“Please pay my fine”

Fuhrer Golding has come unstuck again!

BF Bullying meme EBFSome time ago he was convicted of harrasing an innocent woman in her home. He was also found guilty of the use of political uniforms. That’s been an offence since the 1930s, specifically created to combat the rise of Mosley’s blackshirts. The Blackshirts were British Nazi sympathisers who many would argue were the inspiration behind Britain First’s ideology as well as their dress sense.

Now, having broken the law, Fuhrer Golding has decided that he shouldn’t need to pay the penalty. Instead he wants his followers to do that for him. Ninety of them to be precise.

In typical biffer style, Golding the coward didn’t even have the courage or the decency to ask for the money himself. Instead he got his sidekick, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen to ask on his behalf.

The latest biffer Email asks supporters to fork out a tenner each to pay Paulie’s fine. To put it another way, Fuhrer Golding continues to make a mockery of the judicial system by attempting to avoid facing the punishment he so richly deserves. This sort of bullying behaviour is very typical of Golding and his thuggish cronies. And it’s not just us at EBF who think so – at least one large social media outlet seems to agree.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

Really, Paulie. Don’t you get it yet? If you want to remain in this wonderful, multicultural country, you really should “respect and abide by our laws!”


13 thoughts on ““Please pay my fine”

  1. Almost certainly though Golding’s biggest mistake-almost a crime-has been to make such a fuss and bother about BF’s turnout at Dudley. To produce one statement after another that there would be 1000-2000 marchers and then produce just 100-150 has IMO done his Party huge damage and the loss of whatever credibility BF has ever had. There are now many signs that BF are imploding-and fast.


    • Have BF ever had any credibility?

      I wonder if people are stupid enough to actually “chip in” for Paul’s justified fines? For a group whose one of many mantras is “abide are laws [sic]”, they seem to frequently try going above it themselves during their idiotic antics. Then they have the audacity to complain and criticize the police and their upholding of the law – you know, the good ‘ol British values they shout about; one has to wonder if they have any self-awareness?

      Ah well, to paraphrase David: they are going moving briskly downhill face first into a mosque. I wouldn’t be surprised if even BF supporters are getting sick of the begging. I’ve noticed on their page that many don’t respond to the merchandise or anything that require parting with their own money posts.


      • I believe the idea is, one only has to abide by “are lawz” if one happens to be brown, or darker, or not a raving fascist. Illiteracy and pathetic bullying thuggery are a get out card. That and being a fat witless bellend. Or a Cockwomble


    • The fact that Britain First has never had any credibility in the first place is almost irrelevant. It has never really had a large amount of support and the apparent support on Facebook comes from mostly overseas people who cannot influence British politics in anyway, and multiple accounts designed to appear to be different people. Then likes are bought to boost the numbers to make the group appear more legitimate than they really are and voilà a group that seems more credible than it really is until you start scratching the surface. 😀


      • Haha yeah so I’ve noticed. And no surprise that their overseas fans are right-wing patriotic american types., so nach they are drawn the BF page like flies to shit. In any case, it’s evident that the number of likes do not represent actual support when observes their consistently poor march turnouts.


        • Terry, I do not in any way wish to draw the ire of the ebf blogger above my comment but I really cannot let your post go unchallenged.

          Personally I resent your attack on right-wingers. The left-wing Democrat Presidents of America, Carter,and Lyndon B.Johnson were awful and Obama is generally considered the worst President since World War2. Republican Presidents Abraham Lincoln,Nixon(apart from Watergate) and particularly Ronald Reagan will go down in history as some of the very best.

          Left-wingers represent anarchists,antimonarchists,secularists and communists and the right, conservatives(SMALL c), monarchists, theocrats and traditionalists. Personally, and among my friends and acquaintances, there are very many who exhibit BOTH left-wing and right-wing tendencies. I can certainly count myself among that number.


      • Terry and grizzlyvamp, it is a great pleasure for me to be back on the board. BF is crass and bullying and untruthful but if it had bothered to criticise ISLAMic militancy instead of criticising muslims per se that might have been useful if only to make a number of Brits google Islam and see what the Qur’an contains.These people might learn for example that the root word for Islam is al-silm meaning SUBMISSIION and might even read the “Sword Verse” (Sura 9.5). Islam is not now,and never has been a “religion of peace”. Our Government should listen to what the revolting Anjem Choudary says because whatever one might think about him he IS probably the leading Islamic cleric in Britain and far too many muslims follow his words and are influenced to either to consider or engage in jihad or plot and carry out terrorist acts like his disciple Michael Abdelabelajo. Choudary is IMO the classic case as to how far freedom of speech can go before that expression is looked at with scorn and derision.


        • You realise that the same argument could be made against all 3 Abrahamic religions don’t you, David? Please remain on topic. This thread is about Golding trying to get his fines paid – it’s not about theology.


      • EBF make a very valid point David – unfortunately too many people use religion as a scapegoat for evil. Militant Islam is no less dangerous than Militant Christianity or Militant any other religion you can think of. At the end of the day it is not the religion that is militant (in most cases but particularly the Abrahamic religions) but people who chose to interpret the religion as militant. The common factor in all this is people choosing to interpret text to justify their evil by cherry picking bits to suit their narrow minded and bigoted world views.

        I do understand how people with conservative views can have a negative view on liberals when there are plenty of “liberals” out there who have liberal ideologies but have very conservative attitudes towards their views and go around attempting to make people feel bad for not having their views. There are also plenty of conservatives with very liberal attitudes towards their views so it works both ways. Really what I’m getting at is that it is easy to oppose anything that criticises your world view or that you see as being hypocritical (often due to the fact that it is being hypocritical). I think there was a point to all this relevant to the post I have just lost sight of what that point was.


        • grizzlyvamp, I am certain that you and I will NEVER begin to agree about Islam,15+years of study of the Qur’an,Hadith,Sura and Sunnah,have set my opinion in stone. I believe absolutely the words of that great C19 Frenchman Ernest Ronan on the subject which I am sure that you recollect.

          NOW,getting back to the important question of BF’s funds. I have no doubt whatsoever that the relevant authorities such as the HMRC and the Fraud Squad are already ready to pounce.What with this prospect,the absence of donations and the times that Golding is being arrested and fined the entire structure will collapse from sheer pressure, lack of funds and fatigue.


  2. I am sure that there will be an opportunity to discuss extremism, including religious extremism, in the future so could you please stick to the subject of this blog post, i.e. Golding trying to get Britain First supporters to pay his fine, until then.


    • Apologise I got distracted, in terms of Golding getting Britain First supporters to pay his fines for him really all that can be said on that is that it is completely on form with what he does. Thing is I suspect after a few more begging letters they will send an email out claiming they will be able to pay the fine with no expense to Paul at all.


  3. ebfnemesis. I believe that Golding has passed the point of no return. Even his most fervent supporters must be wondering why there are SO many pleas for money. Very few flags and banners were required for Dudley and few of his crew wear the BF “uniforms” which are the most expensive items. I do hope that they carry on for some time because the blogs on here are SO interesting and informative that it would be a great shame if there was no BF to lampoon.


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