Thankyou so much, Britain First

OK – we were mistaken. We admit it. Mea Culpa. We got it wrong.

All this time we’ve believed that Britain First was a racist, bigoted organisation run by leaders who were more interested in profit than politics. We thought Golding and Fransen were really just bumbling political lightweights with no clue how to influence anything beyond the few hundred genuine followers lurking among the bought likes and foreign (non-voting) fundamentalists who egged them on.

How wrong we were

It seems that Paul and Jayda were being far more subtle than that. Their task wasn’t to spearhead the rise of fascism in the UK after all. They had an altogether different agenda. Britain First was set up to stop fascism – yes, that’s right – it’s not a typo.

Britain First exists purely to discredit UKIP!

ebf bf ge2015 jayda ukip interview farage is toast

Think about it….

When Britain First began UKIP was just beginning to be noticed after around 20 years in the political wilderness. Nobody had really heard of Farage’s little bunch of nationalists until then. What’s worse – with the austerity programme already biting hard they were even starting to attract some support. Something had to be done.

That ‘something’ was Britain First!

What better way to expose the awful truth behind UKIP than to satirise it? The British people have always loved satire and Britain First really has been comedy gold. The Golding & Fransen show could have rivalled any comic double act and therein lay their success.

These comedic geniuses satirised racism and religious intolerance so thoroughly that the name ‘Britain First’ is now synonymous with bigotry and small-minded stupidity throughout the land. They made their brand toxic to voters and then…

A stroke of political genius

They associated themselves with UKIP.

Stage one

First they tested the waters with a mock campaign in Rochester & Strood. Nobody ever expected Britain First to keep their deposit but they needed to gauge just how hated they were. The result was spectacular. Never has a ‘political party’ (even a comedy one) been so hated since Mosley’s ‘British Union of Fascists’. Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen became the most despised woman in British politics whilst simultaneously remaining the biggest joke. That’s quite a combination and it took some really hard work to pull it off. But, with Golding’s publicity skills and Dowson’s money behind her she managed. Britain First had reached first base with spectacular success.

Stage two was easy….

After that all Dutchy had to do was get herself photographed with a few UKIP campaigners whilst Golding told everyone to vote UKIP (even whilst Fransen was standing in the same election). Once again BF combined comedy and apparent stupidity with the more serious political task of undermining UKIP through association.

Once the task of associating themselves with UKIP was done – once they established the link in the eyes of the public all they had to do was keep on reinforcing it.

  • Acting as self-appointed bouncers who harassed people outside UKIP meetings was pure genius.
  • Invading office blocks to have a go at anti UKIP performance artists was brilliance on stilts.
  • But the real cracker was publishing the details of an anti UKIP activist whilst followers (or possibly their own sock-puppet accounts) issued threats and in one case even offered a reward to whoever ‘glassed’ her.

The result…

Association with all this thuggishness sounded UKIP’s death knell. Try as he might (and he did try) Farage just couldn’t get the electorate to believe that UKIP wasn’t really in bed with Britain First. That might have worked if Golding hadn’t repeatedly told people to ignore UKIP’s denials. The assertion that Farage had to say that but really didn’t mean it was just genius. After that the association between UKIP and Britain First was just reinforced with every denial.

So well done Britain First. You did it. If it wasn’t for you, UKIP might have gained more than a single parliamentary seat. In fact, before Rochester and Strood (when you first began smearing your own toxic brand all over their purple pamphlets) they looked likely to gain considerably more. The liberally-minded, non-racist, tolerant citizens of UK owe you a debt of gratitude for your sterling work in keeping UKIP out of Westminster.

Thankyou so much, Britain First!

EBF UKIP Farage Thanet GE2015 loses resigns

20 thoughts on “Thankyou so much, Britain First

  1. Your beloved John McKnight can’t even spell de BRIEF and very obviously has no idea whatsoever of the extremely obvious dangers of Islamization of the UK and all other world democracies.I very much doubt if he has ever read a single word of that unholy invention the Qur’an or the Hadith(Sayings and illdeeds of Muhammad.) Please do pass on my email( Mr Mcknight and any other PIG ignorant commenters on here.I would be very happy to answer ANYTHING about Islam they can come up with. It is very stupid to remain ignorant of Islam. I also suggest that they look up JIHAD WATCH,the website of the expert on Islam,Robert Spencer where they can appreciate the literally DAILY dozens of Islamic terrorist attacks. I and the BF have no problem with muslims who learn English,respect our laws and customs and our Christian-Judeo religion and culture,do NOT wear full face veils and do not groom our young white girls as sex slaves e.g Rotherham,Bradford,Birmingham,Luton etc,etc.


      • I have never relied on BF for any information on Islam and as I have no idea what a “biffer” is I assume that he or she is a person who can give you lot of unread anti-biffers more than you can deal with. As I have said before I have no problem with muslims who eschew the 100+ violent verses of their most UNholy book, try to integrate,respect English Common Law, Judeo-Christian religion and culture, avoid full face coverings, do not set up ghettos or Islam Patrols and learn to speak English. Is all that too much to ask?


