The ‘Muslims don’t oppose ISIS’ myth

Biffers and other right wing Nazi groups love this myth. They think it gives their hatred some legitimacy, not that it ever really could. Unfortunately for the Nazi propagandists however, it’s not true at all.

The reality is that Muslims despise ISIS in the same way that Christians despise Britain First and the Westboro Baptist Church. Reasonable people always despise the hate-fuelled extremists who claim to speak for them. The same is true of the mainstream Christian response to Britain First.

In truth, ISIS kills many more Muslims than anyone else. They do this because they meet opposition from ordinary Muslims wherever they go. So they use fear and intimidation to control an unwilling population (that they only took control of by force in the first place).

Not in my nameISIS has been denounced and opposed by Muslim Imams, groups and individuals across the world. But of course Britain First’s biased Biffers won’t tell you that.

Where do you get your information from?

Are you satisfied with the right wing press spoon-feeding you?

Are you happy with Britain First’s (Nazi) propaganda?

Have you ever thought of taking responsibility for your own thinking?

A good trick is to google the opposite of your beliefs to see if you’re right. Try searching the net for ‘Muslims against ISIS’ or ‘Muslims oppose ISIS’.

Here are a few examples to get you started…

The Muslims against ISIS Facebook page

The worldwide Muslim ‘Not in my name’ campaign

The satirical, Muslim ‘draw Mohammed’ competition and other anti ISIS cartoons drawn by Muslims

British Muslim leaders issue a fatwa against ISIS

German Muslims protest against ISIS

Sheik Abdullah bin Bayyah’s fatwa against ISIS

We could go on and on posting links about Muslims protesting against ISIS but we think that we’ve made the point with these few. Feel free to contribute your own in the comments though.

19 thoughts on “The ‘Muslims don’t oppose ISIS’ myth

  1. ebfblogger,irony,comedy and even sarcasm and ridicule are potent enemies of ISIS and all other terrorist groups-and,of course,BF.

    Twenty nine year old Muslim comedian Humza Arshad’s huge popularity among Muslim teenagers has not gone unnoticed by New Scotland Yard.Arshad is much involved in its campaign to counter violent Islamist extremism in London’s high school population.He has positioned himself as the anti-Jihad John(Mohammed Emwazi) his comedy based on laughing at extremism,don’t fall prey to it.

    In the USA many other well-known muslim comedians are doing the same thing.Led by Dean Obedallah,Negin Farsad,and Arsaf Mandvi they are touring the USA doing exactly what Arshad is doing and playing to very large audiences.

    I would fervently hope that other well-known British muslim comedians like Shazia Mirza and Imran Yusuf would be recruited by the police or even our Government to add their talents to such a most worthy cause!

    I should,however, mention that ISIS is so powerful and has tentacles that reach countries far and wide that young men like Arshad and those above are very brave doing the work they do and they might well be on a hit list of comedians and cartoonists just as were those of Charlie Hebdo.


  2. ebfblogger,I quite forgot to mention that ISIS does not believe in humour as they consider it unislamic.

    The only time they appear to joke and to enjoy themselves is when they are videod chopping heads off.


    • I assume you know that having a go at ISIS won’t upset anyone here, David. Nobody at EBF supports violent extremists of any stripe. We dislike ISIS for the exact same reasons we dislike the Biffers.

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  3. ebfblogger, I thoroughly dislike BF but I reserve my hatred for ISIS.

    I honestly believe that the way things are going in the middle east it could possibly lead to something like WW3


  4. David be under absolutely clear and under no illusion on this – the only reason Britain First don’t go matching the horrors of ISIS is because they are unarmed and unwilling to risk being arrested. How can I say that? Well easy – just look at the propaganda and vitriol that Britain First and its supporters regularly post on Facebook and elsewhere. Well that and most of those supporters aren’t even from Britain. Having said that be under no illusion that if, God forbid, Britain First did gain arms and the sort of support ISIS started to see when it first started Britain First would no doubt commit some of the atrocities it regularly screams should be committed on Muslims. Basically circumstance is all that separate Britain First and ISIS.

    Yes we are in danger of heading towards WW3 however that cannot be attributed to the Middle East or ISIS alone. Just look what the West has done in the East in the past and carries on doing today, look at Ukraine, look at Israel, look at the amount of advocation for violence that is becoming worryingly popular. All of these factors and others I am sure I have missed could easily spark the final straw leading to WW3. At the end of the day we have to stand for peace otherwise war will inevitably break out. The longer we have this dangerous “us vs them” mentality the more the question becomes when not if. Humanity needs to wake up and unite before we destroy our planet and each other. That is ultimately what it boils down to.


    • grizzlyvamp, most of the time when reading your posts I feel that you-and very many others on EBF-are dangerously ignorant of the sheer power and influence of ISIS.

      SO,I urge you and others to google The CLARION PROJECT and read the Free ISIS Special Report,to my mind a brilliant explanation of every facet of this incredibly powerful and wealthy terrorist army ready to take over the entire Middle East. ISIS IMO has become a very pertinent subject now.


