John McKnight’s latest message for Paul Golding

John McKnight used to be in the British Navy. He’s a proper veteran in other words. He’s a genuine patriot who’s risked his life defending our shores. And he really doesn’t like the way that Britain First continues to disrespect his service, his comrades and his fallen friends.

A little over a month ago Mr. McKnight asked Paul Golding, leader of Britain First to meet him and discuss their differences of opinion ‘man to man’. The video message invitation was shared widely across social media and also sent multiple times directly to Golding’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. So far Golding has not responded.

Not to be deterred, Mr. McKnight and several of his veteran colleagues have decided to meet Paul when he goes to Dudley this Saturday. They have a list of questions they want to ask regarding misappropriation of money meant for service charities and untrue statements about serving forces personnel. You can view Mr. McKnight’s most recent video message to Paul Golding here.

The big question is….

Will Golding have the courage to turn up and face John and his mates or will he turn tail and run when faced with a real serviceman? Will he go back to bullying women and old men instead of taking this opportunity to show the courage he claims in the face of an intelligent, experienced veteran? What’s your opinion?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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