The ‘BF exposes terrorists’ myth

Last Tuesday we tackled the ‘no go’ area myth – a regular Biffer refrain that would be laughable if it hadn’t done so much damage to the way our country is viewed by gullible racists. In that post we showed how the small number of Muslim extremists who thought they could create such an area here in UK were imprisoned for their pains back in 2013. Today we’ll consider a related theme – the Biffer claim that Britain First has something to do with exposing and combating domestic extremism.

First – let’s be clear about what we mean by extremism. We mean people who are involved in either the perpetration or incitement of hatred and violence. People who behave like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen for example. They’re far-right extremists who target non-Christians, lefties, non-whites, immigrants, trade unionists and pretty well anyone who disagrees with them. Islamic extremists are people who engage in or incite hatred and hostility toward non-Muslims. Both types of extremists are destructive, antisocial and dangerous to the well-being of our country and its citizens.

We should also point out that extremism involves actual extremist activity – not just disliking Paul Golding or his discriminatory agenda.

What do we mean by ‘exposing’? Well – most people would argue that ‘exposing’ involves identifying and publicising the existence of people whose stories aren’t already in the public domain. So – people whose stories cannot already be found by picking up a national newspaper, for example.

Unfortunately for Britain First, their only source of information about genuine extremists seems to be exactly the same as everyone else’s. All their extremist exposés have been about people originally identified in the press. Britain First’s army of racist Biffers trawls the newspapers for information and reposts it when it suits BF’s racist agenda. Interestingly Britain First also ignores information that doesn’t fit its narrow prejudice. For example the Biffers have posted many stories about non-white paedophiles but ignored many more relating to white child sex offenders.

So let’s look at what Britain First has actually achieved in relation to extremism:

BF EBF Burn dudley mosqueThey’ve reposted a number of newspaper articles (usually with a link to their own online merchandising);

They’ve terrorised a large number of moderate Muslims both online and off;

They’ve harassed several innocent people who they have falsely accused of extremism when what they really mean is that these people disagree with Paul Golding;

They’ve harassed a small number of people who’ve already been exposed, tried and convicted for their extremist activities;

They’ve behaved in exactly the same way as that for which they condemn others, mounting bizarre ‘Christian patrols’, invading mosques, radicalising gullible Biffers and inciting hatred and violence against innocent minority groups;

They’ve publicised their disgraceful activities as widely as they possibly can.

In short, the only extremists that Britain First has managed to expose are its own vicious, bigoted leaders and members. We should give credit where it’s due though. They’ve made a damn good job of that!

7 thoughts on “The ‘BF exposes terrorists’ myth

  1. Really isn’t very much that can be added to this one I think, pretty much everything that can be covered under this topic you cover to some degree during the main post itself. You touch on my stance on extremism here but as that’s unrelated and since my view is very well known here I’ll leave it there. The one part which perhaps could have been brought up further is Britain First’s disgusting habit of doxing or “exposing” people who oppose them, or rather more often doxing the wrong people who are supposedly from EBF but in fact have nothing to do with the group. Or does that fall into a topic of its own?


  2. ebfblogger, I do not wish to bring in any criticism of your blogs but I really must take issue with your very first sentence.

    Not everyone by any means who is concerned about orthodox Islam should IMO be branded as a “gullible racist” or Islamophobe just because he or she is worried or fearful as they read in the responsible media or see on TV incidents of terrorist activity abroad and in the UK.

    Perhaps I have misread or misunderstood your sentence and I stand to be corrected.


    • Perhaps you have misunderstood the introduction which related to last Tuesday’s post. Unless, of course you want to assert that last Tuesday’s post was incorrect and people who believe that these fabled ‘no go’ areas exist aren’t gullible.

      It seems to me that anyone who finds themselves convinced by a lie are gullible by definition.

      However should you wish to argue that point it would probably make more sense to do so on the appropriate thread.


      • ebfblogger,I am bound to object to your conjoining the words “gullible” and “racists”.In addition I made it crystal clear what is my position on the other thread and the criteria I used. Is it invidious for me to have an opinion which disagrees with yours if I have produced a reasoned argument for it? My opinion is based on much personal experience.

        I can only hope that on this issue you would accept Voltaire’s “Law” on disagreement?!


        • I assume you mean the misattributed ‘quote’ about ‘disagreeing with your opinion but fighting to the death to defend your right to say it’.

          I have nobissue with your disagreement, David. However I also claim the right to express my own opinion without first begging your approval.


          • ebfblogger,thank you but as far as I can recall I have never had the temerity of asking you to beg for my approval!? I realise that my views are further to the right than most on EBF but that is probably down to my (old)age and upbringing.


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