Welcome to the EBF Blog

Welcome to our blog. Here we present ideas and information intended to expose the lies, distortions and hypocrisy of Britain First and its personnel.

We welcome different and opposing opinions, comments and discussion. However the blog is not intended to be a forum for flaming, for trolls to publicise their own pet projects (if you’re that keen on an unrelated project we suggest you start a blog of your own) or for pointless circular arguments that do not relate to the matter in hand.

We invite you to look around, to comment and to share our posts with anyone who my be interested. We support free speech and are very liberal-minded regarding our administrative rights. However we will remove comments which are intended merely to insult other commenters or to ‘out’ people unrelated to Britain First. We will also remove comments which are unrelated to the topic in question or those which seem to be repetitive and intended only to cause distress. Persistent offenders will be blocked from making further comments on our blog.

Unfortunately, removing these posts (however reluctantly) also leaves the comments of those who respond to them out of place. This leaves them open to misunderstandings. We hope that posters will understand if their replies to such trolls are also removed.

This is not an attack on freedom of speech. Anyone has a right to start their own blog and make all kinds of points not related to EBF and its mission. It’s just that EBF isn’t intended to play host to spammers, trolls and flamers. If you want to engage in petty vendettas that’s fine but please don’t do it here.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the EBF Blog

  1. I have already issued an apology for my most unfortunate post on facebook,which when I had calmed down I fully recognise was crass and stupid. I have completely divorced myself from BFmainly because of their constant and cruel attacks on Muslims,the ones who are committed citizens of this country. The fact that I dislike the ideology of Islam does NOT mean that I dislike its followers very many of whom being born muslim have rejected the violent parts of the Qu’an.

    I do hope that I will be allowed to post on EBF blogs again as many of the posts are intelligent and very interesting.

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  2. Recently,I have very obviously been forced to see SO many posts by another David which, I consider very fair saying,are far more personal,dismissive,rude, ill advised and worse than anything which I have posted apart from the ghastly comment I made on facebook for which I am duly ashamed.

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    • Welcome back, David, your comments this morning are visible to other users of the blog. We are interested in what you have to say but would be grateful if you would remain on topic, i.e. express your views in the context of the subject of the blog post, and not spam the blog with essentially the same comments repeated ad infinitum regardless of the topic. We look forward to your further participation in the discussions.


      • Very many thanks for EBF’s kindness in letting me back. I hope to reply sensibly and intelligently to the many interesting and often challenging posts on here whilst always avoiding spam and repetition!


    • Hi Doug. Welcome to the blog. Stick around and read our posts. You may be surprised when you see the evidence we post here. You won’t be the only one to change your mind when you learn the truth about Britain First’s little scam.


  3. Hi Guys, long time reader first time commentator

    Thoroughly enjoying reading your blog.

    As a young impressionable teen I was encouraged in to holding ideals I know are false and wrong, nothing like seeing how it is for your own eyes to make up your mind.

    I know opperate a new mantra in life “research before ridicule” as to yet it hasnt failed me although it is making me unpopular with those who are yet to see the light.

    Keep up the good work guys

    Also do you know of any other blogs that are worth following?


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