Bleeding hearts in Britain First

Some days in our lives we will always remember. Sometimes for happy or sad personal reasons, other days for stunned shock at a world event. We can all remember when and where we first heard the news about the Dunblane killings, Princess Diana’s untimely death, the events of 9/11, Andres Beiviks massacre and the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

I can certainly remember that night, watching in shock as the news unfolded. Lots of conflicting reports and images from social media, so much that didn’t make sense, it seemed unreal. Could this really be happening?

Social media was alight with the news. A friend contacted me to say her son was there at the scene and he had the impression that it couldn’t be real, that it was some kind of drama playing out in front of him. Perhaps that was indicative of the level of shock and horror that we all felt, as a nation, at what was happening on our streets. Did any of us believe that there would ever be anyone beheaded on our streets, especially a young soldier, right outside his barracks.
That shock and disbelief that accompanies it seemed to go on for days, even as more information was gathered and we learned the true horrors of what happened. The entire population of the country was stunned.

None more so – of course – than Lee Rigby’s family. We all empathized so much with his young widow and her small son and with his mother.  We all wondered how we would cope with the news of our own loved ones having such an horrific end, taking in all the details and shedding tears with each of them.

We all empathized with his comrades at the barracks, so close yet so far away, and the feelings of helplessness of the police and eyewitnesses who had to endure the scene. We thought about the courage of the woman who tried to help and the fear of those people who the murderers approached with their blood stained hands  – images that will remain with us for life – and how very much worse for his loved ones.

All of us mourn his loss. All of us feel the impact of the manner of his death – so why is it
that Britain First think that they have the monopoly on this depth of feeling? Why is it that they will NOT let Lee Rigby rest in peace and allow his family to mourn him away from the spectre of extremism?

BF Golding on Andrew Marr show BBCThe answer is really quite simple. They are using him as currency. In spite of his mother’s plea’s for them to keep her son out of their ‘patriotism’, in spite of the Electoral Commission having to issue an apology for allowing his name to be used on Britain First’s voting slips; in spite of all the power that Lyn Rigby could muster, they continue to use him because he is valuable to them.
His value to them lies in gaining likes on their Facebook page. They ask people to click ‘like if you remember’ – which is as meaningful as saying ‘like if the sun rose this morning’, but people WILL click like, because they are nice people, because they DO remember and because we were ALL affected by his death.

Britain First create ‘likes’ for posts about bringing back the death penalty for Lee Rigby’s killers and they allow their supporters full rein on those posts to spout the kind of venom that Lyn Rigby says he would have disapproved of; to call for an eye for an eye; to shout ‘behead them’’ to invent the most excruciating tortures; all of which make them as bad, if not worse than his killers, at least in spirit and attitude.

The thing about those kind of comments, which Britain First admins allow, even encourage, to be posted is that they attempt to give the impression that the commenters are more angry, more outraged, more vengeful than anyone else on these islands of ours. They appear to think that the more grotesque the punishment they can devise means that their anger and sorrow has more gravitas than the rest of us, than those of us who feel empathy for him and his family, than those of us who wish to let him rest in peace, and allow his family to grieve and mourn as they feel.

At Exposing Britain First we have not reacted to all the posts about Lee Rigby. It is a very fine line that we walk. We respect him and his family and their right to their grief and we would never wish to intrude on that. At the same time, we feel the frustration of not being able to stop the inexorable spread of his name as a currency and a trophy for the far right to fight over. How much more must his family feel that.

As another anniversary looms, and the far right try to mobilize in an attempt to highjack a tragic and horrific murder, Exposing Britain First would like to say to Britain First that this is not a competition. We will not compete with you to be the most aggrieved, the most outraged, more angry and vengeful. The perpetrators have been met with British justice and the most aggrieved are Lee Rigby’s family and we extend our every sympathy to them.


17 thoughts on “Bleeding hearts in Britain First

  1. ebfblogger,may I thank you and congratulate you for this most important blog,beautifully expressed and totally pertinent.

