Golding’s gratuitous gallery

As we know a recent competition in Texas resulted in outrage and ultimately death. Held under the guise of an exercise in ‘freedom of speech’ the contest to create the best cartoon of Mohammed seems intended not to celebrate free speech so much as to inflame tensions among the Muslim population.
Golding draw Mohammed tweet bf ebf editedUnimaginative as ever, Britain First’s Fuhrer has had an idea. He’s decided to recreate the same fiasco here in UK. This less than illustrious leader of fascist wannabes has learned nothing from the Texans. He’s learned nothing from the reactions of decent people, outraged by his constant baiting of UK Muslims.Perhaps he’ll learn from his favourite religious book, The Holy Bible….
“As a dog returns to its vomit,
so a fool returns to his folly”
No doubt Golding and the rest of his impotent toy soldiers will frame this ghastly gallery in terms of freedom of speech. Not that anyone will believe that the fascists who intimidate and threaten all those who disagree are even remotely interested in freedom of speech. This is nothing more than the immature act of an overgrown school bully poking his classmates with a stick before running away to hide behind the teachers (or in Golding’s case, the Police).
Here at EBF we support freedom of speech. We don’t support pointless displays of hostility though. Especially when those displays are calculated to engender reactions like these…
 bf ebf draw Mohammed comments 1 amendedDraw mohammed comments 2 bf ebf amended

One thought on “Golding’s gratuitous gallery

  1. ebfblogger, I have over the past year learned a lot about the Qur’an,Hadith and Sunnah from Robert Spencer during his videoed debates with imams and muslim scholars when he did not go “over the top”

    However, I regard his and Pam Geller’s Exhibition in Texas to be nothing short of a crass disaster. It is in essence execrable,inflammatory,insulting and just plain wrong. In future I will watch extremely carefully anything and everything those two get up to.They are going to need one heck of a lot of security from now on and it is entirely their fault.


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