The ‘white genocide’ myth

EBF BF white genocideBritain First are far from alone in perpetuating this particular myth. It’s a myth based upon the fact that most people know next to nothing about genetics and the interaction of dominant and recessive genes to define heritable characteristics and racial types. We don’t plan to lecture anyone on genetics here but it is worth making a few basic points.

Racial type isn’t an all or nothing situation. Each individual physical trait is decided via complex interactions of genes resulting in a range of characteristics. That’s  why children of any couple tend to get ‘their mother’s nose’ or ‘their father’s eyes’, rather than something halfway between the two. Each genetic ‘choice’ is ‘all or nothing’ (like the electoral ‘first past the post’ system) but the number of gene pairs involved is so great that the resulting set of characteristics is almost impossible to predict.

Skin colour is a little different in that there are many different genes that determine pigmentation but it’s still essentially the same idea. Many different gene pairs interact to create the familiar range of colours we see in the modern world. But each gene remains in the gene pool and can resurface in future generations – making the concept of racial genocide via interbreeding a scientific nonsense. To put it another way – it won’t happen. Advantageous genes repeat in the gene pool. In the Northern hemisphere light skins are advantageous and so those genes will persist in those areas of the world (including here in the UK).

But that’s not all that’s wrong about this particular ‘white genocide’ myth. Even though it’s not going to happen. let’s consider the implications of ‘White genocide’ by inter-breeding, just for the sake of argument.

Inter-racial mixing has continued for many hundreds and thousands of years. Ever since Homo sapiens first migrated out of Africa (yes – Africa), the ancestral home of every single modern human, we have evolved, diversified and interbred. Each slight change, each successful evolutionary adaptation has remained in the gene pool only because it was advantageous to the individuals who carried it and by extension to our species as a whole. Just as we wouldn’t feel bad because early Homo neandertalis might lament the fact that very few of their physical characteristics remain in the modern gene pool, why on earth should future generations care if they benefit from subsequent evolution?

Or should we all start protesting about men without unusually broad brow ridges and jutting jaws or refuse to marry women who don’t have even more impractically angled (and potentially fatal) birth canals?

Let’s just put this rubbish in perspective…

Any future improvement in human evolution will be no concern of ours. Just as we don’t care that our brains are bigger than the Neanderthals’, future generations won’t care that a few misguided modern Nazis would prefer them not to have evolved either.

23 thoughts on “The ‘white genocide’ myth

  1. Even if white genocide was a true thing, so what? The colour of one’s skin does not define a person’s personality or their consciousness. It’s ludicrous that people are still bothered by skin pigmentation which is something that we have no control over.

    That reminds me, I’ve seen many people who are clearly racist happy to go out and get a tan. The chances are, if the planet continues to get warmer, the skin pigmentation will get darker anyway.

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  2. My comment on this blog is partly based on my own personal experience and extracts from media articles.

    Knowing a number of mixed race people some of whom are friends, and also having met their parents it has struck me forcibly how regularly both from a (good)character and looks they have been blessed with the best of both parents. This is a genuine feeling nothing to do with being patronising or condescending!

    Bigotry,usually right-wing, has been demonstrated by such as an American Justice of Peace in Louisiana some six years ago who refused to issue a marriage certificate to a mixed race couple because he believed that any children they had would not been accepted in their community!! Nick Griffin Chairman of the BNP on 1 November 2009 stated that Miscegenation is “essentially unnatural and destructive”. He would wouldn’t he.A BBC report on 2 November 2011 found that there were two million mixed race in the UK. I am not surprised that BF have not latched onto Griffin’s remark since the BNP are even more loathed than BF if that is possible. I seem to find myself veering towards my left-wing tendencies on this blog!

    Those of mixed race have featured widely and most successfully in the arts,dance,business, politics,finance,acting and,particularly,sport. In the England Football Squad a third are mixed race as are many top GB athletes, cricketers,gymnasts,footballers, rugby players and,especially, several world title holding boxers.

    SO,because Britain has such a significant number of our population which is mixed race and are contributing so much to this country BF are many years out of date to even MENTION anything unpleasant about miscegenation. Any EBF poster can read the Telegraph article, 1November 2011 by the well-known Asian geneticist Aarathi Prasad who has a white partner and a beautiful young girl.


