible-touting ‘Mosque invasions’ put a very definite Christian stamp on the Biffers.

Co-founder, Jim Dowson even went on record talking about a Christian crusade in his interview for Channel 4 news.

It’s true that they’re not the most sincere Christians we’ve ever seen. The Christian ‘love thy neighbour’ idea seems to have passed them by altogether. Theirs is the vengeful God of the Old Testament with very little of the New Testament’s peace allowed to dampen their message of hate.

Fascist BF 8

What is very obvious from their anti-Islamic, fundamentalist Christian agenda is the way they want to see Old Testament law in UK. It’s their own version of the Sharia law they claim to hate so much. The sadistic, creative ‘punishments’ advocated by biffers on social media and their many comments about the genocide of non-Christians shows  just how much they want to tie government and religion together in their ideal world.

So much for the idea of separating church and state!

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt.


44 thoughts on “Religion and Government are Intertwined

  1. EBFBlogger, as I had never heard of “Dr” Laurence Britt I did a google search and came across this article on the Right Stuff Site.

    AS I am now almost scared to comment I will leave it to you and the team to investigate.


  2. EBFBLOGGER, I looked up Laurence Britt on the internet and the Right Stuff article came up first. Just because Right Stuff is right-wing that does not make its very thorough and studious examination of “DR” Laurence’s work invalid. The man is not an academic just a businessman with a somewhat curious idea of what fascism is IMO.

    I do hope that my comment will not mean I am banned? I merely thought that there might be a better source for your blogs?


    • An apparently unqualified blogger using the name ‘Fascist heart’ starts by trying to discredit Britt for acknowledging that he was misrepresented by others over having a doctorate. Fascist heart then goes on to take each characteristic individually, completely missing the point that the combination of the 14 points is the significant factor.

      As hatchet jobs go this one seems very like the superficial propoganda of the Gatestone Institute, perhaps a little more obvious but just as heavily biased.


      • ebfblogger,surely if a number of Laurence Britt’s points are not valid as well argued in the Right Stuff critique then the combination of the 14 points is very likely to be flawed also? Personally, even without knowing who the Right Stuff writer is I found his critique very knowledgeable and convincing. But,of course I probably do not know as much about fascism as you do.However,Umberto Eco from whom Britt “borrowed” so much certainly was an authority.

        Anyway, as we are most unlikely to agree on this I definitely will leave it alone. Just one thing.You obviously have avoided giving me even one left-wing think-tank or organisation which could possibly rival Gatestone with its distinguished authors and Senior Fellows including five muslims.Your view of bias and mine are very different and Gatestone’s work is never superficial just well researched and devoid of propoganda.


        • I have given you my thoughts on the article already David.
          I will ignore your sarcasm.
          I have not recommended a think tank because I’m wary of think tanks – they tend to be set up to push an ideological perspective and therefore likely to be selective in their hendling of information.
          Gatestone is a typical propogandist think tank in my view.


  3. ebfblogger, as Gatestone is unashamedly right-wing as I am you would always criticise it just for being so despite the FACT that internationally it is highly praised and boasts a large number of top-notch contributors and distinguished Senior Fellows. It is your OPINION that it is heavily biased NOT a FACT! I would challenge you to produce a left-wing organisation which is worth reading about which is a patch on Gatestone.


    • Inconsitency detected: didn’t you say only a couple of days ago that Gatestone is “fair and balanced” and neither right or left wing?

      Also, I just wanted to note that for someone that doesn’t align themselves with BF you sure do have some of their mannerisms – FACT! (being one of them)


      • Touche,Terry,I would agree that Gatestone is right wing but being so in their case does not result in any loss of its excellent reputation, its collection of celebrated columnists and its distinguished Senior Fellows. May I respectfully suggest that you read,mark and learn from their excellent articles for which I have given references on EBF?


  4. ebfblogger,as a matter of some interest to me am I the only poster on EBF that is a right winger?? Having a few more would,surely,bring more balance to the replies to your blogs?


    • No idea, David. You’re the only one commenter seems to think left or right is an issue though. The rest of us are concerned with combating discrimination and Islamophobia regardless of other political affiliations.

      Just as there are religious bigots on both left and right there are also those who oppose them.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. ebfblogger,the article I mentioned at 10.56 am was not the Right Stuff one.

    Excuse me for asking but why are all the posts an hour out??


    • I have a life David. If it takes an hour or so for me to review your posts that’s just how it is. Had you not been so abusive so regularly we’d both be spared the considerable hassle of moderating your posts.


      • ebfblogger,I believe you misunderstood me? I always notice that when a comment is posted at,say,3pm it is actually 4pm.


  6. ebfblogger, I posted a comment earlier which seems to have disappeared. It was that Laurence Britt very obviously “borrowed” a lot of his work from the celebrated author and authority on fascism,Umberto Eco.

    I digress. What I really wanted to do was to very humbly admit to you that apart from their critique on Britt’s work,Right Stuff is a particularly unpleasant,virulently right-wing,hate-filled group of fascists which is very clear when you examine them further as I did this afternoon.There was a video where one of the “participants” started talking about “niggers” at which point I tried to find a method of commenting-without luck.No wonder RS knows so much about fascism. They came across to me as leaders of the KKK in the 1920s. or Heinrich Himmler’s SS! I am a very angry man that I cant find their office-if they have one and do a Paul Golding -in a good cause for once- and walk in to vent my feelings!


  7. So what I thought I’d do is see if I could find some article about fascism that would meet Mr Woolmer’s standards. After all Lawrence Britt and Umberto Eco might not be sufficient. I think the encyclopedia Britannica might suffice.
    Firstly, it is very difficult to come up with a universally accepted definition of fascism because the movements that describe themselves are fascist are so disparate. It is possible, however, to identify common characteristics. Britannica has 23.
    I looked at each in turn. For almost all of them there is evidence that Britain first displays those characteristics.
    1. Opposition to Marxism. Britain first use Marxist as a default term of abuse.
    2. Opposition to parliamentary democracy. On the surface this doesn’t seem to fit but look at the detail. Britain first regularly refer to mps as traitors to the nation and they laud Putin as a hero. I’d say they were opposed.
    3. Opposed to political and cultural liberalism. Another bete noir of Britain first. They feel it undermines traditional moralist. In fact, liberal is another of their insults.
    I could go on.
    I feel that ebf blogger is right to contend that Britain first is fascist, racist and using Islam as a classic scapegoat (number 19). I also think the source has credibility.
    I don’t get your Umberto sentence. There’s no follow-up.


  8. Fair enough ebfblogger, well, if indeed he is an old man. Which if that’s the case, he probably should have know better. But as you said, I guess he is from a by-gone era where such attitudes and opinions were the norm and accepted. Goes to show just how the zeitgeist has changed quite drastically over the past several decades!

    Thanks for showing us the posts that didn’t make it. At least I now understand why you will no longer have him here.


    • Of course he could be much younger for all we know. He might even be a she. I doubt that though – a fair few of his comments toward me were very sexist.

      It’s hard when all you have to go on is the written word. Either way the post is gone as have his comments.


      • Yeah so I witnessed! I was quite surprised that, after berating me for swearing as well as seemingly a devout christian, that he would have the audacity to call you a bitch. Hence why now I have my doubts to anything he said about himself was true.

        Indeed. Good riddance I suppose.


        • Agreed, it does explain his very aggressive denial of Bifferness when he was called out on it some time a go by now though. Anyway I’m glad we can move on from all that and hopefully we’ll see a bit of much needed and deserved insurgence in commenters on the page as I enjoy the variety of views. 🙂


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