Why we oppose Britain First

We oppose Britain First because we must!

Times are hard right now. The reasons for our nation’s problems are complex and the solutions will need to be just as complex too. It’s not as simple as many would have us believe.

It’s easy to blame immigrants, non-whites, Muslims or whoever we like because that gives us someone to hate. And when we have someone to hate we have a target. But what if it’s the wrong target?

BF logo down the toiletBritain First would have you believe that Muslims, immigrants and ‘unwashed lefties’ are the source of all our problems. They tell you that because fear of ‘the other’ motivates people to take action, even if that action amounts to nothing more than sending money to Britain First itself. They exploit your fears and they profit from sales of shoddy, overpriced merchandise because it’s a profitable business model.

Fair enough – but this business model, built as it is upon prejudice and lies, is tearing our society apart. Britain First creates division and hatred. Britain First radicalises people from every social group and all of society suffers as a result.

We at Exposing Britain First love our caring, compassionate and fair society. We love the real British values of peaceful co-existance and we hate the way that far right groups such as Britain First are tearing our society apart. We think that British values are worth standing up for. You can help us protect the fair-minded society we all hold dear by sharing this post and by helping to spread the word about Britain First’s destructive lies.

We oppose Britain First because, for the sake of our society, we must!


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