Britain First: The ‘anti-Christian’ Christians

Biffers like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen love to bang on about their Christian faith. Their claim that this is a Christian nation complete with Christian values may be laughably hollow but its impact is much more substantial.

The more Britain First’s Biffers squeal about their Christianity the more Christianity itself is associated with their vile, divisive rhetoric. The more Christianity suffers as a direct result of their endless claims to religious fidelity.

Fuhrer Golding would like you to believe that the Christian faith is under attack in this country. He’d like you to believe that the only religious group automatically to hold legislative authority in the House of Lords is powerless in UK. He’d like you to believe that the largest religious demographic in Britain is a persecuted minority. And he’d like you to believe that he represents rank and file Christians across the nation.

BF EBF proverbs Christian hypocrisy liesVery few people are stupid enough to believe this rubbish, of course. Christianity is no more a minority activity in UK than are tea drinking or fish and chip suppers.

The British people are far more insightful about their national religion than Golding and Fransen give them credit for:

When Deputy Fuhrer Fransen advocates persecution of religious minorities she contradicts the teachings of Christ (1 Timothy 1:15);

When Golding advocates refusing to help those in need because of their skin colour or ethnicity he ignores the lessons of many of the New Testaments most famous parables (luke 10:25-37);

When Britain First talks about their much longed-for ‘holy war’ on UK streets they oppose the basic tenets of the famous Sermon on the mount;

When Biffers pretend to be Christian they both offend and discredit Christians across the nation.

The fact is that the Biffers are just bigots who distort scripture for their own ends. They aren’t Christians – but they use Christianity to justify their own extremism. They misrepresent the Bible to support their hatred just as the Muslim extremists they rail against misrepresent Islam.

Britain First is a terrorist organisation justifying itself to itself by hijacking the peaceful religion of millions. And Christianity itself is suffering as a result. If Golding and co continue to misuse the Christian faith as they are perhaps they’ll get their wish. Perhaps Christians really will come to be hated as their image is tarnished by these extremist Biffers who hide their wickedness behind an image of the Son of God.

Perhaps Britain First will damage Christianity’s reputation just as ISIS has damaged Islam’s. How ironic!

12 thoughts on “Britain First: The ‘anti-Christian’ Christians

  1. Thank you for that piece! I have been saying for so long those nut cases do not in anyway represent Christianity or Christ. I have felt like a lone voice on the Facebook page in a tide of increasing anti-Christian sentiment brought on by these morons and feel that Christians are staying silent on the page because they fear a backlash or accused of being one of the biffers themselves. I may not be anywhere near a great ambassador for Christ – I’d say I’m probably terrible if I’m really honest but that is not my point. I have a deep biblical love for all man and struggle with some conventional thinking within the faith but I try and stand for it rather than against it. I personally feel it is important that those of us who believe, as Christians, denounce these lies, hatred and twisting of the word. I think I’ve made my feelings known loud and clearly.


  2. ebfblogger and grizzlyvamp, on behalf of Christianity I feel that it is my duty to rein in your very evident hatred of BF and place that extremely nasty bunch in the order of magnitude of causing harm to Christianity in the UK.

    It is correct I contend that BF,mustering as it does, only a few more than 100 supporters, and usually a lot less, wherever it demonstrates,the Medway towns, Dudley,outside the Regents Park Mosque, Tower Hamlets,Newcastle,Edinburgh,Rotherham etc has very successfully demonstrated to the vast majority of those who have listened to their vitriol that they are very much NOT Christians and that on anywhere near a national basis their influence is trifling! We all know about the make up of their Facebook page!

    edfblogger,I am astonished that a man of your intelligence could possibly compare the damage caused to Christianity by BF and that caused to Islam by ISIS!! I would urge you to take a deep breath have a cup of tea and reconsider. Now,let me describe the greatest threats to Christianity in the UK-and many other countries too. One of the most damaging was that committed by the weak and vacillating former Archbishop of “Cant”erbury, Dr Rowan Williams who back in 2008 produced his daftest moment when he backed elements of Shari’a Law in Britain.

    However, it is undoubtedly SECULARISM in all its forms which by far is the greatest threat to Christianity in the UK. For some reason unbeknown to me certainly it is the “national” religion which is attacked even more than the ideology of Islam. In July 2011 the Telegraph contained an article– which contained in detail TEN cases,all reported in other national newspapers at one time or another. A number highlighted owners of B&B premises objecting to gay couples and others where a Christian was not allowed to wear a cross at work despite her Sikh and Muslim co-workers being allowed to. The attacks on Christianity by internationally known atheists and secularists,the late Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins did not cause too much damage but just added to the pile. Instances of secularist attacks on Christianity are reported daily.