  3. Terry, I do hope that you will not mind my correcting you on your comment that “if the planet continues to get warmer………anyway”

    Skin colour depends on the amount of the pigment melanin in the body.There are two types,eumelanin and pheomelanin, the first resulting in a darker skin and the other in a lighter including freckles, all controlled by genes.


    • Yeah true. But surely after migrating from Africa, our ancestor’s pale skin came about due to less sun exposure? I mean surely the climate has been and is affecting our evolution? I done a little reaserch (albeit quickly), and the articles I read seem to suggest so. Admittingly, I could very well be wrong.


      • Terry, I hate to disagree with you but I have carried out some research here and I think my thesis is correct. However,I stand to be corrected-as always!


        • In colder climes less pigment is needed so natural selection favours those with less pigment. The pigment needed for protection from the sun in hot countries reduces the intake of vitamin D from sunlight in colder climes.

          So over evolutionary time skins became lighter as people moved North. This process was mediated via genes, of course. That’s how natural selection works. In this instance the evolutionary pressure that brought about that change was climate.


      • I’m going to interject here and point out that skin pigmentation has absolutely nothing to do with temperature. Our skin colour, in part, is related to the levels of UV light we are regularly exposed to. Though unfamiliar with much of the biology behind it all this is right up my street in terms of the mechanics behind it. As a general rule of thumb increased pigmentation is in areas of lower ozone levels. Of course there are other factors which contribute but since the ozone is a large factor for the amount of UV rays that reach and for simplicity we can ignore the other factors for the argument I am making.

        In fact you are at higher risk of sun burn in snowy areas due to the snow reflecting the UV rays however you rarely see this occur due to the tendency of people being covered due to the cold. In areas of depleted ozone you are going to see a steady rise in skin pigmentation over time in those born in that area due to the extra defence required in place of the ozone that used to protect said people. Of course as I have already alluded to I have simplified things but the basic physics is really what is important here. I’ll leave it there as otherwise I’ll be off topic.


        • Sorry, my post was intended to be made much earlier but we’re having problems with our internet at the moment and my connection cut out before I could make the post.


        • You don’t have to tell me about UV rays and sun burns – I learnt the painful way about them when I didn’t bother to suncream on when I went swimming in Florida when I was a kid, haha!

          So I was partly right then? If the ozone layer is gradually weakening, then we’ll be exposed to more UV light which will increase our melanin production and make our skin naturally darker? Again, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m genuinely interested and I think it’s fair to say this is all relevant to the topic. Afterall, if it is true, then “white genocide” is going to occur naturally 😉

          Imagine the reactions from white supremacists knowing that!


          • I’m no expert on the biology of it all but yes, largely what you were saying was right, the biggest thing you got wrong was the temperature stuff. As for “white genocide” I don’t know near enough about the biology to make clear comment on it however the fears of white supremacists are totally unfounded and 100% laughable. So yes I can imagine clearly what the reaction from white supremacists might be if they ever stopped long enough to accept these fundamental facts.


            • Grizzlyvamp, there actually are a number of black supremacist groups virtually all in the USA as one might expect and most formed to combat large white supremacist organisations such as the KKK.

              Chief among these was the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party but they generally were very small and did not last long. The NOI lost much credibility by pronouncing that the Earth is 76 trillion years old and that the moon was once part of the sun!


              • David please give over on your very obvious agenda, yes race supremacists from all “races” have been around for a long time and as you accurately point out have always been in the minority. At best you’re just nit-picking to serve your agenda or at worst trolling. I am not interest in getting pulled into your games again.


        • For those who might be interested I remembered reading somewhere whilst at university that the ozone was starting to repair itself. I did a quick google search which threw up this article which is a very interesting read unfortunately its all a bit wishey washey like most climate change science and I no longer have the access to the journals I did at University and wouldn’t have been able to post up anyway due to copyright restrictions. Unfortunately a google scholar search didn’t prove too helpful either, but it helps to illustrate my point. At the end of the day white-supremacists have nothing to worry about, there will be plenty of external reasons for their to be white people for years to come even if “white” genetics is getting mixed with “coloured” genetics.


