Nationalist or patriot?

Britain First likes to pretend that anyone who doesn’t agree with them hates Britain. But they’re wrong.

Here at Exposing Britain First we absolutely value our society. We enjoy living in this wonderful, tolerant, colour-blind society. Indeed we’re immensely proud of Britain, its fair-mindedness and its commitment to equality. We don’t hate this country – we love it!

BF EBF Burn dudley mosque

The things we really object to are nationalism, racism and fascism. Many of us are white but we don’t think that makes us special or superior. Many of us are Christian but we don’t think that makes us more deserving than anyone else. Many of us can trace our heritage back for centuries but that doesn’t give us any special claim over others. Nothing gives any of us the right to use violence to get our own way.

Nationalism, religious discrimination and racism make no sense. They are broad assumptions based upon the desire to feel superior but with absolutely no evidence to back them up.

Nationalists seem to think they have superior rights simply because they happen to be born in a particular place. But they’re wrong. We are all humans and we all deserve equal treatment regardless of birthplace, religion or skin colour.

Great Britain is one of Europe’s most tolerant and fair-minded societies. True patriots value those principles of liberty and equality and seek to protect them from the abuses of nationalism. Exposing Britain First is a tolerant, patriotic movement commited to maintaining the fair-mindedness of the UK and its people (wherever they may be from).

Now that really is something to be proud of!

2 thoughts on “Nationalist or patriot?

  1. ebfblogger,yet another of your blogs which any,decent,fair-minded person should admire and thank you for!


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