    Fortunately,throughout the ages Christians have firmly taken aboard the fact that Christ never demanded that His honour be defended.He told Peter to put up his sword when he attempted to defend Him.Jesus told his disciples that the world hated Him so that they should be prepared to be treated badly as well.John15,18-25. And Christians have been ever since Christ’s resurrection.


    • David, I will try to keep this brief. Ebfblogger is clearly just point out that Britain First is harming the reputation of Christians much like that of West Boro church or the KKK. Undoubtedly secularism has done a lot to damage Christianity however there is plenty of things Christians have done that haven’t aided the cause including but not limited to their treatment of the LGBT community, non-whites (since Christianity became predominantly white in Europe) and other faiths but Islam in particular. I’m not saying every Christian is guilty of this however a rather vocal minority have hardly done much to help. As for your source I have 2 issues with it – the main being that it no longer exists, I just get sent to an error page telling me the page cannot be found and secondly your source is from 2011 and so can in no way be presented as an accurate representation of what is going on in today’s society. I do see a lot of what you mean and do see this increasing anti-Christian sentiment but the point is we are still the majority faith (I include non-belief in this for convenience) there are just more “other faiths” diluting that percentage. We may not hold an overall majority but we still hold the highest share of believers to other faiths and atheism. At the end of the day all we can do is present the Gospel to these people but it is then up to them to chose whether or not to believe. Or do you claim to know better than almighty God who gave us free will in the first place so that we could chose what to believe? I’m aware Ebfblogger is perfectly capable of responding themselves but I thought I might as well make a few points of my own in addressing this.


      • Grizzlyvamp, I just do not understand that you are unable to find my reference as I can find it again very easily! As far as your comment about 2011 is concerned I reckon you are being naive as is often your wont. The situation for Christians four years later is much worse!

        I do so very much wish that you would-for once- cease trawling out Christianity’s treatment of the LGBT community,non whites and other religions because your comments in this respect are purely disingenuous.I have said before that you so often come across as a muslim apologist and certainly an Islamic one. In EVERY aspect the ideology of Islam fails in comparison not only to Christianity but to all other major faiths. NO Islamic state has to any degree complied with the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights which is based on a Judeo-Christian religion and culture. Finally, I quote Samuel P.Huntington the celebrated author of the Clash of Civilisations ” Western ideas of individualism,liberalism,human rights,equality,the rule of law,democracy,free markets,the separation of church and state have little resonance in Islamic,Confucian,Shinto,Hindu, or Buddhist cultures” If you consider that I am biased against Islam then you are correct as all the evidence points to my being right. However,unlike BF I never attack muslims per se just the ideology the vast majority are born into and for leaving they are promised death.


        • Clearly your browser has cached the page therefore you are still able to view it. Basically I won’t be the only one who can’t see the page. How is being sceptical of a piece from near enough 4 years ago naive? From what you have said the article contains nothing but anecdotal evidence which can only be used in the context of the time. Outside of that context is meaningless, provide me with a similar article that is recent and doesn’t contain stories of one or two nut cases stirring trouble. Show me that this is a systemic problem going on throughout the UK, by the way good luck with that as I guarantee you I do not see it here in the city I live in, in my parents city where I was brought up or hear of it anywhere else. Every time I hear of these no go zones and what not I hear locals screaming that that is just simply not the case and it is a small minority on both sides that are purporting this. But this isn’t the post to discuss that.

          The way anyone treats someone in the past has an affect on how they are treated in the future. Basically if I treat you badly your going to take it that I am going to treat you badly again and react accordingly. My point is that after all the persecution Christians or rather self-proclaimed Christians (we won’t get into a debate about whether or not they really are Christian here as that would be counter-productive). I’m not saying it is right or in some way condone it but I understand why it is occurring which is not the same thing. It is also valid because it is what is happening, you ask these people why they target Christians they will site to you all the times they have been persecuted by Christians. More often than not we have been our own worst enemy at times. As a Christian I believe the Bible – meaning that I believe any who don’t are in danger of going to hell, that’s just what the Bible says plain and simple. But it does not give me the right to force someone to believe because I want them to go to heaven – that is just counter-productive. I just don’t see aggression as an option simple as.


