Where are they now?

When I was at school I was a bit of a tomboy. I’m not proud of my schooldays. But I’m not ashamed of them either. I was only young and I hadn’t learned what life was all about yet.

I remember there was a group of boys who always seemed to stick together. They were inseparable. They delighted in breaking the rules and they were always looking for trouble. They were cool, dangerous and very, very good looking.

My little group of friends were never very far away. We thought they were the best and we fantasized about getting closer to them. Especially the main ones.

There were two ringleaders among the boys. Both very tough looking and both impressive to look at. Surrounding them were the minions. These boys were less attractive but just as badly behaved. They used to do all the dirty work. They’d pick on the weaker kids and whenever the ringleaders took a dislike to someone it was always the minions who ended up hitting them. I’d never heard the word sycophant back then but looking back that’s exactly what they were. They were the puny attention-seekers who I now realise were only trying to hide their lack of self-esteem by pretending to be tough.

school bully bullies

But I never saw any of these tough boys fighting alone. They always came in a group and they always attacked the weakest kids. Whenever someone who was really tough crossed their paths they either made friends with them or they ran away. Sometimes they actually, literally, really ran away.

I’ve been thinking about these boys in the last few weeks and wondering where they are now. I haven’t seen most of them for over fifteen years. One went off to be a policeman. He had a brief fling with a friend of mine and he seems to have turned out alright. He grew up. Hopefully they all did.

But when I think back to my impressionable childhood with the eyes of an adult I realise just how cowardly and insecure this gang of boys must have been. And I see their like in the adult world too.

I wonder how many of them grew up to become Biffers.

8 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. An interesting story, I very much like the parallels you draw between this gang of bullies and the Biffers. The ringleaders from your story very much remind me of Dowson and Golding. In fact thinking about it the analogy can also be extended to Anjem Choudary and all the other nut cases who want to cause trouble.


    • grizzlyvamp,most unfortunately Choudary is a very intelligent man and lawyer and definitely no “nutjob” like Michael Abdelabalajo whom he influenced so considerably. Choudary is clever in that he lets his supporters do all the dirty work whilst he does a good job of radicalising as many young muslims as possible without stepping over the weak laws on extremist speech and action.

      Theresa May’s intention to bring a Counter Terrorism Bill to Parliament is not before time.


      • Boring! We have been through this before David and I am not about to repeat myself. I will however remind you that his success rate isn’t very high and has far from achieved any of his goals. All May’s Bill will serve to do is make it easier for the government to silence anyone who decides to oppose the government even through peaceful protest.

        As for your insults in response to my last reply on the Jayda hates paedos I am not going to let you goad me into another circular argument with you where you keep insulting me. Rest assured I am perfectly aware of Christianity – far from it, I may not be a theologian but I know plenty about Christianity and its history, I know that Jesus would berate the church for the way it has persecuted people just as Islam has. I do not claim to have better knowledge of the Quran but I have seen enough to see that it is not all filled of hate as men like Choudary and Golding would like people to believe. Certainly it focuses more on God’s anger, wrath and mercy entirely missing his love leading to a darker book than the Bible or the Torah but people speak louder than dusty volumes. Also if you read my comment I did not accuse you of being an Islamophobe at all merely stating that the sources you use are Islamophobic not the same thing.


        • Firstly,grizzlyvamp, I must apologise for insulting you.My excuse is that I was at the time of replying to you the subject of what I considered to be an egregious attack by ebfblogger accusing me of being a Biffer. It made me extremely susceptible to any other perceived attack on me. Anyway, I am not banned so I shall continue to post when I feel able to contribute something worthwhile.

          As far as my sources being Islamophobic is concerned, that is exactly what Islamists use, it is part and parcel of the “blame culture” where any single bit of criticism of Islam however true is considered wrong,hateful,divisive and,often,a source for violence. If such criticism was against Christians or Christianity it would be ignored or brushed off as it has been for centuries.

          My sources are inevitably highly respected scholars on Islam including I.Q. Rassooli whose article I have already asked you to read. Personally,I find his take on Islam over the top but he is a noted authority on the Qur’an. Other scholars include Professors Bill Warner and Sam Harris and even senior muslim imams,teachers and high ranking clerics like Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawsan in Saudi Arabia.

          Finally, to Muslims the Qur’an is far,far from being a “dusty volume”. Shari’a embodied in Islam’s holy book is an ideology which governs muslim lives 24/7. It rules on everything that one does and says and even wears, from the cradle to the grave and demands submission to the will of Allah. That is why so many people consider it so unacceptable in any democracy. I just cannot see that it is in any way Islamophobic to criticise it. By the way,LOVE is a concept unknown in the Qur’an,Hadith or Sunnah and is not mentioned at all. In the New Revised Version of the Bible the word is mentioned 538 times.


        • grizzlyvamp and ebfblogger, I do believe that if Theresa May’s Bill(probably with several amendments) becomes law it would almost certainly either muzzle BF to a huge degree or banish them entirely.Do you not agree?


          • There are already laws in place that should have curtailed the Biffers but haven’t. I know I’m not the first to wonder about this. There have even been accusations from other neoNazi groups that Golding gets away with so much because he’s a police informant gathering details of Nazis for the government.

            I don’t think that’s true but the fact that so many neoNazis think it might be is interesting. It’s amazing how leniently he’s dealt with by UK law. So I’ll wait and see what impact this proposed bill might have.


  2. ebfblogger,it strikes me that a significant number of the types which are the subject of your blog have found their niche in local councils,notably Rotherham BC.

    Today,the right-wing but highly talented Douglas Murray has posted via the Gatestone Institute a to my mind excellent,eminently well researched article Child Rape Crimes covered up,one which mentions BF and the EDL. http:gatestoneinstitute.org/5879/child-rape-crimes. I just thought that it might be of interest to you.


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