          • grizzlyvamp , May I suggest that you google The White Genocide Project for some pithy comments to quote!


            • Ok, for some reason I’m now wide awake so might as well take this opportunity to have some fun. I decided to take a look The White Genocide Project and read the about page. There was also a rather amusing You Tube video talking about white genocide and frankly wrong. The whole argument is ridiculous before you even begin.

              Lets start with skin colour – it is a genetic trait passed on from both parents so mixed race babies tend to be lighter skinned than their dark skinned parent however I digress. This genetic trait varies with the level of ozone in that area as I mentioned in a previous comment. Therefore over time that genetic trait will naturally change over time should you move from your place of birth (ie migrate) to adapt to that climate. If you are going from an area of higher UV exposure and therefore have darker skin then of course it will take longer to dilute that though mixed race breeding will speed that process up.

              Now why do these people even want white skin? So many people in the past (and still) spend so much time trying to get a tan it is silly! White people are more prone to sun burn and therefore skin cancer so what is so great about that? As alluded to these people seem to have no problem with getting a tan or freckles but when its all over naturally darker than white? No! It is ridiculous. Even if they have a problem with freckles it is still irrational and ridiculous.

              As for being “bred out of existance” well that is just hysterical nonsense. The clause in the definition of genocide they use to justify “white genocide” as an argument is tenuous at best and most definitely laughable. “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” is the argument used. This definition is clearly talking about subjecting a group of people to conditions which greatly reduce that groups numbers.

              When talking about breeding, even if we accept this ridiculous notion of “race” it must be noted that both “races” would be diluted not just one of them. Either way if this will stop all these ridiculous “race” notions and people are all accepted as humans then I’m all for being “bred out of existence” and frankly will be within 4 or 5 generations as only the smallest of traces of my gene pool will live on. At the end of the day my 4th, 5th generation off spring are unlikely to share much if any genetic material to me other than the >99% all humans share. Ultimately skin pigmentation is a natural defence against dangerous UV radiation which is a good thing and without it the human race would have died out years ago. Either way there is no scientific rational for “White genocide” or even “Jewish genocide” or “African genocide” when talking about breeding! Deliberate murder is a completely separate issue all together and is genocide what ever on the scale we are talking about.


  4. An interesting blog here and certainly is a good one for helping in the attempt at debunking racist bigotry even if it does not help with other forms of bigotry. David however raises an interesting point that I too have observed. There does appear to be a strong amount of bigotry does appear to come from the right – especially racist bigotry. The far and extreme left have shown that in terms of their actions they are no better than those but from what I have seen it has been more from a place of grabbing on to and sustain power rather than the right who seem to tend to have a racist element to their power grab. However I digress, the point is I am unaware of any racism from the left. I am aware of plenty of anti-white sentiment on the left however as this seems to tend to come from white people I fail to see how this can be classed as racist as it seems to tend to be more a resentment of how white people have in the past treated those who are not white. I am sure that there may well have been the odd person from the left who genuinely has been racist, however that is besides the point. Having said that now I think about it the far and extreme left have tended to show religious bigotry and tends to be of the form of atheism persecuting theism though often a particular religion will be targeted at any time – just look at Russia during the Soviet years and China. In conclusion bigotry can come from the left or the right however there seems to be a racial bias that influences much of the bigotry from the right not that that in anyway negates bigotry from the left or makes it any better.


    • grizzlyvamp it gives me the utmost pleasure to congratulate you on your extremely well argued post with which I agree completely,virtually every word!


    • Forced Inclusion and diversity into everything seems kinda racist to me, rather than including someone for their merit, character and abilities they include them because they’re different.

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  5. Just a late note, I only just found this article via a more recent one.
    Our Neanderthal cousins actually had larger brains than we do, an average of 1600 cm3 compared with our own avaerage of 1300 cm3.
    Not relevant to the discussion I know, but if we start getting facts wrong that’s providing ammo for Paulie and Jayda to say we’re spreading lies.


    • Interesting. I’ll check that out. I seem to remember something about the different areas of the brain and the sloping forehead being important butg I’m not quite sure now. It’s a while since I wrote this and I can’t quite recall the details from when I was reading up on it. Thanks Scotty. I’ll check.


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