If Golding bottles it on Saturday

Here at the EBF office we’re running a little book. We don’t normally do gambling but this is just too good an opportunity to miss.

The thing is, we strongly suspect that Paul Golding will back out of meeting John McKnight and his cohort of veterans in Dudley on Saturday. We think he’s just too likely to bottle it. So we’re holding a prize sweepstake on what excuse he might come up with to justify bottling out. So far we’ve come up with the following possible excuses…

The landrover broke down
The police didn’t allow them their preferred route.
They surrendered (to someone)

Dudley BF alternative routeThey didn’t mean to go anyway – they just wanted to support UKIP. Vote UKIP!
There were leaves on the railway track.

There were no leaves on the railway track.
There was the wrong kind of snow on the railway track.
There was no snow on the railway track.
The pigs heads never arrived.
The marching band backed out.
Jayda lost her map.
Paul lost his bottle.
The 2,000 flags never arrived.
The 2,000 patriots never arrived.
Dudley doesn’t deserve BF.
Jayda was washing her hair that day.

Can you think of any others?


17 thoughts on “If Golding bottles it on Saturday

  1. Mum hasn’t washed my dress!
    We decided to let the people continue with their normal daily life because we love them all so much,we are caring like that.
    Hit a barrier on motorway,jeep spun round and next thing I knew I was home with Mummy making me pie&chips.Musta been them alien invading thingies.

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  2. Your a bunch of cunts and John “rambo” McKnight is a bloating cunt who wouldnt know a war zone from the inside of a gay sauna which he frequents allot.

    Golding your right is a cunt, Jim Dowson on the other hand is a good friend of ours so watch your fucking step you fenian loving left wing cunts

    John open invitation to you to Belfast big man come tell us your war stories and about your 4 medals for “defending the uk” bloating cunt


  3. Gosh, Mr Adair, a strange diatribe indeed. From my Scottish Presbyterian roots I’m not a fenian. I do hate bf and all it stands for
    Anyway, golding is going to claim death threats from ebf and others. He will say the police have told him to stay away.

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    • Very possibly now that you mention it Carol. We hadn’t thought of that. The idea of anyone here at EBF offering any form of violence is so strange it genuinely never crossed our minds.


  4. He’s a bottler alright, is Are Porky Paulie. Bail conditions not withstanding, I reckon he’ll turn up but he’ll just poke his head out the Land Rover, chat **** on his PA system, all behind a ring of 6 supporters, 40 ex SAS (Salvation Army Surplus) bodyguards (and lord knows that’s one tubby body that needs guarding) and a ring of police officers who wish he’d sod off so they can go home early.
    Oh and did I mention he’ll be hiding behind Quavers Jayda?
    Bottle job.


  5. His Mammy forgot to pack his lunch so he had a strop and got sent to bed like a naughty boy.

    He didn’t want to play soldiers that day, he wanted to play Cowboys and Indians just without the Indians.

    Jayda wouldn’t let him shout her famous line ‘your prophet was a pedophile’

    There was no BF banner for them to hide behind because is got nicked.

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