        • Then you have no problem with the majority of British Muslims. You’d have difficulty with even less if you stopped worrying about what other people choose to wear.


        • I do have to laugh, you talk of violence in Islam but I am yet to come across a Muslim yet that has threatened me or even insulted me. I can’t say the same about Britain First and their followers as threats and insults are daily. If you think I’m going to understand that mentality and change my ways then think again. The only thing it does do is reinforce my own confirmation bias that biffers are nothing but violent bullies.


          • As a Christian I have read and loved every word in the NEW Testament which has a wonderful loving GOD as opposed to the Quran which apart from more violent verses in the Medina version which abrogates the first and Mecca version has a so-called God Allah(a common name given to pagan arabs for hundreds of Allahs) and is chock full of hatred and even if one tries to cherry pick from it then it would need to be HALF the size and even more boring but no less thoroughly nasty!


            • Really? I imagine you missed the NT support for the law of Moses, The advice about the treatment of slaves, the responses to raped women, the foundations for religious courts (which many Christian churches practice in UK) and the whole damnation and torture fetish of that loving God of yours. You Biffers are so one-sided and selective when assessing ancient documents!


              • You certainly are NOT SCHOLARS,you spout far too much ignorant bilge for that. I consider the Ten Commandments and,particularly Christ’s Sermon on the Mount(St.Mathew Chapter 5) as wonderful examples of how to live one’s life. Remember how our Lord saved a woman caught in adultery and then said “Woman go on your way and sin no more” Muhammad single handedly slew ALL the male members of the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe. It’s all there in the Hadith. A lying anti-biffer I can smell a mile off!


                • Oh dear. How angry you seem. Aren’t we following your little script David? That’s the trouble with bullshitters. They just can’t handle it when other people see through them!


                  • I must say that debating with such a gaggle of absolutely uneducated losers is extremely tiring but if even a sentence or two of mine makes you use your tiny minds then it will be worthwhile.


                    • Ee do enjoy meeting biffers who think they’re clever. Especially the rare articulate ones like yourself.

                      It’s quite sad to see all that eloquence used to spout such little substance though. Despite all your pretence of religious understanding, David you’re still blinded by hatred and irrational prejudice.


                    • It is most unfortunate that you just cannot understand that I regard Islam and most muslims in a totally different light. I know and like several muslims who have fully integrated, speak better English than most so-called indigenous Brits, whose wives eschew face veils and many drink alcohol. I hope that you realise that ultra orthodox muslims hate music,education(especially for women),ancient relics and artefacts,portraits, unveiled women,dogs etc,etc.Humour except when killing and lopping off heads is anathema to them. I do not LIKE BF, but until the police take control of hate speech and speakers and the Government understands that Islam is NOT a religion of peace,al-silm being the ROOT word for Islam and means SUBMISSION( See Anjem Choudary on this) so called “moderate” muslims and non-muslims will listen to BF as the only visible shield against terrorism.


    • That’s an odd statement. BF clearly loathe and discriminate against ALL Muslims as demonstrated by their repeated attempts to deny them places of worship and regular generalised and dehumanising anti-Islamic statements.


  2. I quite forgot the licence for muslims to have the right to look on young white children as sex slaves which is allowed for them in the Qur’an by Muhammad because they are children of infidels! e.g Rotherham,Bradford,Rochdale,Birmingham,Luton etc.


    • Have you read the bible David? It’s equally barbaric, sexist, violent etc. But Christians, like Muslims have evolved to become much more peaceful & humanitarian than their predecessors.


  3. Your statement is DISINGENUOUS and ludicrous. The Qur’an which Muhammad stated was’is the inviolate unchangeable word of God has not changed in 1400 years. The four Islamic schools of jurisprudence headed by the Al Azhar University would never allow a SINGLE verse of that filthy book to be modified or changed. I do wish that at least ONE of you knew just a teeny bit about orthodox Islam.It would make-for me at least-a refreshing change! Just take it from me that in ISIS,Al Qaeda, Boko Haram,Al shabaab, Hamas,Hezbollah and CAIR a HUGE number of muslims have only evolved to become far less humanitarian and even less peaceful than at any time since Islam’s army was defeated in 1693 at the Gates of Vienna.


    • Your earlier statement about the New Testament demonstrates your clear lack of understanding about your own religion. It’s very clear that you have not read every word as you claim. We don’t claim to be Islamic scholares but we can spot a bullshitter troll when we see one.


  4. Islamic SCHOLARS you surely are not. Most of you should stand in a corner wearing a dunce’s cap. As I have stated before on here to be SO ignorant of Islam makes you as dangerous as your victim,the BF.Once again I suggest that you buy two books by the former Muslim,Ibn Warraq,”Leaving Islam” and “Why I am not a Muslim”. Read them and you will gain sight as Saul did when Jesus spoke to him.


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