Obsession with National Security

“Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses.”

Britain first makes good use of this seventh characteristic tactic of fascism. Folding and Dutchy are well aware that most people have no problem with their Muslim neighbours. But that sort of harmonious integration, typical though it is has nothing to offer a fascist organisation determined to create the illusion of Holy War. If they are to stand any chance of stirring up UK citizens to support their hatred of Muslims and others they need to make them frightened of their neighbours.

But how to paint a convincing picture of national threat when everyday experience shows that it just doesn’t exist. The answer is simple – lie.

Britain First publishes lies on social media every day. They attribute hostile quotes to innocent Muslims. They doctor photographs to make Muslims seem to do things they didn’t. They make up stories about Muslim activities and they publish outrageous fantasies about hate preachers.

BF EBF fascist security

Biffers are obsessed with UK law which is odd given how regularly they break it. They insist that UK Muslims are all engaged in a secret conspiracy to overthrow our legal system in favour of Sharia law. Their evidence for this is a single incident in which a group of fanatics tried to impose Sharia law several years ago. They were imprisoned for their crimes against UK citizens and the liberties we all enjoy.

There is no Muslim conspiracy. There was an isolated incident involving a handful of young men that was quickly dealt with years ago.

In addition they cherry pick verses from the Quran about killing unbelievers as though they are relevant today. What they don’t do is acknowledge that the same sort of hostility towards others can be found on other religious texts (including the Bible). In Bifferland hostile words from 1400 years ago are still relevant, despite the evidence that most modern Muslims have no wish to hurt anybody.

Britain First’s determination to create fear among UK citizens is both obvious and hopeless. Our nation is far too diverse and tolerant for that to work.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt

21 thoughts on “Obsession with National Security

  1. ebfblogger, I am rapidly becoming extremely concerned that you have some sort of hidden agenda in constantly pushing your idea of an almost universal acceptance of muslims in the UK by most people in this country.I am NOT coming from a far-right position just a sensible and factual one. The threat from ISIS is,IN FACT far,far more dangerous than anything presented by BF however vile that group is.

    If more non orthodox muslims,imams, mosques and such bodies such as the Muslim Council of Britain would do much more to prevent radicalisation of young,impressionable young muslims that would be a good step. If the police would do what they are supposed to do and arrest MANY more Islamist like Choudary and protesters like those carrying banners reading British Police Go to Hell,British Soldiers Go to Hell and Kill All Jews that would make a big difference. Ceasing giving air and TV time to extremists spouting division and hate would help.Prohibiting the already 85 Shari’a courts in the UK would help. Ferreting out would-be terrorists who very certainly believe implicitly in the exhortations in the Qur’an to kill and maim non-Muslims would help. Encouraging more muslim communities to integrate fully by respecting our Judeo-Christian culture and English Law would help

    Finally, there definitely IS a “conspiracy” of sorts among heavily Islamised muslims to educate generally young muslims in the more ORTHODOX communities-Pakistani, Bangladeshi,Kashmiri, Somali. and from Afghanistan to resist any integration and further Islamize their communities. I do not wish to rubbish your blog but I find it naive and misguided . It is very true that most muslims do not want to hurt anybody but ISIS inspired muslims are not traveling to Syria and Iraq to trumpet the values that we hold dear.


  2. With ever growing fury and a sense of impotence that I was not on Sky News this evening to educate her I watched a young, white British muslim woman trotting out the hackneyed old chestnut that all the problems in the middle east are the fault of the UK and “western powers” and,unbelievably, Israel the most got at country in the civilised world, By giving such muslims prime TV time is it any wonder that very many Brits dislike Islam and even those associated with it?

    Perhaps ridding Iraq of Saddam Hussein with 4000 deaths of American soldiers and 370 British ones was a mistake but the Iraqis seemed happy with it at the time. The big problem was as usual that the UK and the USA had no idea of a system of government that was not a democracy and never worked out a sensible,fair and workable exit strategy and a method of government which might have been sustainable. Saddam certainly protected Christians much better than any muslim dictator other than Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.


    • David, the thing is that the West holds an awful lot of blame for the issues in the Middle East. Sure the Middle East had its issues and stuff just as the rest of the East has and the West for that matter. The problem is that the West with its superiority complex went in to intervene and instead of improving the situation has gone and conflated it, making it worse and made themselves appear to those in the East as the enemy. Frankly I do not blame them either – the moves by the UK and USA in particular in the past 15 years or so with Afghanistan and Iraq were motivated by pure greed and desire to control the oil wells. That is not to say that France, Germany and other Western countries aren’t also responsible and to blame but it does appear that whenever there is any trouble in the East it is the USA and the UK who are keen to jump in. Of course it would be wrong to attribute all the blame to the West but to say that the West is blameless in all of this is equally naive at best or at worst is an attempt to hide a far more terrifying agenda that Hitler, Mussolini, Mosley and other such figures Britain First idolise would have been proud of.

