Will Dowson and Golding soon be folding?

They’re getting jumpy over in Bifferland. We know that because they’re trying to frighten someone again.

“But who?” We hear you ask.

The answer may surprise you. It’s certainly an ambitious project. This is intimidation on a scale much larger than Britain First, Lionheart (who of course have nothing to do with BF, really) have ever attempted before.

This time Britain First is attempting to intimidate…… everybody.

Troll threat 1

This seems more than a bit transparent to us. It’s an attempt to frighten people into silence. Britain First and KTI have always tried to dominate social media (because they know it’s the only way they can ever achieve any sort of acceptability). Their support is so small that it can only ever be meaningful when across the whole country. Actually it’s only really meaningful when the numbers across several countries are totalled up.

Their pathetically poor turnout at rallies and demonstrations (only around 150 Biffers arrived in Dudley after a major national push for attendees) shows just how few BF supporters there actually are once you cut through the clickbait and the commercial ‘like farms’.

So, since social media (especially Facebook) is ‘where it’s at’ for the Biffers, they need to try to protect their online image. Hence the need to try to intimidate detractors. But it’s not going to work.

Prime 2

It’s true that internet trolls can be prosecuted. But that’s not the case for people who report crimes or who alert people to the nefarious activities of others. Even in civil cases of defamation (which have the lowest burden of proof) the truth is always a solid defence. If what you say is true it’s not libel. Of course it might be harassment – Britain First know all about that.

Britain First knows all about hate speech too. That’s why their iphone app was removed only days after its launch.

In an amazing feat of irony, Lionheart (one of Britain First’s sister pages but ‘Shhhhhh’, nobody knows it’s really the Biffers) has started posting information about convicted internet trolls. These are the extremely nasty individuals who post obscenities, threats and abuse to other social media  users….

NI trolls warning

Troll jailed 2Troll jailed 1

This is fair enough. Internet trolls do occasionally get prosecuted and quite rightly so. Abuse happens on social media just as in real life and it can be just as harmful.

What’s not fair enough is the attempt to equate it with blackmail….

NI trolls warning 2

What Britain First is attempting to show is that criticism of Britain First (a registered political party that also runs a shop – or should that be the other way around?) equals illegal blackmail. However we can see that the actual offence also involves extortion of moneys etc.

It’s very different from truth-telling – a legal activity that many would argue is actually a civic duty. That’s certainly how we see it here at Exposing Britain First. We’ve told the truth about Britain First to many people in our time. We’ve alerted victims of their fraudulent activities such as the Royal British Legion…

BF post May 2

We’ve highlighted the apparent secrecy surrounding money donated to Britain First’s ‘charitable’ endeavours…


We’ve also shown how Britain First take credit for things they didn’t do….

BF post May 1

And we’ve exposed the way that they use emotionally charged pictures as clickbait….


And abuse our war heroes for their own profit….


And we’ve had some success…


We think it’s the uncovering of their financially-driven deceptions that worries the Biffers most though…


And the obvious links between Britain First’s laughably inadequate ‘political party’ status and their rather unusual trading activities…



There are rules and laws about fair trade and non-discriminatory practice…

13If Britain First continues to break those rules they can’t grumble when people report them to the police, the other businesses they interact with, their victims or the general public via social media. Remember that truth is a very good defence in defamation cases and that blackmail cases tend to involve demands for money, goods or services.

Harrassment is different, of course as Britain First knows only too well. Paul Golding, the head Biffer himself was convicted of harassment over one of his rather silly ‘confrontations’. We would argue, however that asking a registered political party about their actions and policies is a legitimate activity – so long as it doesn’t become repetitive or threatening. We’d also argue that publicising their activities with commentary is a legitimate act of political engagement. Exposing the abusive actions and policies of that registered political party and its members is more than just legitimate, it’s a civic duty in the public interest.

8 thoughts on “Will Dowson and Golding soon be folding?

  1. I have never threatened, been abusive or name called. I have tried to ask questions or expose misconceptions. Of course I’ve been banned but before then I was abused, name-called and threatened.
    I report the more extreme comments because I feel we have to stand up to injustice. The world of Britain first is not a world I want to live in.
    They will not bully me.
    My parents brought me up to stand up for what is right, that people deserve respect and look out for those in need of help. That’s what I’m doing.


    • Carol, I believe that your comment should resound with every supporter of EBF who believes implicitly as to what is right and what is wrong. I am always disappointed when that concept is regarded as a triumph of the left over the right.

      I have invented the word “Farism” something that in the context of the increasing divisions in society internationally is, in my humble opinion, anathema to any fair and responsible discussion on how to bring individuals,organisations and nations closer together. Therefore I would beg posters on all blogs to do their best not to champion any Farist tendencies and concentrate on what is right and wrong.BF and the UAF are prime and equal examples of what is horribly wrong.


  2. ebfblogger, it will not be long before we get a really good idea as to whether BF’s influence and even existence will last much longer.

    Next month BF is demonstrating in Luton. I see that it has deliberately not announced how many of its supporters are expected to attend but considering that Luton is far more accessible for the vast majority of them any repetition of Dudley will be a disaster and IMO will probably mark the beginning of the end.


  3. ebfblogger, I very much hope that my comment on here will be seen as pertinent to this blog because I believe that it does add an extra dimension. Do please delete it if you do not agree with it.

    With EBF we all believe that every legitimate action should be used against BF to hasten its demise.Anything which spoils our attempt must be avoided. Therefore I am concerned that a deplorable far-left group will appear in considerable numbers at Luton to confront BF as in the past they have the BNP and EDL. The UAF is, led by such as Ken Livingstone(friend of al-Qaradawi,supporter of suicide attacks on Israelis), Weyman Bennett(who once said that Jews should go back to where they came from), Azad Ali, who has said that as a Muslim he is religiously obliged to kill British soldiers, and George Galloway-nuff said!The UAF on every occasion it has confronted the EDL has had a considerable number of its supporters arrested for violence, much of it against the police.

    All that would happen if the opposition to BF mainly came from the UAF would be that Golding and Fransen would enforce the strictest discipline on its members to show up the UAF which has never demonstrated peaceably and would garner support. I often deplore far-right words and actions but the UAF IMO typifies the very worst aspect of the far left.


  4. Britain First have been clutching at straws for months and I think that the fact they ban anyone who opposes their views and remove those opposing comments speaks volumes about the sort of people they are. Clearly this latest stunt is a last ditch effort to legitimise themselves so that Dowson can make money from this vile group. Is it any wonder that they support the repeal of the Human Rights Act when the repeal of the act will in some way legitimise their exploitation of Biffers? Dowson in particular would clearly benefit from the repeal more than he would be at risk from it as he is effectively apart of the very elite that benefit from the repeal. However I digress and shall leave it there.


    • grizzlyvamp, I really do wonder how many more times Dowson will put his hand in his pocket to pay for Golding’s bail outs and financial penalties?


    • Terry, if my memory serves I seem to remember that McKnight proposed a boxing match with Golding which was not taken up! Would it not be great if Golding receiving a good thumping would do BF a lot of no good!


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