EBF one year on

This week Exposing Britain First celebrated its first anniversary. Yes – that’s right. We’ve been exposing the Biffers and their abusive ways for a full twelve months now.

During that time we’ve built up a wide following, without once paying for likes or resorting to click bait campaigns to boost the numbers. Every week our popularity has grown as more and more people become wise to the reality of Gold-digger and Dutchy’s Nazi intentions. And every week someone appears in the FB page inbox asking just what the problem is with this group of ‘patriots’ and why we’re so determined to stop them.

This week seems to be the perfect time to recap just who these people are and where they came from. If you’re new to Exposing Britain First you may not know all this. Even if you’re not new there might well be information here you weren’t aware of. So….

Who are BF anyway

Britain First is led by Paul “Gold-digger” Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen. But it wasn’t always. For all her bluster, Fransen is a relative newcomer. Originally the Biffers began with Gold-digger and one other figure – Jim Dowson. He’s the one who famously supported the idea of Holy War in a Channel 4 news interview. That’s the same documentary that shows the Biffers incompetently driving their landrover into a car park barrier whilst out on the streets ‘protecting’ us from extremists. We feel safer already!

BF C4 News car park barrier screenshot

Dowson and Golding used to be senior figures in the British National Party – that racist bunch of white supremacist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic Holocaust deniers who had to be forced through the courts to allow non-whites to join them (not that many would). The BNP was led for many years by Nick Griffin, former ‘big-noise’ in the National Front which Golding was also a member of back in the day.

Since falling out with the BNP, Dowson and Golding have used a range of online marketing techniques to attract support for their racist and Islamopohobic agenda.

“If you apply professional marketing techniques and publicity to political fundraising – it’s a gift” (Jim Dowson)

They’ve done this mainly so that they can sell stuff in their online shops and attract donations for a range of causes, all of which seem to be fronts for Britain first’s own fundraising.


BF post May 2

Essentially the Biffers is an online business that exploits the insecurity of ordinary people to make money from their fears. In the process Golding, Dowson and Fransen are whipping up as much hatred and prejudice as they can – because, as every professional marketer knows, there’s money to be made from fear.

So they lie – they cheat, they distort the facts and they pretend to defend our country from an imagined Muslim invasion. They whip up as much fear and hatred as they can and then they beg for money. Always they beg for money.

BF exploit veterans EBF

BF claims to be doing something useful but as we know they do nothing of the sort. They claim to expose terrorists but really they harass people who’ve already been written about in the newspapers (hardly a scoop) or they bully women on the streets and old men in otherwise completely empty Mosques.

Mosque invasion

They claim to value freedom of speech but then they turn up mob-handed to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them and has the temerity to say so publicly. They even publish peoples details so their followers can have a go at them too.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

And these jokers expect to be taken seriously as a political party!

To date, Britain First has stood only one UK parliamentary candidate. In 2014 Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen put herself forward as candidate for the Rochester and Strood by election on a single issue (No more Mosques) platform. She managed to muster only 56 votes, lost her deposit and then pretended she really supported UKIP. It would be laughable if these people weren’t so damaging to our society.

Nobody (except a handful of misguided Biffers) wants Britain First to succeed as a parliamentary party. Nobody (except the aforementioned Biffers) really knows who they are. But many people are being fooled by their constant clickbait memes and blatant lies into a distorted view of our nation’s multicultural reality.


Britain First regularly posts dehumanising images aimed at Muslims and non-white groups that are almost carbon copies of the Nazi propaganda found before and during World War 2. The comments their supporters leave on Britain First’s Facebook page clearly demonstrates just how toxic the impact of Britain First’s little business venture really is.

EBF BF Nazi dehumanisation

Britain First is a commercial business pretending to be a patriotic political party. Their business model is based upon creating and then profiting from as much fear and hatred as they can manage. The effect of all this activity is to make the United Kingdom a more hostile, hate-filled and dangerous place for everyone, regardless of background, religious belief or ethnic group. Golding, Dowson and Fransen are deliberately damaging our society for their own, personal profit.

EBF mini banner

That’s why we’ve spent the last year raising awareness of their lies and abuses. That’s why we’re proud to be doing something positive to counter the hatred they’re trying to create for profit. That’s why we’ll be here for as long as it takes until these cynical profiteers of hate are pushed back under the fascist stone they crawled out from.