    As a Christian albeit a deeply flawed one, my biggest beef-of many-against this loathsome lot is its flagrant and disgusting misuse of Christianity as being a significant reason for its condemnation of an Islamist killing. BF boast that it exists principally “to protect British and Christian morality”Not in MY book.

    A true Christian organisation would not have tried to gain support,merit or even public gratitude for its part in grieving for the horribly public death of a young soldier. It would not have even have emphasised the religion followed by the murderers.Despite the enormity of the crime it would not immediately after the event have called for the death penalty despite the fact that this was perhaps the worst atrocity in Britain since 7/7.

    By their utterly misplaced and ludicrously ill thought through action BF’s cause has been IMO irredeemably damaged and its action will hang round its collective neck for however long it exists.


    • David – that’s exactly how I feel, it really makes me very unchristianly angry when they use Christianity as an excuse for their hatred and lies. They majority have no idea of what being a Christian entails. Equally, when they rage about churches closing or being turned into Mosques, obviously this saddens me to some extent but I have no issue with them becoming Mosques. The easy response would be ‘why don’t you do to church then?’ but it’s generally met with either silence or ‘you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian’.
      True Christians work towards understanding, acceptance and tolerance of any faith, or indeed those without faith – can hazard a guess as to what they make of interfaith groups!!


      • Tully,I very much enjoyed and empathised with your post. I feel,however, that I must comment on two points.

        I will always dislike churches in the UK being turned into mosques particularly whilst hundreds if not thousands of very ancient but until recently well attended churches in the Middle East are being destroyed by Isis who are muslims but ultra orthodox ones.

        I am somewhat sceptical of the beneficial effects of interfaith groups since what is really needed from them is not pally get togethers by representatives generally dominated by Christian vicars and Islamic imams over tea and cake, but practical and enforceable ideas on how to defeat extremism from the right,particularly BF,EDL and the BNP but also from the UAF and the exodus of growing numbers of young men and very young women/girls to join ISIS or al Qaeda whereby ruining their own lives.


  2. All I can say is well said – you have summed up the thoughts of just about everyone I have seen that regularly post to your Facebook page. I just wish that we didn’t have to endure the insincerity in which these people talk about Lee Rigby and/or our armed forces.

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  3. Here here, thoughts and hugs go out to the family at such a time.

    The likes of BF who use this young mans appalling murder as a gravy train to line their own pockets is disgusting to say the least, as well as their trolls who intimidate and bully people into thinking that if they don’t support THEM and give them their money, then they don’t support him or his family and then are classed as traitors by them!

    It is abhorrent that such groups as BF still do this, I and I am sure many others wish they wouldn’t too, unfortunately I very much doubt that such individuals like them will stop, all that we can do as solid and grounded individuals is try to stop them in the best ways that we can.

    Be it by such groups as EBF to highlight and educate people as to what the likes of BF are doing or by other avenues such as through music, arts and drama, charities ect.


    • Kathleen, very well said! If the turnout at Dudley was any indication, just over 100 instead of the 1000+ trumpeted by BF is any clue then the BF has already lost any credibility it thought it had and its demise cannot,surely,be long in coming?


    • Hi EBFblogger, would you please be so kind as to remove David Woolmer’s reply to my above post here when you have a spare moment to do so, thank you.

      You yourselves may not wish to block him, but myself I have no wish whatsoever to enter a dialogue with a Biffer troll nor have him usurp my post for his own sordid agenda, as he has done with other people and their posts on the EBF blogs!

      Nor do I wish to be further subject to his or his friends abuse.


  4. ebfblogger,might I ask you to let me know if/when my posts on this blog will be allowed or deleted? Or those of Kathleen Puffett.


  5. ebfblogger, do please delete my posts awaiting moderation. There is no room on EBF to conduct vendettas and just create bad feeling.


  6. ebfblogger, I do hope very much that you will excuse my reminding you of my post yesterday.

    I am determined to rein myself in from my habit of going off topic from time to time and incurring your ire!


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