      There is no doubt that what is going on in the Middle East in particular but the East in general is horrific and I doubt you’ll hear a single denial of that fact on this blog. What I would argue is that the West’s intervention in the East is ultimately keeping the East oppressed and it is benefiting from it in that it is able to use the situation in the East to distract the majority of the West from the inequality in the West pointing out how things are so much better here than in the East. Whilst that is true to a very large degree it doesn’t negate that there is an awful lot of inequality in the West which is a direct result of capitalism and the deregulation of the banks. I will agree with you however that when the UK and USA did take down the tyrants that were causing oppression in the East that they did not do what was required to help these countries form fair democracies where everyone of age was/is allowed a say in the running of the country which has no doubt furthered the cause of groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

      On one of the other posts on here you said to me that as I grew older I would find myself to the right of the centre. Apart from hearing that titbit before I have to say that I seriously hope I do not, for to move to there would be to abandon everything I believe about what a truly fair and equal society is and to give in to a selfishness that I am ashamed to display more often than I would like and I hope I can overcome that. The right and the concept of capitalism in particular represents everything wrong I see in the world and in fact capitalism aids in fuelling the rampant obsession with national security that fascist governments rely on. Capitalism and Communism both rely on inequality to survive – one benefits one group of people and the other benefits the other group and neither represent the world I want to live in and for my children to inherit if and when I do have children. I have no doubt that my views will most likely become more authoritarian as I grow older and I guess I can just about live with that however I firmly believe and hope that I will not move much to the right and that I will always champion pure socialism as a viable alternative to capitalism. I would define pure socialism as the concept of everyone working within their own means to survive with society supporting each other whenever someone is in need – yes that is idealistic and unfortunately improbable with human greed but a man can hope can he not?

      Really my point to my last paragraph was to address that comment and to highlight my view that right wing views in particular but some extreme left wing views as well encourage an obsession with national security as this obsession requires a well equipped military which results in a very profitable outcome for arms dealers which of course leads to these businesses not wanting peace because they can’t profit from it. I hope I have got across the logic I am trying to put forward here, I know what I’m talking about in my head but I’m not sure how well I have managed to put that across here. Anyway I have digressed enough so shall leave it there.


      • grizzlyvamp why is it that I have to correct your posts SO often.I did not say that the west is blameless so please desist from disingenuous statements.

        Of course, the fact that BF is so ignorant of the very word ISLAM that they could attack is very much to be welcomed. Al-Silm is the ROOT WORD for Islam not al-salaam(meaning welcome in peace),and it means Submission or Surrender as agreed by all true muslim scholars and totally avoided by muslim apologists and other scholars who hope very much that most non-muslims and non-orthodox muslims will just accept the wrong version.


      • grizzlyvamp, I believe that you will find that there is no oil in Afghanistan and that our troops were killed in considerable numbers so that the Taliban were prevented from attacking the population and imposing the strictest possible version of shari’a law including public beheadings and forbidding education.


        • Perhaps but your telling me our troops sole mission was to rid the place of its evil? It was clear that Iraq was about oil and though there might not be oil in Afghanistan the point still stands as I cannot believe for one second there isn’t something equally of value there. All terrible things – why don’t you go telling that to the East including Afghanistan? Why not explain to the Afghans why they, their sisters, mothers, daughters, brothers, sons and fathers all of whom were innocent had to die not just at the hand of what was undoubtedly a terrible regime but at the hand of our troops as well – the very people whom our troops were supposed to be protecting? I’m sure they will be comforted to know about the loss of our troops and I’m very sure they will really appreciate your superior insight in this matter! Yes I’m being facetious here.


          • Please try not to be naive,grizzlyvamp.It is always the case that however justified military action there may be that civilians will inevitably be caught up in that action.Like Hamas in Gaza the Taliban regularly used Afghan villagers as a shield from from American and British fire.

            Ebfblogger has warned me not to behave as you do in being rude and facetious so I will just have to bear your unpleasant comments. The biggest problem to be faced in Afghanistan is that it is the biggest poppy growing country in the world and universal poverty is mainly alleviated from the opium that they produce. God only knows what on earth the country will become without the Allies presence.


            • You know what David I give up! I am sick of this circular attack on me! Quite frankly I don’t need this right now. I have attempted to be polite and civil to you through out and may have gotten a bit sarcastic and annoyed with you but only because I have got frustrated trying to get through that your point of view is not the absolute best view that you present it to be. I am sorry if I have come off as being rude or unpleasant however I have never once intended to be so. Yes I was facetious in my last post however I did not know how else to express my views on the post I was responding to and I would thank you to not constantly point to all my flaws which I am perfectly aware of. To the point in hand of course Hamas have done terrible terrible things to the villagers to protect themselves – do you think that makes a shred of difference to the victims? Don’t you seriously think after 15+ years of on and off violence that things should have improved by now if we were really helping? That many innocent lives were saved because of US/UK intervention? You don’t think that the US/UK have a hidden agenda beyond fighting Hamas or whoever else? I’m done.


