Biffer on the Beeb!

Comedy genius, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen treated us all to an amazingly funny piece of satire on the BBC yesterday. We’re still laughing here at the EBF office. It was hysterical to hear her describe her local boy scout group whilst all the time pretending to talk about Britain First. Political satire at its best. Poor Prole and Kit can still hardly type for laughing.


My personal favourite was when Dutchy described the Biffers as a disciplined movement that’s definitely not like the EDL. That’s offended most of their knuckle-dragging fanbase already. The reference to the Biffer ‘code of conduct’ was comedy gold too. Apparently she’s not into standing around hurling abuse. Or is she?
imageWe were especially entertained by Jayda’s claim that Biffers are somehow law abiding. We weren’t convinced but we were definitely amused.

Allegedly the ‘Bullshit First’ Biffers won’t tolerate ‘bad behaviour’ either. Given their record of intimidation, harrassment, disruption of the peace and generally antisocial exploits we can’t help wondering just what constitutes ‘bad behaviour’ in Jayda’s eyes…..

Disagreeing with Britain First, perhaps?

In that case we’re guilty as charged, along with just about every other British citizen.


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