      • A very balanced source from what I saw David. I’ll admit not going too deep but I saw enough. I suggest you take a look at this particular article concerning Sharia and what Muslims are saying:

        It is such a pity you are anything but as balanced as the Clarion Project David. Instead you instantly draw us to the ISIS section and about ISIS yet in spite of everything ISIS is not what the Clarion Project is against. Certainly they have chosen to give focus to it as quite rightly they see it as a credible threat to its own goals and no one here is denying this. However the site also has much about other Islamic extremism from groups other than ISIS. Your obvious agenda is once again being exposed and this time it is your own source that is doing so. I’m sorry David but boo hoo! Yes ISIS are awful and have gained a worrying amount of power so have Boko Haram. So have many unpleasant regimes both Islamic and otherwise. The matter of fact is if we stopped every moment these things happened guess what? They win! Yes, they get exactly what they want – fear, war and chaos. We all have lives David that need living – yes these terrible things happen but what is the use of living in a free society if we are constantly living in the fear of not being free anymore? It is terrible what is going on in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc and I wish there was more I could do to help (and there probably is even without joining the army) but at the end of the day the world is the way it is and it is not going to change – no matter how much I may want it to. We can do all we can but unless the world starts to share in a vision of peace we are never going to stop having groups like ISIS getting powerful.

        Look at our own government, why are you not complaining about its rather obvious attempts to remove rights that were hard fought for with it wanting to revoke the very laws that protect us and doing deals like TTIP which threaten our NHS which is one of our national treasures? These are very real, very close to home threats that threaten our way of life and the very values that the government is claiming to uphold! It is not that ISIS is not a threat it is but it is not currently a threat here or anywhere else in the west! The threat here is from people like you who chose to be scared by all this scaremongering the government and mainstream media have used over the past 5 years or so in an attempt to undermine the very rights that were gained in the aftermath of WW2 where the mistakes of the aftermath of WW1 had been avoided. Please get some perspective! The east has it problems and the west has done nothing but conflate them but there are organisations that are attempting to help out. We all need to stop thinking “us VS them” it is not only tiresome but the reason there are so many issues in the east and it is why there are also a lot of issues here in the west. But no let’s go blaming one group because it’s easier than accepting the simple fact that we are ALL to blame for the state of the world!

        Apologise there, I got a bit angry whilst typing but only because I passionately believe in what I’m saying. At the end of the day David I see this world as messed up and too self-absorbed to do anything about it and until it stops being so selfish nothing can truly be done to stop it making it even more fruitless to be targeting just one or two groups you don’t like – at least in the way you are attempting to target them. I’ve ranted enough on this so am going to stop now.


        • Crikey,grizzlyvam, why is it SO often that you seem to make a mountain out of a molehill when replying to me??

          All I was trying to do was simply to point EBF to a very interesting and informative article/report on a particular group which is always in the news and in my humble opinion is pertinent to this blog..This innocent post of mine incredibly produces from you an extremely lengthy rebuttal. In FACT you regularly appear to go out of your way to disagree with anything and everything I post.Perhaps you are determined to prove that your ideas and opinions are always superior to mine. I can only conclude that this is true! Ranting is not IMO a valid way of making one’s point.

          Finally, I regularly highlight ISIS above other terrorist groups for the very obvious reason that as the Clarion Project Report makes crystal clear ISIS is by a long,long way the most dangerous and without support from other groups is almost certainly fully capable of making the whole of the Middle East its Caliphate although the JEWISH State of Israel is militarily the only one which could possibly on its own halt its progress.


    • grizzlyvamp and ebfblogger, to demonstrate how decadent Islam is I recommend to you a beautifully written.impeccably researched and most moving article on the Gatestone Institute today by the distinguished Muslim scholar Salim Mansur _Death By Lashing: Saudi Arabia., the punishment of Raif Badawi which is now an international scandal and disgrace> If you read it it should tell you all you need to know about orthodox Islam.

      Just be aware that “we” are relying on Saudi Arabia to oppose ISIS with others.


      • A good article about the evils of totalitarianism that decries Wahabism as an affront to Islam – not representative of it. The fact that its author is Muslim also demonstrates that this totalitarianism is far from universal among Muslims.


        • ebfblogger, and another excellent reason why fair minded people should always divorce ORTHODOX Islam from muslims per se.


        • ebfblogger, just as Christianity via schism, violent speech and even more violent conflict-30 Years War-needfully did much to bring itself by greater humanity and humility to the world so must Islam although that would mean removing SO many violent verses which far exceed those in Deuteronomy and Leviticus and in other parts of the Old Testament.


  5. ebfblogger,may I politely inquire why so many of my comments still await moderation?.Is it that you believe that they might have resonance with other commenters on here?

    I have a very considerable dislike of BF but I absolutely refuse to begin throwing ludicrous comments at them that they might arm themselves and attack muslims!! BF could not even form more than a couple of platoons to take on the police and the army!


    • To date three of your recent posts have not been published, David. This is because they either are flaming or not relevant for the post in question. I have no issue with you posting your stuff for consideration by blog readers. In fact I’ve approved several links from you to extremely biased sources and several posts in which you make wild, unevidenced assertions about Pakistani Muslims. I also regularly allow your posts to stand which attack my own integrity as well.

      It’s irrelevence and flaming that we don’t publish as stated in our post at the top of the blog.


      • Your last comment, David in which you flamed another commenter is a good example of the sort of abusive posts that are filtered out. It’s not to do with censorship of ideas. It’s more that flaming and unwarrated abuse/trolling detracts from debate.


      • ebfblogger, I very much regret that at last your comment about my most recent posts finally broke this particular camel’s back.There has been hardly a single post of mine however accurate and pertinent that you have not dismissed or criticised. I very much value my being able to be a part of EBF but there are occasions where I believe there must be a dissenting voice.Most unhappily it is pretty well always mine. Anyway,I apologise unreservedly if I have gone over the top but I spend a LOT of time on most of my posts and I do resent the constant criticism and rejection.


          • ebfblogger, ISIS is now a most pertinent subject I contend. May I urge you to google The CLARION PROJECT,Free ISIS Special Report,IMO a brilliant expose of this terrifying terrorist army intending to take over the entire middle east.


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