              • grizzlyvamp,I am definitely NOT attacking you and I am not aware of your flaws. Considering the very considerable difference in our ages,54 years, there are many ideas of yours which I believe are splendid in theory but not in practice. Actually, the fact that neither the UK or the USA have ever intervened in the age-old struggle between Hamas and Israel beyond clucking away as to what a dreadful problem it is is to their/our shame.

                As I have stated before, the insuperable problem of the middle east is that there are no true democracies apart from Israel and the USA,the UK and the western powers do not understand that democracy as a concept has never been practised and,in fact,is a form of government specifically prohibited in Islam where Shari’a is the order of the day. So, whenever we go into a Islamic country to “help” we create more problems than we solve. I don’t believe that we have a hidden agenda I am certain that we do not have an agenda at all. The FCO operation in countries like Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,Somalia, Sudan has been utterly ineffective and bumbling at best.


                • There are many Muslim countries where democracy is practiced, David. There are many Muslims (including legal scholares who do not like or practice Sharia. I’d have expected a student of Islam to know that.


                  • I must disagree with you ebfblogger.If you are thinking about Malaysia,Indonesia,Turkey,Pakistan?!etc,they all have a large element of Sharia law so clearly cannot be considered true democracies as say,Britain,France and Germany. Those countries I have named-and others have tended to become more Islamic,particularly Turkey. Do please tell me which,in your opinion,are muslim democracies.

                    I have never at any time stated that no Muslims,including muslim scholars do not like or practice Shari’a and I would challenge you to find ONE instance in all my posts that I have. Please do check before you make wrong and unfair comments about me!!


                    • I’ll be more than happy to but I’m a bit pushed forctime right now. My eldest girl is off school unwell so I’m preoccupied at the moment.


                  • ebfblogger, firstly on this subject I would point you to Wikipedia.
                    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/islamic _democracy Indonesia is regularly touted as a true democracy but regular attacks on minorities with churches wrecked and worshipers killed without any action taken by the authorities hardly supports that claim. In its constitution there is a glaring oxymoron in that one of its articles states that “The principles of democracy,freedom,equality,tolerance and social justice AS ENUNCIATED BY ISLAM shall be fully observed. Frankly as the very word ISLAM whose Root is al-Silm meaning Surrender or Submission the concept of democracy in Islamic countries is false as NONE of the above principles are observed in the Qur’an the absolute authority for all Islamic states and individuals.

                    Finally,I have before on EBF commented on the glaring discrepancies between the articles of the 1948 UN Declaration on Human Rights and Islam,especially when the CDHRI (Cairo DHRI)of 1990 decided that many elements of Shari’a Law should be introduced.I now list a number of FACTS to back up all I have stated above: 1.As I have commented before,women are inferior under Islamic Law. 2. Non-muslims living in Muslim countries have inferior status under Islamic Law. 3. Slavery is recognised in the Qur’an.4. Freedom of thought,conscience and religion including freedom to change one’s religion is totally absent.


      • If it’s true that he could pass away anytime soon (although the same could be said for all of us for that matter), then what a waste to live out his final days being bitter, resentful and abusive towards others. I hope his god will forgive his loving and peaceful christian actions.


  3. ebfblogger, are ALL my posts on this blog to be deleted. Just muzzling me all the time is hardly reasonable,just or fair,surely, and disbars me from giving any response to many unfair and biased posts.


    • Not all deleted. But I reserve the right to moderate until and unless I can feel confident that you will not return to your recent, extremely abusive ways. This blog is not a playground for you to try and bully other users. To maintain a reasonable atmosphere I have done you the considerable courtesy of moderating your posts. This involves a lot of work but it seems more reasonable than the alternative which is simply to delete everything you post without trying to weed out the reasonable comments from the abusive ones.


  4. ebfblogger,of course I am in full agreement that you have every right to moderate and/or delete my posts but surely, I am allowed to request from you that you will examine the regular offensive comments coming my way and moderate theirs.

    Naturally, I regret the fact that I have put you to a lot of trouble particularly as I know that you have to work so hard thinking up and creating new blogs and having to moderate mine. I do promise you that I will do my very best to ensure that I do not overstep the mark in future.


  5. ebfblogger I notice that on this particular blog that there are an especially large number of my posts still to be moderated or deleted.Is there,please,any particular reason for this?


    • They have been moderated – that isn’t an automatic process leading to publication. Some of them were not published as a result of that moderation. Abuse and accusations against other commenters are the main reasons. Repetitive and irrelevant diatribe are the next most common reasons. I have explained this several times already.


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