        • David I shall direct you to the Muslim paedo myth post here regarding your comment to do with evidence and release date etc:

          Basically this just illustrates perfectly what I was talking about. In it the provide an anecdotal article from just a few days ago that were directly relevant to what is going on today in the world. They also provide evidence from 2011 however the article relates to a conviction which tells us a bit about one of there (ex?)RCO’s which is relevant to the point they made. Really what I’m getting at is that there is validity to the articles they posted where as yours isn’t and appears to have been retracted which says an awful lot about the content in my opinion.


  3. grizzlyvamp,does your “deep biblical love for all men” run to the terrorists of ISIS?

    I am not trying to irritate you but even Christ’s command to “love your enemies” surely cannot include terrorists who rape and kill young children particularly as Christ said “But those whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea” King James Bible,Matthew 18 v6.


    • Yes, yes it does – I despise the actions of ISIS and other such groups. At the end of the day they are still human – misguided, lost soles who will face judgement on Judgement day – as will we all. I find murder deplorable, horrific and saddening. I wish that humanity would stop with its petty squabbles and just get on together instead of spreading fear and animosity. Sorry starting to steal lines from the Black Eyed-Peas there. The bible is very clear we are to treat EVERYONE the way we would wish to be treated ourselves – no matter what they have done. I am not claiming to always love everyone – I have my deep seated flaws as I have stated on numerous occasions. Love is not just some feeling, some emotion – it is a choice. The bible states clear as day that God loves all humans so much that he would prefer to be separated from those who chose to reject him and his teaching than to force himself upon them all. Sin is sin to God – it all separates us from him and Jesus died to bridge the gulf. All an eye for an eye does is cause the world to go blind. The law was given to us so that we might understand the sacrifice Jesus made. I could go on but this is neither the time nor the place for a theology discussion, I have made my point.

      I find your representation of my views grossly narrow and unrepresentative of my wider views on this topic. Yes I hate Britain First, I also hate ISIS, the IRA/real IRA, the KKK, Boko Haram and any other extremist organisation you care to mention. Those who murder and/or advocate murder are vile people who deserve to be locked up and need sever medical attention as they are clearly mentally unwell. These people are still creations of God though, these people still have feelings and still feel pain even if they are completely warped in the head. Your genetics doesn’t suddenly change because you go around committing acts of terror – you are still fundamentally human. Returning to my previous point the bible teaches us to respect ALL life and to love all things – including your enemies. If you don’t like that, or want to apply exceptions then I suggest you go looking at another faith as this is what it means to be Christian. To love those who are unlovable, to be a broken mess and to know that hey – that’s ok, God forgives you, to seek forgiveness not just from God for your sins but those you have sinned against where possible. It isn’t a nice, fluffy message – its rather unpalatable that people like Hitler and Saddam Hussein could have gone to heaven if they truly believed the message of the bible before dying yet that is exactly what it says. There is a lot I don’t understand about it all but that’s ok, I don’t need to understand everything and frankly probably couldn’t cope with it all if I did anyway but as I said not the time or place to be discussing in depth theology especially when I’m not much of a theologian myself.


  4. grizzlyvamp,I definitely do NOT disparage your views, in fact I believe that you clearly demonstrate that you are a true Christian and you have my admiration for that.

    Hate though,in my opinion, has caused a lot of problems in the world but has not solved one yet. Tennessee Williams once said “I think that hate is a feeling that can only exist when there is no understanding” and Booker T.Washington said ” I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him”

    Finally,one of the greatest quotes ever ” To err is human,to forgive divine”


    • David you posted this “ebfblogger and grizzlyvamp, on behalf of Christianity I feel that it is my duty to rein in your very evident hatred of BF and place that extremely nasty bunch in the order of magnitude of causing harm to Christianity in the UK.” implying that it is only Britain First we are against, which simply is not the case. EBF have chosen to expose Britain First as they see Britain First as a “credible” threat if left unchecked. By “credible” threat I mean that the lies and half truths they tell could potentially radicalise a lot of people through their Facebook page unless someone posts the truth about those lies. Its about choosing your battles. Anyway I suggest we leave it there as we’re taking over again and I’m not wanting to get into another circular debate with you.


      • ebfblogger and grizzlyvamp I wonder if either of you have come across the website of LibertyGB whose Chairman/Leader is Paul Weston. He and his organisation is IMO an intelligent and well researched right wing entity which,however, has views which you both and and I would disagree with. I would be very interested to learn of your reaction.


      • ebfblogger I see that BF has posted a disgusting criticism of migrants trying to reach the Island of Kos. Just thought you should be told.


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