19 thoughts on “EBF one year on

  1. To truly understand how verminous BF can be, this disgraceful bunch have today issued a cruel,inhumane statement abusing desperate migrants trying to reach safety on the island of Kos in the Aegian Sea.

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  2. Here’s to another year! Cheers! Well, hopefully they’ll be shut down and disbanded within the year which makes me wonder: what will you ebf guys do if BF falters? Disturbingly, I kinda bf around (so long as they’re not harming anybody) so I can continue to be entertained by your fb posts and blog articles.

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    • Can’t speak for the rest Terry but I’ll probably just disappear once this job is finished. I only joined EBF because the Biffers came to Dudley. That really annoyed me when I heard about the plans for the Dudley demo.

      Once BF is proscribed and Golding and co are safely locked up I won’t waste any more of my time worrying about them.

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    • Terry, I fear that BF in future will make sure that they do not really overstep the mark and be banned and I reckon that ebfblogger will need to continue for a long time.It will be very interesting to see BF at Luton next month and how they behave and what numbers they turn up with.

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      • They frequently show their incompetence so I wouldn’t bank on them being careful haha; they have bizarrely sent out mail containing their “news” paper (that would usually only be available to paying members), along with a note to some ebf supporters, which I’m led to believe has drawn attention from the police.

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        • Terry,have you got any information on what this note contains? I should have thought that HMRC would be prosecuting them by now.


          • It contained a free copy of the first edition of the BF rag (that nobody bought) and a letter. The letter quoted out of context clauses from various pieces of legislation, seemingly designed to intimidate but actually quite weak. The real message seems to have been “We know where you live” though.


        • ebfblogger, I see that a large group of church ministers and community workers led by the Bishop of Bedford have urged BF not to demonstrate through Luton on 27 June. To my surprise and delight three of the ministers lead churches in Bury Park. I always wonder why Sikh,Hindu and Jewish leaders do not join in to condemn BF?

          Are there any grounds whereby the police or local authority could ban this march?


          • I don’t know, David. I think it has to be done via the Home Secretary as there’s always a risk to democracy when marches are banned, but I might be wrong. surprising as it might be, these church leaders haven’t included me in their deliberations about the Luton event so I’m not able to enlighten you.


    • Terry,I just cannot understand why so few posters are commenting.ebfblogger has THREE new blogs which must have taken a great deal of time to prepare.


      • Many people read but don’t comment, David. The idea of the blog is to build up a resource that people can use when discussing BF with their friends and relatives. That’s enough. The viewing stats are good – not every type of blog attracts a lot of comments.

        Think of this blog as a reference library with the option to enter into discussion as required. Not everyone who goes into a library bothers to converse with other readers.

        That’s especially true when the topic is BF – a group well known for having a go at people who speak out about them. Not everyone wants to lift their head above the parapet whilst Biffers might be watching and/or commenting via false profiles.


        • ebfblogger, I am almost certainly a bit of an oddity on EBF in that knowing quite a lot about Islam from 15 years study and personal experience with former muslims I originally turned to BF to find out if that bunch provided an intelligent and reasoned answer to militant Islam which I felt was needed. However I rapidly found that BF’s opposition was hectoring,personal,dangerous and extreme which led me to EBF.

          I admit that I do not like Islam nor do I believe that it is a suitable ideology for a nation which has been built on a Judeo-Christian culture and religion. HOWEVER,if muslims are prepared to eschew the violence ingrained in the Qur’an’and Hadith then they should be welcome here and afforded all the benefits and respect they deserve as British citizens and not to be attacked by such as BF and other right-wing groups. It is one thing to oppose muslim extremists but quite another to attack all muslims and lump “moderates” together with Islamists. It’s rather like lumping all Ugandans together with the Lords Resistance Army.


  3. ebfblogger, I did not need enlightening on the church leaders, I was just pleased that so many were opposed to BF. It would,though, be even more effective if leaders from the other major religions I mentioned would come forward to object to BF.


  4. ebfblogger, as I am sure that you know already,Theresa May intends to put a bill through Parliament to create “Extremism Disruption Orders”. These measures would be primarily a counter to Islamist terrorism and to “restrict those trying to radicalise young people” and to prevent extremism.

    Therefore, if these EDOs became law then would not BF be culpable of radicalising, extremism and hate speech?


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